Chapter 208 I Lost Because I Love You

Dan had always been very courteous in front of the employees. He smiled slightly, his voice was deep, “You haven’t eaten breakfast.”

Janice covered the sushi box. She thought that everyone nodded and the thing will go past. But the smug supervisor gave thumbs up to Dan, “President, your sushi is so good! Better than the chef in the five-star hotels.”

Janice lowered her head and sighed. Now she was curious how Dan answered. He didn’t say anything. It was estimated that he was afraid of his own face. After all, his wife received the loving breakfast of other man early in the morning.

He smiled and said, “Yes, if you like to eat, I’ll make more next time.”

Janice lifted her eyes and looked at him, startled by his words.

Later, Janice learned that he was such a thoughtful boy. He even sent a message to Jim and humbly sent it in a consultative tone, “My wife likes the sushi you made very much. May I learn from you in the future?”

Jim, who didn’t think much, really thought Janice liked it very much, so he sent a courier every morning.

Working was the most important thing. Everyone returned to work seriously. Dan knocked on Janice’s desk, “Come to my office.”

Others pretended to hear nothing and continued to work. Janice didn’t want to go, but in front of others, she didn’t want to be awkward with him.

He had to follow him until they entered the elevator together. But when Janice was about to ask him what did he ask her for, her mouth was blocked by his.

Janice thought he was punishing her because the sushi was just sent by Jim.

But not. He kissed deeply but not long after all. After all, the elevator was about to arrive soon, and his forehead rested on her forehead, and his breath was a bit heavy, “Thank you for coming to work.”

Janice pushed him away and looked straight at him. In other words, wasn’t he angry just now, or was he grateful to her?

The elevator stopped, the door opened, and his body suddenly approached her. Unexpectedly, Janice was scared and almost hit the elevator wall behind him. He hugged her in time.

His lips almost touched her earlobe, and his magnetic voice spread low, “Follow me, or I will kiss you in public.”

This was a threat, an absolute one.

When Janice was preparing for Phoebe, she saw that seat was empty and Phoebe was not there.

Dan, who was walking in front, opened the door, and Janice stepped in first. Before she can stand still, she was hugged by Dan, and was pressed between he and the door.

He kissed her. She had tried to bite him, but he managed to avoid it. She stared at him with a stare of anger, but he closed his eyes slightly, The kiss was more affectionate and focused.

For a long time, when the lips were apart, Janice raised her hand and was ready to slap Dan.

Dan responded quickly, grabbed her wrist, and placed her hand on his chest. She quickly felt his strong heartbeat.

He said, “Just as you said, I lost. I found out the reason why I have been trying so hard to make you love me for the past seven years, because I love you, that’s why I expect you to fall in love with me.”

Janice’s hand on his left chest slowly tightened. She really wanted to grab his heart and saw what he said was true or false.

Janice took away from his big hand and leaned on the door behind her and looked at him, “Did you know that you are in a panic now. Maybe you think you can use love to keep me by your side, but have you ever thought that every time I see you, I think I am a mirror. When you look at me, I will think you are back to seven years ago before the accident happened. You said that you love me, but my heart is as calm as water, then can you tell me, do I love you?”

“I will try to make you fall in love with me, I will, but you are not allowed to have any connection with Jim.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “So you are anxious that someone is going to grab with you the thing that should belong to you?”

Dan shook her head, “No, I’m really scared that you ignore me. I thought about it all night. If you don’t come to work today, I am scare I have no chance to see you in the future.”

Janice looked at him. His helplessness made her clenched. She thought that he will have expected that they would become the status quo today, but he was unprepared.

“You are not like yourself.”

Dan in her eyes would not be humbled for anything, including love, he should not be like this.

Dan frowned and gazed at her, “Did you decide to start with Jim again?”

Janice felt that it was not necessary to tell him these things, which were impossible. What did he think?

She turned to leave, Dan stopped her strongly, and stared at her with deep eyes, “Answer me!”

The big hand that he clasped on her shoulder was particularly hard. She felt pain and wanted him to let go, but he clasped even harder, as if she didn’t answer him, he would crush her.

Janice frowned, and moved her shoulder again, “You hurt me.”

Janice calmly communicated with him, “First, I can’t never meet him. We grew up together. Even if I can’t get together with him, he is still my brother’s good brother. It is normal for us the meet.”

“Second, I’m still your legal wife. I will never do anything to stain the marriage until you sign the divorce agreement.”

“Third, I hope you sign the divorce as soon as possible.”

Dan told her firmly, “I won’t divorce you.”

“Why? Why delay two people, and I don’t want to be scolded by your mother that I can’t have a baby…”

Dan was insane today, and kissed her at anytime. Before Janice’s words were finished, he kissed her again and found a chance to say, “We do it now.”

“What!” He was crazy.

He hugged her and walked to the built-in lounge. This time, Janice was really panicked. She obviously felt something different of his body. She wanted to struggle and was afraid to hit him.

“Dan, you are not allowed to touch me.” Janice jumped out of the bed like a bunny, wrapped tightly in her clothes, and glared at him.

In fact, Dan didn’t mean it during the day. What he just said was just to tease her and bring her into the lounge just to make her sleep. She has severe dark circles now, and she certainly didn’t sleep well last night.

Seeing that she was so determined, Dan was all the more teased her, “You are my wife, why can’t I touch you?”

Janice murmured for a while before telling him, “I don’t want to.”

Dan pouted and smiled, “This can’t be the reason.”

Dan looked at her like a devil, “In order to prove my strength, I will definitely work very hard.”

“Dan, you are not allowed to come over. Dan, it’s daytime now, Dan, you…”

No matter how she beat him with her hands and kicked him with her feet, she was caught on the bed by him like an eagle grabbing a chick.

He yelled, “Shut up, or I’ll sleep you now.”

Janice stared at him with wide eyes. What did he say? He meant that he wouldn’t do anything to her, then she didn’t need to shout.

He helped her with the quilt, and also helped her to tidy up her messy hair on her forehead, his lips slightly curled, “Are you looking forward to me doing something to you?”

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