Chapter 432 We can’t contact again

“And then?” I asked nervously.

Jack sighed, “and then they became enemies! In fact, the man had informed Sean before and Sean was always careful. He had several near accidents, but he dodged them. This time…”

Jack didn’t go on, but I understood.

He was careless because of me.

Jack seemed afraid that I would ask him more. He turned on the radio. At this time, a news was being broadcast, “last night, the Leonid meteor shower came to the earth…”

Jack soon began to play the music.

Meteor shower?

I heard the news and immediately took out my cell phone and began to check it.

Sure enough, there was a Leonid meteor shower last night!

That was why Sean asked me out to the mountain!

It was probably because of it.

I watched the news on my cell phone and I was sad.

I didn’t speak again.

The next day, I went to the hospital. This time, there were bodyguards from Jessop Family on the whole floor. I was kicked out before I got out of the elevator.

I called Sean and no one answered.

At the weekend, I accompanied Lester and had no time to go to the hospital.

When I went to the hospital again and the elevator door opened, there was no bodyguard at the door. There were only empty corridors.

It was like the first day I came.

I stood at the end of the corridor and realized what had happened, but I still walked on.

I got to the ward where Sean lived before.

The ward was empty.

The bedding was neat and there was only a thermos on the cupboard. There was nothing else.

He was discharged from the hospital.

I walked towards the elevator dejectedly. When I passed the nurse station, I asked again and got the answer I had already guessed.

I got to the first floor.

As I walked out, I saw a familiar figure!


I ran over. “Eric, where’s Sean?”

Eric saw me and was not surprised at all. He smiled and said, “Hello, Miss Jones, President Jessop has been discharged.”


“President Jessop asked me to tell you that he has nothing to do with your work, so if you don’t have anything important, don’t contact him again.”

Eric interrupted me.

There was a sharp pain in my heart.

Couldn’t we get in touch again?

What did he mean!

“I have something important!” I said immediately.

Eric stood there and said, “please tell me. I’ll tell President Jessop.”

“I want to see him!” I clenched my fist and said with some reluctance, “tell Sean I want to see him. No matter what happens, I would like to stay with him!”

Eric didn’t change his expression and nodded, “OK, I’ll tell President Jessop.” With that, he said, “Miss Jones, I have to go.”

Eric had been an assistant to Sean for several years.

His style was more and more like Sean’s.

His tone stopped me from asking him. I could only say, “OK.”

“Miss Jones, take care of yourself.”

Eric finished and left.

I wanted to see Sean. I knew what he was thinking, but I had to tell him what I was thinking!

I left the hospital and took a taxi to the Giant group.

This time, as I expected, the receptionist saw me and smiled and said, “Miss Jones, I’m sorry. You can’t see President Jessop without an appointment.”

I listened to her and realized something. I looked at her and asked, “is Sean at work?”

The receptionist didn’t seem to expect me to ask her. She paused and nodded, “yes, President Jessop is already at work.”

Her reaction told me she was lying.

I knew I couldn’t wait here all the time.

Where was Sean?

I stood at the gate of the Giant group and felt confused.

Where could I see Sean?

I had nowhere to go. I took a taxi back to the studio. Linda was drawing on the computer. She saw me and waved and said, “Becky, look, I’ve got a concept for the office building. I haven’t figured out the details yet.”

“… OK.”

After all, work was the priority here. I couldn’t influence my work because of my personal affairs.

I went to Linda’s computer and looked at the picture on it. It was a four story building. The first floor was mainly of European medieval style. The second floor was of simple European style. The third floor was of ordinary modern style. The fourth floor and the top floor were the core features of our studio.

“What do you think of it?” Linda put her chin on a pen and looked at the computer and was very proud.

I discussed the floor order with her before. We mainly considered the material and transition.

To my surprise, after her adjustment, it looked better than we thought.

“Well, I think it’s good.” I nodded.

Linda was also satisfied, “then I will give it to York Architecture and Landscape Design Institute. After that, we can figure out how to do it.”


I nodded.

Now I was worried about Sean. Fortunately, we didn’t need to start designing it immediately, or I was afraid I couldn’t concentrate.

I went back to my seat. My personal cell phone rang.

I looked down and saw a message from a strange number, “madam, master is now in a manor of Jessop Family in the suburb. I can’t tell the exact location. You need to ask.”


I just remembered that I left my number to her when I left that day.

Fortunately, I left it to her.

I didn’t know that Jessop Family had a manor, but Sean did need a quiet environment. It was good for him to live in a manor far from the city.

Sean didn’t live in York, but he still worked.

I called Eric right away!

The phone was soon put through. Eric said, “Miss Jones, what can I do for you?”

“Do you know where Sean lives? Please tell me!”

I said directly.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know. President Jessop is not in the company recently, but he entrusted his work to the vice president. Only when there’s something important can we have a video call with him.”

Eric’s voice was gentle.

I didn’t think he was lying at all.

I really couldn’t go on asking him. I could only say, “I see. Thank you.”

I hung up and sat in the office and thought about who I could ask for the address of the manor of Jessop Family.

Who would tell me?

There was only one answer.


Thinking of him, I told Linda and took a taxi to James’ house.

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