Chapter 434 This time, I took the initiative

I thought Sean would like the wedding dress as much as I did.

I turned to Marcia and asked, “how much is this wedding dress? I’ll pay you.”

Since I was not wearing it for Ming, I had to pay again.

Marcia seemed to understand and nodded, “you can pay me three hundred thousand dollars.”

“OK, thank you.”

I nodded.

I took out my bank card and paid Marcia.

Actually, I checked it on the Internet before. Marcia was a popular wedding designer. Her wedding dress was worth millions of dollars. She must have given me a discount.

Marcia said, “when and where is your wedding? I’ll have the wedding dress sent directly to the hotel.”

“I…” I hesitated and said, “I’ll wear it now.”


“I’ll wear it now.”

I said firmly!

I couldn’t wait to see Sean in this wedding dress!

Marcia was a little surprised, but she didn’t ask me. She just took out the phone and made a phone call and said, “bring something and make up for the bride.”

Soon a makeup artist arrived. I changed clothes in Marcia’s studio on the spot.

When I put on this wedding dress and stood in front of the mirror, I couldn’t believe it was myself.

This wedding dress was just like it was made for me. It fitted my skin perfectly.

My body was wrapped in the soft and complicated lace on the wedding dress and looked like a gift to be opened.

Marcia looked at me in my wedding dress and nodded, “well, you’re as beautiful as I thought.”

After I changed my clothes, the makeup artist made up for me, and Marcia was watching.

I looked at her through the mirror. She wasn’t looking at me but at my wedding dress. Her beautiful eyes seemed wet.

I dropped my eyes and wanted to say something about Ming, but I hesitated for a while and shut up.

I said, “the man I love had a car accident the other day and can’t stand up.”

After listening to me, Marcia looked surprised. “Are you going to see him and marry him now?”

I nodded.

Marcia looked up and looked at me through the mirror. She smiled and said, “I wish you success.”

After more than an hour of makeup, Marcia asked her assistant to drive her studio’s business car.

She sent me to Jessop Family’s manor on the outskirts of the city.

As soon as I arrived, I secretly sent a message to Briana. When the car arrived, I got off and stood in front of the huge iron door. I saw Doris slip out with the key and quietly open the door a little. She waved at me. “Come on.”

I went in at once.

I only wore a wedding dress and it was winter. A few seconds later I felt very cold.

Doris was leading the way. I was on high heels and walked to the door.

She opened the door a little.

When I got into the house, she looked at me in surprise and said, “madam, you are so beautiful!”

I was shy and smiled and wanted to say something.


I heard something smashed in the front hall. Then I heard Sean roar, “get out of here! I don’t need you to serve me. I’m not a loser!”

I was scared.

But Doris was calm.

She looked at me and said, “when he arrived here yesterday, he basically smashed something every few minutes. Now he can smash something every hour.”


I was nervous and hurried in.

Before I came into the hall, Briana was walking out with some pieces of China. She saw me, and she was very surprised, but she left quickly with the pieces without saying anything.

I went in and he heard footsteps and he said angrily, “get out! I told you to get out of here. Didn’t you hear me?”

I stood behind him.

The wheelchair was beside him. He was sitting on the ground. His legs were straight and his hands were bandaged, but blood flowed down the bandage.

There was a lot of blood on the ground.

I didn’t move. He said, “is it because I’m disabled that you don’t listen to me?”

“Sean, it’s me.”

At last I couldn’t help saying.

He heard my voice and froze. He turned and saw me and his expression froze.

I came to him in high heels. I knelt down and held his arm with one hand and said, “Sean, I have something to tell you.”

He squinted and seemed a little surprised. He wasn’t furious or told me to get out.

I thought I succeeded. I said to him, “Sean, let’s get married.”

When I said it, his silent nerves seemed to react. He raised his hand and pushed me straight away and scolded me, “get out!”

I was wearing high heels, so I was almost knocked over.

At this time, Doris came to help me.

Sean saw Doris and his eyes were red. “Who let her in? You? Get out with her!”

“Master, I’m sorry. I…”

“You all go out. I’ll talk to him.”

I said to Doris.

Doris was afraid of Sean so she left immediately.

I leaned over and saw Sean trying to push me. I spread my arms directly around his neck and threw him down!

Sean was thrown on the wool carpet by me.

He wanted to fight, but I kissed him.

He used to overwhelm me and kiss me.

This time I took the initiative.

At first he tried to push me away, but when I kissed him, he suddenly put a hand around my waist. He turned me over with his arm.

His body and mouth were full of strong tobacco flavor.

I wanted to cough, but he didn’t give me a chance at all. He attacked my mouth and plundered my air. I was flushed with his kiss.

His hands began to touch me, too.

The perfect wedding dress fitted my body.

He seemed to have been looking for a while and finally a little impatient. He looked up and asked me angrily, “how can I take off your clothes?”

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