Chapter 306 See you at night

Before going back, she bought a new cell phone. For the sake of safety, she changed her cell phone card number. On the way to the police station, she copied the cell phone numbers of all the people she knew, including David Wilson and sent a text message to David Wilson.

David Wilson received Bella’s message and immediately called back.

Bella answered.

“Changed your cell phone and number? Want to escape?” His tone was very disdainful.

“If I want to escape I wouldn’t have sent you a message. I’ve made up my mind and agreed to your demand, but I still have something to deal with. I think I’ll be able to come back the day after tomorrow. I will come to your place after this.” Bella said coldly.

“You still want to struggle. It’s impossible to succeed this time. The control is in my hands. If I want him to die. He can only die.” David Wilson said arrogantly and firmly.

“David Wilson, you are very conceited sometimes,” Bella said declarative sentences.

“Not a disadvantage.” David Wilson replied coldly.

“Kellan Pattinson is my friend. His ex-girlfriend was killed. I promised to help him find out the murderer, so I will stay for two days.” Bella explained.

“Your heart is very big. James Grayson is going to die. You are still in the mood to save others. Do you know how James Grayson might be feeling? The poor man meets the merciless woman. He can only be sad.” David Wilson laughed proudly.

Bella looked at the front indifferently.

She was too lazy to explain, he was free to think whatever his mind wanted to.

“If there is nothing. I’ll hang up.” Bella said in a cold voice.

“See you in the night.” David Wilson hung up the phone.

Bella’s heart thumped —- What does he mean, see you in the night?!

Kellan Pattinson saw Bella holding her mobile phone in a daze, and asked, “Is it your husband’s call? If he didn’t want you to help me, you can quit. It’s not your business at all. I don’t want you two to quarrel.”

“It’s not my husband. Since I have promised, I must do it. Let’s go to the police station first.” Bella put her mobile phone away.

She was still worried.

She asked James Grayson to help her to take charge of the case, but now that James Grayson has an accident, is this thing still effective?

She walked into the police station, went to the director’s office, and knocked on the door, “Hello, I’m Bella.”

“Oh, Miss Bella, nice to meet you. I thought you would come in the morning. Welcome, welcome.” The director said enthusiastically.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief.

After seeing the director’s attitude, it seemed that he didn’t know what had happened with James Grayson.

It was also possible that James Grayson asked his men to say hello. It was also a good thing that James Grayson’s issue hasn’t been publicized.

“I want to see what happened to the girl who died yesterday,” Bella said directly.

“You’re talking about Nikki Stewart. They’re just discussing the case. It would be a great help from you to assist us.” The director said enthusiastically.

“It’s part of my job.” Bella exchanged greetings.

The director took Bella to the conference room.

For a moment, Bella thought of James Grayson’s business. Her heart was stifling, and her body was full of pain.

She had to wake up and deal with it early.

“Hello everyone. This is Bella, a psychology expert recommended by the Provincial Bureau. She is in charge of this case. If you have any questions, discuss them with her and cooperate with her work.” The director cooperated and introduced Bella.

Bella nodded and sat down.

No one spoke and looked at each other.

“Let’s talk about the content of the text message. The dead was holding her mobile phone in her hand. Tell me about her last contact.” Bella asked.

“It’s quite strange. She died between 17:00 and 18:30. Her family called her to have dinner and found her dead.

During this period, she didn’t go out. The windows were locked inside. Outside the room were the parents of the dead. The parents of the dead said that no one came inside their house. The murder in the secret room was like suicide.

Diethylsalamine lysergic acid, a hallucinogenic drug was found in the body of the deceased. In a minute, it can cause hallucinations or coma, but the deceased stayed with her parents for an hour, and there were no special symptoms.

So we guess that the drug was taken by the dead by mistake, causing hallucination and suicide. The victim sent a common text message to his ex-boyfriend at 17 o’clock that was a normal text message ‘where are you?’ her ex-boyfriend didn’t reply and there is nothing different.” the policeman reported.

“Isn’t there a surveillance camera outside?” Bella asked.

“We also checked the surveillance. Between 17:00 and 18:30 yesterday, no one came to Nikki Stewart’s house and no one went out. We also did not find any traces of fighting in Nikki Stewart’s room.”

Bella narrowed her eyes. “I don’t think so. Who can hold a mobile phone in one hand and a knife in one hand before committing suicide? And there is no special content on the mobile phone.”

“She took the hallucinogen by mistake, obviously the reaction can’t be normal.” A policeman retorted.

“Where did the hallucinogen come from? Which way did the dead take it by mistake? Did you find the hallucinogen at the scene? If not, how can you say it? In addition, if there was something different in the room, can’t her parents hear a sound? Can she just lie in bed, take her cell phone in one hand and commit suicide with the other?” Bella can even imagine this kind of picture.

The inspectors also felt mysterious and looked at each other.

“Are Nikki Stewart’s parents still at the police station?” Bella asked.

“In the next lounge.”

Bella immediately got up and went to the next room.

Kellan Pattinson and Nikki Stewart’s parents were there.

“Uncle, aunt, I want to ask something, after Nikki Stewart entered the room. Do you find anything different?” Bella asked.

“No, we were watching TV. Nikki Stewart was very good. We thought she was reading something in her room.” Nikki Stewart’s mother said.

“What are Nikki Stewart’s habits and hobbies?” Bella asked.

“She likes to stay at home. She doesn’t go out much and never offended people.” Nikki Stewart’s mother told honestly.

Kellan Pattinson seemed to think of something and said to Bella, “Nikki Stewart likes to drink coffee very much. She drinks when she is in a good mood and also drinks it when she is in a bad mood. I once gave her a coffee machine and she kept it in her room all the time. However, I didn’t see it on the spot. Does this matter?”

“Does she drink it every day?” Bella asked.

“Yes, every day. After coming home, she made coffee at about 17 o’clock, and then drink it.” Nikki Stewart’s mother said.

“Did you buy coffee beans or take out the coffee machine yesterday?”


“So, it must be the murderer. Someone knows Nikki Stewart’s habit. So, the night before yesterday between Nikki Stewart’s bedtime and 17:00, someone put the hallucinogen into the coffee machine.

Nikki Stewart sends you a message and drinks coffee. She was holding her mobile phone, waiting for you to reply to the message, getting sleepier and fell asleep. At this time, someone stabbed Nikki Stewart in the heart with a dagger and took away the coffee machine and coffee cup as well.” Bella said to Kellan Pattinson.

“Who is that person?” Kellan Pattinson was suspicious.

“Let’s go, check the surveillance.” Bella turned around and asked the police to play it. She focused on the one between 9 p.m. and 17 p.m. the day before yesterday.”

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