Chapter 433 Nevus on the heart

On the way, I was worried. I was really afraid James hated me!

But when I got to the door, I found no one at the door. I felt relieved.

I went through the garden and got to James’ door and knocked.

The housekeeper opened the door for me. She saw me and said respectfully, “Miss Jones.”

I was a little nervous and asked, “is Grandpa Jessop there?”

The housekeeper nodded and invited me in.

I entered Jessop Family.

Jessop Family was the same as before. The housekeeper said, “master is upstairs in the teahouse. I’ll tell him.”

“Thank you.”

I said gratefully.

Maybe James was the only one in Jessop Family who didn’t hate me.

The housekeeper went upstairs and came back soon and said, “Miss Jones, master is waiting for you upstairs.”

I went upstairs.

The door of the teahouse was open. I knocked on the door and pushed it open.

In the teahouse, James sat on a huge chair and he had a teapot in his hand and he was making tea.

I hadn’t seen James for a long time.

I saw him last time because he was in hospital. James had grown significantly older.

His hair was now all white and his face had age spots.

Many things had happened to Jessop Family recently. He must be worried.

“Becky, would you like a cup of tea?”

James saw me and didn’t show disgust.

I was a little embarrassed. I quickly sat down and said, “I’ll make it for you, Grandpa. I’m good at tea making.”

I thought he was lonely to make and drink tea alone. It was better to have someone with him.

James looked up and smiled. “I’d love to.”

He put down the teapot in his hand.

I didn’t speak. I poured out the tea in the pot and took the new tea and put it in. I made the tea and put the cup in front of him and said, “Grandpa Jessop, please taste it.”

James picked it up and smelt it. He nodded and tasted it.

After he finished, I poured another cup of tea for him before I poured a cup of tea for myself.

Murray taught me how to make tea. On the surface, it looked similar to the common tea art sequence, but because of some small details, the tea was more fragrant.

James put the cup down and showed no joy. He sighed, “you come to me for Sean, right?”

“Yes.” I didn’t deny it. I’d like to ask him directly the address of that manor. I hesitated and said, “I’m sorry about Sean’s accident. If I could…”

“I don’t blame you. That’s his choice.” James sighed. “Maybe I shouldn’t have stood by at the beginning. If I had helped you earlier, everything would not be what it is today.”

I thought he knew everything.

He knew what happened to us, but I didn’t know how much he helped us.

I didn’t speak. James looked up at me. “Becky, although you are not Sherry’s granddaughter, I know Sherry loves you the most. She asked me to marry you to Sean. I didn’t agree at first, but she told me you were her best granddaughter. You are the brightest pearl of Carter Family. I knew you were a good girl.”

“Grandpa Jessop…”

He mentioned Sherry. I couldn’t help but want to cry.

“Then you sold your house and paid the hospitalization for Sherry. I know she’s right.” James took a piece of paper out of the drawer under the table and put it on the table and said, “this is the address of Jessop Family’s manor. Go if you want. You are a good girl. If Sean misses you, he’s not blessed.”


James waved. “I hope you often bring Lester to see me before I die.”

“OK.” I poured another cup of tea for James.

Then I picked up the paper in front of him and left.

Jessop Family’s manor was in the suburbs.

I couldn’t get my car until tomorrow. I knew if I went there all of a sudden, Sean would kick me out. I hesitated and made up my mind. I took a taxi to Marcia’s studio.

After a year, I finally came here again.

The doorbell was ringing when I went in.

Her studio hadn’t changed. There were many beautiful wedding dresses in it and it was like a sea of wedding dresses.

There were no staff to greet me. Marcia came out in a wheelchair. She saw me and was a little surprised. Then she smiled and said, “welcome here.”

I said, “I want my wedding dress.”

Marcia nodded. “It’s upstairs. Come with me.”

I took the elevator with her to the second floor.

In the elevator, Marcia said, “I know you will come. After all, Ming is a rare good man.”

“No.” I immediately denied, “I’m wearing this wedding dress today, not because of Ming, but because of another man…”

“Another man?”

Marcia looked up at me and was obviously surprised.

I nodded and didn’t say much.

When the elevator reached the second floor, I followed Marcia to the door of a room. She handed me a bunch of keys and said, “open the door for me.”

I took the key and opened the door.

I almost froze when the door opened.

There were many wedding dresses in the room.

Each wedding dress was put on a cloth model and then put in a glass cover.

There was a white and flawless lace wedding dress that attracted my attention.

All the wedding dresses were beautiful, but I liked it at a glance.

When I went straight to the wedding dress, I heard Marcia say, “look, you feel that wedding dress belongs to you, right?”

I went to the wedding dress.

This dress didn’t show your chest or arms like other wedding dresses.

Lace covered the neck, arms and even hands.

It was as white as snow in winter, but in the middle of it was inlaid with a ruby as red as blood.

“Do you like it?”

Marcia asked me.

“Yes.” I had been staring at the ruby.

I seemed to know what it meant.

It was a nevus on the heart.

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