Chapter 304 It’s not worth it

How is it possible?

How is it possible!

Isn’t that land a treasure?

How did it become a land of hidden military weapons?

Does it mean the treasure is these military weapons?

It’s unreasonable.

It’s an ancient map. There were no military weapons in ancient times.

Is this all plotted by David Wilson?

Where is the mistake?

Bella hung up the phone. “I’ll contact you later.”

She hung up the phone, walked out of the hotel, and called Kellan Pattinson.

“Kellan Pattinson, I want to ask, where is the land you said you want to buy? I want to see it, can you send me the address?” Bella asked urgently.

“What’s the matter? That land is the key to solve the case?” Kellan Pattinson was confused.

“A lot of military weapons have been found on that land. Do you know that?” Bella asked and walked to the side of the road.

“You said a lot of military weapons found on that land? How is that possible? By military weapons, do you mean swords or guns and bombs?” Kellan Pattinson was also puzzled.

“It should be guns and bombs. I don’t know the details, so I want to go and have a look.” Bella said.

“Okay, where are you? I’ll pick you up and take you with me.” Kellan Pattinson said, running towards his car.

“I’m at the gate of Halem City international hotel.”

“I’ll be here in ten minutes.”

Bella hung up and called James Grayson again, but she still can’t get through.

She called Sierra Walker and Sierra Walker answered.

“Bella, James cannot live well when you are by his side. Three years ago, he almost died. Now, he is in an even worst state. He maybe die in disgrace. Are you happy to destroy my son?” Sierra Walker answered the phone and scolded Bella.

Bella’s heart was thumping. It seemed that what David Wilson said was true, “what’s the situation at James’s side now?”

“It’s none of your business. What if I tell you, can you help? No, you’ll only delay. By the way, did you deliberately framed James?” Sierra Walker was very angry.

“James Grayson is my husband. How can I harm him?” Bella said definitely.

“Isn’t that you who told James that Harry is your child?” Sierra Walker asked.

Bella was stunned, “Yes, I said it, how is Harry now?”

“Do you still think about that bastard? James said that he went to David Wilson house to find his own child instead of stealing that secret list.

They did a DNA test and they identified that the child is not James’s child. Now they think that James is lying. Besides, do you ask James to expropriate the land in Halem City?” Sierra Walker asked angrily.

Bella’s brain was blank.

Harry is not James’s child. How is that possible?

Isn’t it true that six years ago she was forced to sex by James?

Her whole world collapsed at this moment.

“You can’t dare to admit it? The land is full of military weapons. James is not willing to say the reason why he expropriated the land. I asked a lot of lawyers. James is 95% likely to be identified as a spy this time. You destroyed him. Bella, you also won’t live well.” Sierra Walker cursed.

Bella lost all her strength. Her hand trembled badly and she dropped her mobile phone on the ground.

Hundreds of thoughts rushed into her mind,

How could this happen?

How could this happen!

How could this happen!

James ….

She can’t let anything happen to him.

With this, Bella immediately picked up the mobile phone on the ground and called David Wilson. “What do you want?”

David Wilson sneered, “Bella, why don’t you believe me? Why every time you have to ask around before you believe what I said?”

“Why Harry is not James’s child?” Bella was shocked.

“If you don’t break your promise and stay with me, you will naturally see your own son, Harry. I tested you. I spent three years making Harry look like you and James. Do you think it was easy for me?” David Wilson said coldly.

Bella felt a sense of horror.

Her heart shivered,

It’s she…. It’s really her own self.

She destroyed James Grayson.

She was cheated. She was just like a stupid idiot. She judged Harry as her and James Grayson’s child based on Harry’s appearance, and didn’t even do a DNA test.

It’s her. This all is her fault!

She needs to do something.

“What about that piece of land?” Bella asked this and pressed the recording key.

David Wilson smiled, “How can I know? James Grayson is a spy or the head of a terrorist organization, and it’s normal to collect some arms.”

“You are lying. I asked James Grayson to buy that piece of land. Am I a spy?” Bella roared.

“Bella, you have pressed the recording key. Do you still want to betray me? It doesn’t matter if you betray me, but James Grayson will surely die.” David Wilson said definitely.

Bella completely collapsed. Her every move was under the control of David Wilson.

How on earth did he do it!

Bella turned off the recording key. “How do you know everything?”

“The mobile phone you use has been altered by me. It has some special characteristics. There is no chip inside. I connect with it wirelessly. When you are in the military area, there are anti-monitoring devices in the military area. As long as I don’t connect with your mobile phone wirelessly, I won’t be monitored.

However, as long as you come out of the military area, I use wireless monitoring 24 hours a day. I can hear when you call, what you say, and the messages you and James Grayson sends to each other.” David Wilson explained.” He has also lost hope on Bella so he said everything.

Her indifference and refusal set him on the verge of vengeance.

In this way, he would not be fettered by emotion anymore, so that he could do what he wanted to do at will. Soon, he will go to Richard Johnson.

Bella was quiet and completely succumbed to fate. “How can James come out of it?”

“If you divorce James Grayson and let James Grayson, marry Scarlett Evan, I will let James Grayson go.” David Wilson said coldly, “Answer me as soon as possible. Within a week, James Grayson will be proved guilty.”

“Why do I believe that you will save him?” Bella didn’t trust David Wilson.

“Bella, you have no choice. You don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you either. If I save him, and you still tried to stay with him? So, before I save him, I will inject you with a virus. Only I have the antidote. If you agree to it, come to my house. Otherwise, do whatever you want.” David Wilson hung up the phone.

In fact, she didn’t care about the virus. Without James Grayson, she won’t live.

He was a dazzling sun that can bring warmth and the sunshine to many people in difficulties.

A man with great achievements and meritorious deeds dies with permanent stains?

It doesn’t worth it!

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