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Chapter 209 Fake Pregnancy

Janice was speechless, and she simply turned her head and closed her eyes, “So what do you want to do?”

He kissed lightly on her forehead, and Janice opened her eyes vigilantly, only to hear his hoarse voice spread, “Sleep well, look at your obvious dark circles. It’s ugly.”

“Hey, where are you going?” Did he really want her to sleep here during work hours?

Dan said, “I’m going to work, but if you really want me to sleep with you, I can agree with you.”

“Get out.” When he came to the door, Janice asked again, “President, would you deduct my salary today?”

Dan proudly responded to her, “I’m all yours. Do you think you still in want of money?”

Soon Janice fell asleep, she dreamed that she returned to the night of seven years ago.

She did not drink, and went home with her brother at the end of the meal. On the road, they met Shelly, who wanted to commit suicide. Her brother was always cautious in driving, so Shelly was saved. At the hospital, she met Dan.

Dan thanked them for sending Shelly to the hospital. Dan didn’t hate her.

If this is the case, will everything be different?

Janice opened her eyes. There was no change in reality. On the day of seven years ago, she still drank. Jim sent her. Yuna appeared. She drove alone in the early morning, and Shelly committed suicide, and Dan hated her.

When she woke up, she heard Dan faintly. He should be talking on the phone, as only he was talking.

“Grandpa, I see. Certainly, well, yes….”

Janice came out of the rest room and didn’t expect that she would sleep for so long. She had a dream until the afternoon. She didn’t eat breakfast and even passed lunch time.

Dan glanced at her, said goodbye to the grandpa over the phone, put down the phone, and walked to her. He gently touched her messy hair, and the low magnetic voice had an intoxicating magic, “Did you sleep well? Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

Janice really couldn’t adapt to him. She shivered and looked up at him indifferently, “I slept well, I’m not hungry at all. May I go?”

As soon as the words fell, a sound came from her belly.

Dan smiled warmly, turned around and took off the blazer on the hanger, and put it on her body, “Let’s go and take you out to eat.”

Janice looked at him, and didn’t want to eat with him, plus a little embarrassment to come out of this door.

“You help me order takeaway. I don’t want to go out.”

Dan saw her mind at a glance, pouting and laughing, “Whether you go out now or not, everyone outside knows that you are in my office from morning till now.”

“Then I will go out when people leave after work.” Janice went to the sofa and sat down.

“You still feel embarrassed to meet others? We didn’t do anything.” This was the first time he saw her care what others said.

Anyway, she just didn’t go out, “We didn’t do anything, but the people outside certainly don’t think so.”

Dan didn’t force her. He just wanted to take her out to eat so that she could eat a little bit more comfortable.

“It seems that I really should do something to you, otherwise I would be disadvantaged.”

Janice gave him a white look, “Hurry up and order food for me.”

Dan said at dinner that grandpa asked them to go home together at night.

“Can you refuse?” She really didn’t want to go back. Every time she was back she would quarrel with Tina who always asked for trouble. She thought Tina was a kind of unreasonable.

Dan sat next to her and looked at her, “I thought of a good way to make your status welcome in my home.”

Janice was dubious, and felt very unreliable, “What? Are you sure?”

Dan nodded, but didn’t tell her directly, “Just say you agree with the idea.”

“You haven’t said it yet.” Smart bastard.

“Just say you’re pregnant.”

“What…” The rice in her mouth was sprayed out in surprise. She turned to look at Dan who seemed to be telling the truth. She raised her hand and touched his forehead, “You didn’t had fever, why talk nonsense.”

“I tell you Dan, don’t think you’re smart, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t think about it, I’m not in a hurry to divorce you now, because my brother company needed Shinny International.”

A woman who was too smart was not cute.

Dan sighed, “Even if you don’t say it, I don’t want to divorce you considering Shinny’s stock.”

“Since everyone has their own purpose, don’t change the status quo. There are many married couples in the world that didn’t love each other. After you find your true love, the Dan’s wife identity, I must not hesitate to give up.”

A woman who was too sane can hardly get a person’s true heart.

In the afternoon, the two met at the old house together. Tina was like she had prepared for a long time. As soon as Janice entered the door, she said weirdly, “You still are not pregnant.”

Janice ignored her, and greeted grandparents. An acquaintance came out of the kitchen. Janice was surprised. Shouldn’t she still be in the hospital? It seemed that she was discharged from the hospital.

“Phoebe, why are you here?” Dan was surprised.

Because of Shelly’s death, Dan gave a sum of money to Shelly’s parents, allowing them to live abroad, and the two families have had no contact for many years.

Phoebe put the soup from the kitchen on the table and smiled, “It was your mother who asked me to come here, and she promised that we can go out.”

“What?” Dan didn’t understand how could they can go out. Besides the age difference, she was still Shelly’s sister, how could that be?

Janice was ready to watch a good play and said nothing. Dan’s mother came over and said, “Dan, you are not young, and you should have a child. Phoebe told me everything about you. It was our fault to set you and Shelly apart. Now that you have a relationship with Phoebe, then…”

“Stop.” Dan couldn’t listen to them anymore, and probably could figure out that Phoebe must have said something and mislead his mother.

In order to dismantle him and Janice, they really can accept everything.

“Dan, Phoebe…”

Dan interrupted her mother again, “If I want to have a child, my wife will give me a baby. Don’t you worry about this too much. Even if Janice is not still my wife, it won’t be Phoebe.”

Dan took Janice’s hand and was ready to leave.

Grandpa shouted Dan in deterrence, “It’s time for dinner, where are you going?”

Dan sighed helplessly, turned and looked at grandpa, “Grandpa, I came back only when you asked me to bring Janice back for dinner. If you knew this, I would be disappointed.”

“Come back to eat.” Grandpa was very angry on the surface, but he was very relieved in heart. From the attitude of Dan just now, he really loved Janice. As long as he loved her, grandpa would have great grandson sooner or later.

“Not today.”

Dan was leaving again, this time Janice held him back. She said something unexpectedly, “I’m pregnant for only one month. I had wanted to wait for a few more months before I told you this.”

A lie by Janice made the atmosphere of the whole home completely opposite to what it was just now. If this made the family to sit together and have a good meal, then was this not a good white lie?

Grandpa talked to her before that before Shelly died, Dan was not what he as now. He can always make the whole family laugh with a single word. Grandpa hoped that she can get the previous Dan back.

Janice knew that she was powerless and she was not a magician. How could she have such a great ability to change a person.

After being strongly left by his family, Dan and Janice stayed at home for one night, while Tina insisted Phoebe to stay here.

In the bedroom, Dan and Janice stood quietly in front of the window. They should all be thinking about how to get the lie through.

Janice said, “After another two or three months, I will say that the child was accidentally abortive, and then we can divorce.”

Dan had different ideas, “Why not have a baby directly. As a woman, you should always have a baby. I think my genes are good, and you are lucky to have me.”

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