Chapter 430 Mistress’s children are uneducated

“OK, where do we meet?” I agreed, but to keep me safe, I said, “I don’t think Miss Lewis wants to see me in a remote warehouse or something.”

I was wary of Cindy.

After all, she said that to Sean today.

What Barbara said sobered me up. I remembered Molly saying Cindy hurt me. I didn’t believe it then.

Maybe she wasn’t lying to me then.

But maybe more than one person hurt me.

Cindy was not as kind as she looked. Everything may have something to do with her.

Then I must see her!

Cindy smiled and said, “sure. We can meet in the most lively place. What do you think of the hospital?”

She was referring to Sean’s hospital.

I didn’t know why she wanted to meet there, but there were surveillance cameras all over the hospital. I didn’t think Cindy would hurt me.

“OK, I’ll go now.”

I hung up and changed and took a taxi to the hospital.

In case of an accident, I called Daisy and told her I decided to see Cindy.

I told her if I didn’t contact her tonight, she hda to call the police for me!

Daisy was worried, “you are not allowed to go! I’ll be back in a few days. I’m abroad now. I can’t help you in case of an accident!”

“It’s OK. The hospital has surveillance cameras.”

It was impossible for me not to go.

In fact, I was just prepared. I knew if Cindy really wanted to hurt me, she didn’t need to ask me out.

“No, you have to go home. Don’t let me worry about you!” Daisy was anxious.

I knew I couldn’t convince her, so I said, “I’ll hang up. I’ll be fine.”

Then I hung up.

I got to the door of the hospital soon.

I had been here three times today.

Although it was evening, the Affiliated Hospital of Medical University was a good hospital. There were a lot of cars parked here and there were a lot of people in the emergency room.

Soon I saw Cindy in a light overcoat in the crowd.

She was wearing a big mask.

She just looked at me as I walked over.

We went to a corridor with few people. I asked her, “what do you want to tell me?”

Cindy slowly took off her mask. She looked at me coldly and asked, “don’t you have any questions to ask me?”

“Yes, I have many questions, but I don’t know what to ask first.” I thought about it and said, “but I didn’t expect Miss Lewis, a wealthy woman in York, would do so many bad things. You had me raped and posted a fake video. Don’t you think it’s shameful of you to do such a thing?”

“If a video can make you disappear, I would be happy to send it.” Cindy sneered. “But Becky, have you ever wondered why your sisters hate you so much? You really like to compete with other women for men.”

I couldn’t help sneering, “no, you’re wrong. Even if I disappear, it doesn’t mean that his heart will be empty.”

Cindy’s words completely dispelled my doubts about Sean!

I believed Sean loved me.

I wouldn’t doubt him any more.

Sure enough, Cindy bit her lips, but she kept her grace. “So what? You are just a burden to him! Without him, you would have left York! You are useless. You can only rely on him. You’ve been pestering Sean and putting him in trouble. If I were you, I would have gone.”


She was right.

“Miss Lewis, you are rich, but why did he find out that you hurt me? Why didn’t you just kill me? You can’t do what you want, and you just have good parents. You may not be as good as me without your parents’ protection.”

“Parents?” Cindy sneered. “I almost forgot. Your mother is my father’s mistress. You and your sister…”

Before she finished speaking, I raised my hand and slapped her in the face!

Cindy froze and raised her hand and tried to slap me. I stopped her and said, “Cindy, don’t insult my mother! Your father lied to my mother. I’ll find out what your family did to my mother and whether your mother Diana treated her like the news! Everyone who has done something bad has to atone!”

I couldn’t forgive Margaret’s past.

I would find out!

But now I had to get Margaret well.

“Your mother should atone. Your mother knew my father was married but she seduced him. She is a bitch. She went to my house and threatened my mother when she was pregnant. If I had known you were the daughter of that bitch, I would have killed you!”

“Shut up!”

I was angry. I raised my hand and wanted to keep hitting her.

But this time Cindy was obviously on guard!

She took my hand. I grabbed her hair and said, “my mother wouldn’t seduce your father after she knew he was married!”

“You have to ask your crazy mother! Oh, I see. Mistress won’t tell the truth!”

Cindy and I fought.

“She’s not a mistress!”

“You and your mother are both bitches!”

Cindy and I were both angry and fighting.

At this time, the security personnel came and separated us.

Cindy and I had messy hair and the buttons on our clothes had been torn off.

Cindy straightened her hair and said, “mistress’s children are uneducated.”


“Becky, don’t be angry!”

Jack stopped me all of a sudden.

I looked at him and was confused.

Jack said to me, “Daisy asked me to come here.”

I regretted calling Daisy.

As I was grooming my hair, Cindy stood there and suddenly said, “by the way, Becky, do you think Molly loves Sean too?”

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