Chapter 436 I thought he would never leave

Marcia’s driver got out of the car and opened the door. Marcia was in the wheelchair and said, “come on.”

I hesitated for a moment and got in the car with Briana and Doris.

No one spoke all the way. Marcia first drove to where I lived. I let Briana and Doris in and gave them the keys. Then I went back to Marcia’s car.

When I got in the car, I asked her, “Marcia, how did you know I was going to get kicked out?”

Marcia smiled. “Maybe we’re both disabled so I have an instinct.”

I lowered my eyes and was a little depressed. “We were in harmony, but we had a long foreplay and he found out…”

“That man is Sean, isn’t he?” Marcia looked at me.

I nodded.

Marcia leaned over and held my hand. She comforted me, “my leg is a turning point for me to break up with him.”

Hearing Marcia say that, I looked down at her leg.

On the surface, she was no different from a normal person. I thought there was something wrong with her and Sean’s nerves. I said, “can’t you operate on this leg?”

Hearing my words, Marcia smiled and said, “yes, actually I have a prosthetic limb. I can stand up and walk normally, but I don’t want to…”


I was surprised.

I thought the current technology could cure most diseases.

They were doctors and definitely knew new technology. She shouldn’t have been in a wheelchair for so many years.

Marcia looked at her leg and said, “my leg is like this because of Ming.”

I was surprised, but I didn’t speak and waited for Marcia to continue.

“We had an accident when we were 30. At that time, Ming received an order that he shouldn’t have. After I knew it, I wanted to stop him. In order not to let him do the operation, I stopped him when he drove away from the hospital, but he still left. I drank a lot of wine that day, but I was hit by a car on the road. It was too late that day. When someone found me, my leg was broken.”

Marcia was calm. She looked like she was talking about someone else.

Even so, I could even feel her mood when I looked at her!

I looked at her and hesitated for a long time and said, “did you go into a coma after you were hit by a car?”


Marcia replied decisively.

When she mentioned it, her beautiful face finally became sad. She lowered her eyes and stroked her legs. “I wasn’t in a coma. I was very conscious, but I couldn’t move. I lay there and felt my life slowly passing. I was really desperate. I was still awake when I was taken to the hospital.”

“What operation did Ming perform on others?”

I finally asked.

Marcia gave a wry smile. “Now I’m not afraid to tell you. He went to the underground black market and had a heart changing operation for someone.”

She didn’t go on.

A heart changing operation could be done in the hospital. Since he went to the underground black market, it was not normal.

I had seen this kind of news. Some of the tramps disappeared because they were killed. Then their useful organs were sold on the black market.

Some children exchanged their kidneys for cell phones in the black market.

I didn’t know what to say.

Marcia said, “and then Ming came. He apologized to me when he knew I was injured. He said he just wanted to make money and make my life better. He didn’t want me to look down on him.”

“Did you forgive him?”

“I didn’t.” Marcia shook her head. “I was as emotional as Sean is now. I was furious and miserable and angry for no reason. Even so, Ming stayed with me. I hurt him countless times, but he didn’t complain and accepted my beating and scolding…”

At this point, Marcia’s tone changed.

She gently called him Ming.

I knew it was a terrible past for Marcia, but it was also a good memory.

Marcia lowered her head and seemed to be remembering. She continued, “at that time, because I was too sad, I refused to be treated by a psychiatrist. When I felt desperate, Ming was with me. He smiled at me tenderly no matter what I did. At that time, I really thought that he would never leave.

So I had no fear. I lost my temper willfully. As long as I was unhappy, I embarrassed him in a wheelchair. Then I got used to having no legs, but three years later he suddenly left.”

Marcia stopped.

She was sobbing.

I saw her tears dripping into her hands.

I leaned forward and hugged Marcia, “Marcia, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s his fault. He delayed you and failed you.”

Marcia leaned on me and didn’t talk.

After a while, she finally calmed down. She took out a tissue and wiped the tears gently and raised her head.

She looked calm as if nothing had happened.

She looked at me and said, “thank you. Do you want to come back to him and cheer him up?”


I replied without hesitation.

If I could, I would do anything for Sean.

Marcia looked at me and couldn’t help smiling. “Were those two people his servants who were just driven away?”

I nodded.

Marcia asked, “he has no servants at home now, right? He is different from me. His whole lower body is unconscious. He can’t do anything, so he will definitely recruit new servants.”

I seemed to understand, “you want me to…”

“Yes, you can be his servant and take care of him. He is sensitive and emotional at this time, but his heart wall is weak. If you can be with him at this time, maybe you will live in his heart forever.”

When Marcia said that, I knew she was talking about herself.

After meeting Marcia, I decided to work as a servant at Sean’s house. I thought Marcia was right. Sean needed to be taken care of by someone now.

I hoped it was me.

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