Chapter 305 Love Is Happiness


Bella stood on the side of the road for a long time until Kellan Pattinson called her. She looked at Kellan Pattinson in the car, and her mind was still in a trance.

She was reviewing everything she had done wrong.

People’s confidence comes from ignorance.

People’s complacency also comes from ignorance.

She thought she was smart and even considered it a right decision to tell James Grayson about Harry.

Unexpectedly, it was a conspiracy.

It was her own cleverness, her lack of ability, her lack of reasoning, and her lack of clear analysis.

By seeing all the actions of the past, she felt like a clown.

Struggle, linger, but everything was in the control of others.

It doesn’t matter if she dies. She won’t be happy for she was born or sad for she died.

However, because of the trust that James Grayson placed on her, James Grayson was going to infamous and doomed.

It’s all her fault.

She should not stay with him.

Sierra Walker is right.

When she will be away, nothing wrong will happen to James Grayson.

If she doesn’t show up, James Grayson will hate her and he will marry Scarlett Evan, and soon they will find out their child.

Scarlett Evan is also meritorious. Since they have been together before, they will be able to attract each other.

He will be very happy, and his career will go smoothly.

She is a doomed person….

Bella was indulged in her thoughts. Kellan Pattinson found Bella strange. When he came to Bella, she was still in her thoughts.

“Bella.” Kellan Pattinson called her.

Bella looked at him, the mist condensed into tears, rolling down from her eyes.

She was too guilty, too self-reproachful, and too sorry.

“What’s the matter?” Kellan Pattinson asked worriedly.

Bella shook her head. “Go to the construction site first.”

“Um.” Kellan Pattinson opened the car door.

Bella sat in and put on the seat belt.

Kellan Pattinson drove. “It will take us an hour and a half to get there.”

“Um,” Bella answered, looking out of the window but her tears could not stop flowing.

Kellan Pattinson looked at Bella. “Have you quarreled with your husband again?”

Bella did not speak.

“If you feel pain, please separate from him, otherwise it will aggravate your condition.

Where there is no better man in the world, one should find a person to go together and live well.

Familiarity breeds fondness.

Slowly, the love of the past will fade, and you will also accept the company of the new people.

People’s hearts can change.

Isn’t your love transferred from your ex-husband to your husband now? In the same way, your love for your husband will be transferred to another person.

When your heart will be healed and then if you look back you will think it wasn’t a problem at all.” Kellan Pattinson said to help Bella analyze.

Bella smiled.

In her life, even if she will be lonely and old, she will never find a man again.

Her love is only for a man named James Grayson, even if she won’t be with this man, she will still love him and wish the best luck to him.

When she was young, she used to read novels, in which love was too perfect and there was no such cruelty of reality.

In reality, how many people fall in love with each other?

How long their relationship lasts after people who once loved each other are together?

She wanted to cry a lot, but she can’t change anything after crying.

If her mother had killed herself with her at the beginning, she would not have been saved by her neighbors and she wouldn’t have to see so much cruelty. She would have died with her mother, and there would be a warmth in her heart. At least, when she died, she was not so alone.

She didn’t have to cry for help like she did now. She didn’t have to live as a dead person every day.

Kellan Pattinson looked at Bella. She didn’t seem well. He stopped at the edge and looked at Bella worriedly.

Bella was crying louder which made Kellan Pattinson’s eyes wet.

“If you feel uncomfortable, you can share with me. Maybe after venting out, you will feel better. Do you want to compare, who is more miserable? Maybe after that, your mood becomes a little good.” Kellan Pattinson smiled and tried to make Bella feel better.

In the past, she was sad because she just felt as if the whole worry owes her.

Now she was sad because she felt sorry for James Grayson.

It was her mistakes. In the past, she didn’t trust James Grayson, so she was sad. This time, because James Grayson trusted her, she was sad.

People are contradictory. When they wake up, they feel it is of no use to be sadder. Staying sad and doing nothing makes them feel more upset and regretful.

Bella wiped her eyes with a tissue. “Let’s go to that land.”

Kellan Pattinson looked at Bella and drove.

Bella took a deep breath.

It was strange that she didn’t get sick this time.

Maybe because she has made a decision?

“Nikki and I grew up together. We were in the same primary school, junior high school, college, and university. Before junior high school, we were friends. In high school, we decided to have a relationship. She wanted to get married after university, and I wanted to start a business. She waited for me for many years, and my temper was getting worse and worse. Until she left, and I didn’t say a word to let her stay.” Kellan Pattinson recalled.

“It seems that she doesn’t really want to leave you. She just hopes you can care more about her and change for her.” Bella guessed.

“I didn’t change myself. Once I was drunk and made a relationship with my subordinate. My subordinate is Nikki Stewart’s best friend. So I have to be with her. I have been deliberately patient. After talking with you at that time, I learned how bad I was to Nikki Stewart in the past.”

“She was waiting for you, so you want to look back?” Bella asked.

“Yes, I want to go back, so I broke up with Kristin Scott.”

Bella looked forward with drooping eyes.

In the novel, if the man wants to repent and solve the misunderstanding between the man and the woman, he can. He will eventually return to the woman, and they can be happy together.

In reality, the man had a relationship with another woman. When the man woke up, the woman has been murdered.

“I’ll help you find out the murderer. When it’s confirmed that there are arms in that land, I’ll go to the police station with you.” Bella promised.

David Wilson gave her a week. On Nikki Stewart’s case, she only needed three days at most. She has promised, she didn’t want to break another promise.

An hour and a half later, they reached near the land.

Many soldiers were stationed nearby, keeping people away.

Kellan Pattinson found a nearby resident, handover a cigarette and asked. “Brother, why are there so many soldiers in this place?”

“They came in the middle of the night and found a lot of guns, ammunition, and explosives here. It’s terrible. It’s near our village. We locals don’t know it.” The resident said.

Bella confirmed it, maybe she had already confirmed the answer in her heart, so now she seemed peaceful, “let’s go.”

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