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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 206 Does Love Matter?

A bowl of hot noodles was placed in front of him. He stared at it for a while before moving the chopsticks. Before eating, he said, “Thank you.”

Janice, who was sitting opposite him, pouted with a grin, “You’re not afraid I will poisoned you?”

He said, “Death is the best relief.”

His words touched Janice who should have hated him. She asked him, “Are you tired these years?”

Sometimes death was really the best relief. Living people are too painful.

Dan smiled bitterly, raising his eyes and staring deeply at Janice, when she knew everything, she didn’t make trouble with him, but chose to complete him.

That words “I love you” were not to bet against other people, but to tell him that he succeeded and he can let her go.

He successfully hurt her, but his heart was even heavier.

He gazed at her, “If I said, as long as I look at you like this, I won’t feel tired. Do you believe it?”

Janice’s heart was bitter and she smiled at him, “Yes. Why not?”

His revenge ended up in giving her heart to her.

He said, “What do you want to know, I will tell you.”

Janice smiled indifferently, “Don’t you know me very well, then you should also know that I don’t ask what you don’t want to say.”

“Do you hate me?” He asked her.

Janice shook her head, “No. How tired it is to hate you. I just blame you. In fact, you should tell me from the beginning. If I know all this, I will also marry you.”


“Because you know me, you know how to make me happy and how to make me sad.”

Then, Dan told Janice everything, as she said, he knew her too well, knowing that she was not upset not angry, but was calm, which meant she will never forgive him.

He and she were at the end and have no way to go.

“Phoebe is Shelly’s sister. Seven years ago, when everything was not in my plan, after the accident, I didn’t know who should I hate. I didn’t know how to make myself feel at ease. I have been following you. I secretly followed you for seven years, I knew everything about you, and then I found that I almost became the person who knew you the best.”

“Later, I knew that you didn’t hit Shelly, and even found out what happened to you that day. I said to myself many times, let it go, accept Shelly’s death, but every day I listened to people around me to report to me your situation. It became my habit.”

“I remembered that you were drunk at the bar, and then you walked out of the bar crazily, and you couldn’t tell the direction. I called you a taxi, told the driver your address, and I didn’t know whether you were really drunk or not and yelled at me asking me how did I know your address. You kept yelling like that. The driver had no choice but to turn around and sent you back that night, you had to let me carry you, you thought I am Jim. You scolded him all the way. I don’t know what happened. I heard you scolded all the way, and I knew that Jim’s first love had returned.”

“Maybe you would think that marrying you is also part of my revenge plan, but it’s not. I just want you to stop being sad for Jim.”

After that, he said a lot, and Janice didn’t say a word. Whether what he said was right or wrong, she already had her own choice, and it didn’t matter.

At night, they slept on the same bed. Janice boldly moved to Dan and leaned on his back. She felt the stiffness of his whole body.

Janice pouted with a bitter smile, “Did you know? In this revenge, you lost.” Even if he didn’t say anything, she could feel he was struggling in pain.

Late at night, he said, “This is your home. Call me when you’re scared.”

She smiled bitterly and responded, “Okay.”

It was just that when she was afraid, she never called him again.

The attachment to Jim made her understand that love can’t wait.

Before going to work the next day, Dan asked her if she wanted to go to the company together. She said, “No, you go first. I don’t want to go to the company today.”

Dan was very upset before going out. He returned to Janice and asked her, “Will I see you again when I come back from work?”

Janice smiled and told the truth, “I don’t know.”

Dan held her in his arms in fear, tightly, “Can you give me some more time?”

“But I can’t find any reason to give you time.”

When Dan returned home in the afternoon, it wasn’t Janice who was waiting for him, but a divorce agreement left by Janice on the table.

He called her, “Is there any other option?”

Janice did not answer his question, because she also asked herself many times before leaving, and she could not find the answer.

“I didn’t tell my family about what happened between us. I’m afraid they will worry about me again. I hope you can help me keep it secret for the time being.”

Dan frowned and asked her, “Where are you now?”

“I went back to my previous single apartment, and I will still go to your company to work. You can’t deduct my salary.”

Dan didn’t say anything else. Janice, who turned off the phone, sat in her single apartment for a while.

Forget it, everything will pass slowly. She was alone on the sofa, beside her, were a lot of snacks bought in the supermarket in the afternoon. She found a few movies that she had been wanting to watch but had no time to watch. She had to enjoy her own time.

When she saw the climax of the movie, the whole person almost completely entered the plot, but the door of the house opened by someone and he came in alone.

The terrified Janice hid in the quilt. It wouldn’t be that she hadn’t been here for a while, and her home had been broken in?

“Who is it?” Janice held the remote control and watched the dark shadow at the door vigilantly.

There was no light in the living room, Janice can hardly see anything.

“It’s me.” The light turned on.

Janice froze all over. This voice was no stranger to her, but what made her incredible was that in order to take revenge on her, he also tried his best, even he knew the place where she lived and the password.

If he wanted to kill her without her knowing it, it would be easy.

The light turned on, and Janice could not adjust the light for a while. She looked at Dan who already sat beside her, “What are you doing?”

Dan stared ahead, stared at the TV screen, and said, “I’ve seen this movie, and it ended well.”

Janice was speechless. Did he come to discuss the movie with her late at night? He kicked his thigh, “I asked you what are you doing?”

Dan turned his head and looked at her, “Grandpa called and asked me, when will he have a great grandson? So I am here.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

Dan pouted and smiled, “No, I am not normal. If I am normal, I won’t give you a chance to move out of the house.”

“Insane.” Janice didn’t know how to face him suddenly.

Later, Dan made up a reason for himself, “Grandpa said, if I don’t give a successor to the Dan family, he won’t recognize me as grandson.”

Janice was not a little girl, so she didn’t believe him. “That’s easy. There are so many women who want to give you a baby. You can just pick one you love most.”

Dan said, “You are the one who I love most. Or else, you be the mother?”

Janice sneered, “What benefits can I get?”

“Everything, plus a gift : me.”

“As for the gift, I don’t think I like it.

“You really don’t think about it?”

Janice looked at him. He was too fickle. He knew her too much, but she couldn’t understand him more and more, “Don’t you think you are weird now?”

He hadn’t touched her for so long, and now the truth was clear. They were about to divorce, but he ran to her to say these things.

Don’t say something like he only learne how to cherish her when he lost her. From the beginning, he should think that separation was the only ending between them.

“Divorce, I disagree.” He said solemnly.

Janice couldn’t help laughing, “Dan, don’t you understand yet. Whether you agree or not. We still have to divorce.”

Dan asked her boldly, “Are you really in love with me?”

“Is it important?” Janice didn’t answer.

Dan, “Of course.”

“But it doesn’t matter to me. Love or not, it’s just my own business. Even if you tell me now that you love me, I will doubt whether it is true or not. I don’t want to keep doubting how much you love me?”


Janice interrupted what he wanted to say, “I said. It doesn’t matter to me.”

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