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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 210 I want you to be happy

“Nonsense, but Phoebe would love to have a baby for you, or you…”

“In my eyes, she is still a child, she is just Shelly’s sister, and other changes can never happen.”

“That’s because you don’t want to change. You think about it, she is the sister of the woman you love the most. With her, will you…”

“Janice, shut up.”

Janice said, “You are guilty, do you dare to say you haven’t thought about it?”

Dan turned to look at Janice, “You’re jealous.”

Janice smiled, “Bro, you feel so good about yourself.”

Dan walked to her step by step. The smile on the corner of his mouth was very charming, “Don’t deny it, otherwise why would you say that you are pregnant? Are you afraid that I will actually marry Phoebe?”

Janice could only keep going backwards, refuting with a stiff mouth, “How could it be, I wish you could marry another woman.”

Dan suddenly raised his hand, and petted Janice’s small nose, “You are lying.”

Janice would never admit that she was so upset at the moment, “I am telling the truth.”

“Are you sure?”

In order to convince herself and persuade him, Janice nodded strongly, “Yes.”

Dan was extremely patient tonight, and asked her unwillingly, seemingly to be silent before tearing off the stubbornness she had been blocking from her heart, “Yes?”

“Yes. I will send you a congratulations gift.”

Dan imprisoned her in his arms, “Okay, then I have to get you pregnant and then we discuss marrying another one.”

Janice struggled hard under his imprisonment, his arms were so strong that she could not move at all.

“Dan, don’t be so shameless.”

“You forced me to marry again.”

“I mean, after divorce, you are free.”

His crisp movements hugged her horizontally, while he was sitting on the bed himself, and she naturally sat it on his lap.

This pose… made Janice blushed.

“Dan, I’m a pregnant woman now.”

Dan couldn’t help laughing, “Darling, don’t act now, but I can make you pregnant soon.”

Janice accidentally noticed that there seemed to be someone at the door. She could probably guess it was Tina and Phoebe. She turned Dan’s head and let him see it.

Before Dan understood what happened, she suddenly asked him loudly, “Dan, do you like Phoebe?”

Dan’s eyebrows looked at Janice with a smile. The battle between women without smoke was the most tiring for men.

He cleared his throat, no matter if she was showing of having possession of him, he answered her seriously, “The only one I love the rest of my life is only you, Janice.”

“Liar.” Janice wanted to get out of him, and he put his hands around her waist, refused to let her go.

With four eyes facing each other, she wanted to moved her eyes away. He didn’t allow him to do so. Eyes would not tell lies. He wanted her to see his true heart from his eyes.

The sudden ringing of the phone ring disturbed the two. Janice went to pick up the mobile phone. It was Chuck who called her.

“Brother, what’s the matter?”

Chuck said in a deep voice over there, “Jim has an accident. Come and see him.”

Janice’s heart froze and her voice was a little dumb, “What happened? Don’t scare me, don’t lie to me.”

“Come here first.”

Dan saw that Janice was not right, and asked her worriedly, “What happened? What happened?”

Janice shook her head at a loss, her eyes filled with tears, but she smiled again, “Don’t you think it ridiculous. My brother just told me that Jim had illness, and also said that he had six years of medical history. Jim had hidden it from everyone. How could this be true? I don’t believe it, Dan, do you believe it? ”

Dan held her heavily. He believe it, and he always knew that in the past seven years. He had paid attention to everyone around her, and Jim was the clearest one he had checked.

“Janice, sometimes life and death are determined by the God. All we can do is…”

Janice pushed away Dan vigorously, “What are you talking about? I said, I don’t believe it. He is healthy. How could he be sick suddenly.”

Dan understood her anger. Maybe the person she loved so much and cannot forgot was always Jim.

“Then I’ll accompany you to see him.” The only thing he can do now as to accompany her.

Simple guardian, Jim had been with Janice for seven years.

Janice looked at Dan with deep sadness, “No, I don’t want to go with you. He doesn’t like you. He hates seeing you. I’ll see him myself.”

Speaking, Janice was anxious to go out, Dan stopped her, “Don’t cause trouble. In this home, you have to come and leave with me.”

“Why do you care about all this? If your mother asks me where I went, you just tell her all the truth, I must go now.”

“I must accompany you to the gate of the hospital, then you can choose to go to him alone.” Dan took her to the dressing room. She was still wearing pajamas. She was so anxious that she planned to go out like this.

Before going out, Dan explained to the housekeeper, “Janice is a bit uncomfortable. We have to go home.”


At the hospital entrance, Dan asked her again, “Do you really visit him alone?”

Janice looked at him, and wanted to tell him something, but she didn’t know whether she should say this, “I thought I had fallen in love with you, but why was I so anxious and scared when I knew Jim was sick? ”

Dan was deeply gazing at her. If she knew Jim’s silent love for her in the past seven years, she would be more distressed.

He reached out and wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes. He felt so heartache for the first time in past seven years.

“I want you to be happy, don’t cry?”

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