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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 207 You Both Are Jerk

“So what’s important to you?” When did he become so stubborn about a thing and a sentence?

“Dan…” Can you leave my house? Before she continued her words, the door of her house has been opened again.

What happened today? Hasn’t her password changed? Why both of them came together?

Jim thought that Janice was the only person in the family. He didn’t expect Dan to be there. After all, they were husband and wife now. It was improper for him to walk in like this.

Sure enough, when Dan saw Jim coming in, he suddenly became furious. He questioned Janice who was still sitting on the sofa, “That’s the reason you are not at home?”

Well, she didn’t care about what he thought now.

Her silence was acquiescence to Dan. He strode forward and pulled Janice, who was still sitting on the sofa, “Go home.”

Janice felt that her wrist painful, “Dan, let me go.”

Dan felt that he could kill anyone with anger, and despite her struggle and reluctance, he dragged her out.

Jim couldn’t stand it, holding Janice’s other wrist, “She asked you to let go. Didn’t you hear?”

Dan’s eyes turned sharply, staring coldly at Jim who prevented Janice from leaving, “I take my wife home. What’s the matter with you.”

This was what he wanted to emphasize. Janice was now his wife.

“But she doesn’t want to go back with you right now, can’t you see it?” Jim didn’t let it go. If time could go backwards, he hoped so much that he never let go of her.

Dan sneered, “Then you want to see the news tomorrow that Shinny International’s CEO’s wife has an affair with her ex-boyfriend, right?”

Jim and Janice were staring at Dan. Janice was completely speechless. After knowing the truth, she doubted that she was not a star or a hot young model. Why was she always made a headline. It turned out that it was Dan who navigated in it.

In order to completely destroy her, he really tried hard.

Jim’s temper was bad. Dan’s threat made him very annoyed. He didn’t want to have an affair with Janice, only to see that she bought a lot of snacks in the supermarket today, and drove back to her home by herself. So he came to look at her.

She only ate snacks when she was in a bad mood.

Jim suddenly punched Dan’s face. Dan did not expect Jim to hit him. He took his wife home, and Jim should hit him.

Dan was completely outraged, and the two of them fought as if they had deep hatred.

With such a clear defeat, Janice didn’t even think of setting them apart. Since they both fight. Then just let them fight. Anyway, both had hurt her so much.

Sitting back on the sofa, wrapped the quilt, picking up the snacks, she continued to watch her movies. And as for the two of them who were fighting, she just took it as a game.

Dan and Jim, two big men, refused to give in to each other. They were also comparable in skill and both suffered different degrees of injuries.

During the intermission, the two raised their hands and wiped the blood on the lips. Jim said to Dan, “I forbid you to hurt her.”

Dan sneered. In fact, Janice laughed ironically when she heard this sentence as well. The one in the world who was not qualified to say this sentence was Jim himself, and now he was warning others.

Dan was desperate, “Who do you think you are? It is the matter between husband and wife. It is none of your business.”

“Janice is…”

“Enough.” Janice interrupted Jim’s words. She couldn’t here more.

Janice held the TV remote with her finger and pointed in the direction of the doorway, “Will I beg you guys? Get out. I just want to be alone now.”

“But…” The two of them said in chorus.

Janice looked at them tiredly, “No but. I am my own. If you don’t go out, I will.”

Jim listened to Janice’s words and understood that the contradiction between her and Dan was very big. Was this a good opportunity for him?

“Janice…” Jim couldn’t help but called her again.

This time completely ignited the fuse of Janice’s heart, “Don’t call me, what qualifications do you have to call me like this. If it weren’t for you, do you think everything will become like this?”

She vent out her anger, “Seven years ago, I inexplicably became the bad guy., and you all retaliated your mistakes on me. From the beginning to the end, what did I do to make you hate me so much? ”

“Is it really my fault that you broke up with Yuna? She left, but you always knew she was in that city, didn’t you go to her? Why do you love her so much, and not go get her back?”

Janice turned her sad and silent eyes to Dan, “And you, when you knew that Shelly was trying to commit suicide that day, why don’t you let me go now? It’s your fault not to protect your lover. Why do you hate me? ”

“Now I tell you, I hate you, so please stay away from me. I don’t have the ability to control myself as you. I’m really afraid that I will kill someone.”

After a long night, Janice stayed alone in the house, and the two men outside the door sat on each side of the gate and kept it for one night.

Before they finally left the room, neither of them said that when they did not let her go, they knew they no longer hate her. They had been trying to convince themselves that they couldn’t love or not allowed to love her.

The next day when Janice sorted out everything, they had already left because they didn’t want to annoy her early in the morning.

Janice went to work as usual in the company. She still have the obligation as a wife even if she had no intention to run this marriage again, she still had to maintain it.

Obviously she didn’t sleep well last night. She just made herself a cup of extra strong coffee as soon as she went to work, hoping that she would not be sluggish while working.

“Janice, your package.” A female colleague in the office came over and put the express box on Janice’s desk.

Janice smiled, “Thank you dear.”

Her colleague Mai smiled and said, “My pleasure.”

Janice also laughed after everyone, “Just treat me as a colleague and a friend, so I can work more easily.”


Janice opened the courier, which turned out to be a duck egg yolk sushi that she liked most. He also intentionally put it in a heart shape, and used the ingredients to make a happy smile.

Mai sneakily glanced over and said enviously, “Oh my God, our president is such a good man. This breakfast is too attentive. He gives you surprises by express delivery. It’s enviable, ”

Other colleagues came to see the loving breakfast on her table. Only Janice knew that this breakfast was not sent by Dan, but Jim, because there was a small J symbol below.


Janice was speechless. They thought so much. She didn’t close her eyes all night, but it was not what the thought.

The people in the office were lively. There was a rhythmic knock at the door. Several people were chatting and were still tasting the love sushi shared by Janice. They were still betting. Is this made by president himself.

They didn’t notice that a man had come in.

The supervisor responded the fastest. When he saw that the person was the president, he greeted, “Good morning, President.”

Someone had sushi stuffing in her mouth, and she couldn’t swallow it.

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