Chapter 303 Fortune as unpredictable as the weather

James Grayson had a bad premonition.

It was 6 o’clock in the morning. Normally without evidence, they won’t dare to come at this time.

Special discipline inspection is mainly responsible for monitoring the hostile activities of spies.

His men too smoothly rescued Harry. He really felt that there was something wrong. As expected, the people of Special discipline inspection came to him.

It seemed his instincts were right.

“Let them come in.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Eight people came for the special discipline inspection. They were dignified and looked ugly. They showed their certificates to James Grayson. “Someone reported that you stole a special list.”

“What kind of list?” James Grayson didn’t understand.

The special discipline inspector took a look at the bodyguard.

James Grayson waved, “go out first.”

The bodyguard knew it was a military secret and did not dare to stay. He left quickly and closed the door while leaving.

“A list of potential personnel of the Ministry of security of our country in the world,” the discipline inspector explained.

“Why do I need this list?” James Grayson asked.

“We suspect that you are working as a spy for another country.” The special discipline inspector said seriously.

“My father is the vice president, I’m the general, the chief of the special military region, and a popular candidate for the presidency. Do you think I can be a spy?” James Grayson hit back directly.

“Chief, it’s not to offend you, we have to do our job.” the discipline inspector said.

“Yes, please.” James Grayson said, sat down on the sofa and relaxed with closed eyes.

The discipline Inspectors searched the room.

The head of special discipline inspection accompanied James Grayson in the living room. His face was very solemn. After all, James Grayson had a special identity, and he can’t dare to offend him.

“Head, I found it.” One of them came out of the room where Harry was asleep, holding a vase in his hand, and reported, “The list was hidden in the vase.”

The leader of the special discipline inspection took out the list and looked at James Grayson. “I’m sorry, chief you have come with us.”

James Grayson looked suspiciously at the leader of the special discipline inspection and frowned, “I don’t know what you are holding in your hand that you are so assured. Is it the list you are looking for?”

“On the outside of this list, there is a special wrapping and the paper pulp is also special. Before coming here, I got such instructions.” The leader of the special discipline inspection said.

“Is it your people who put this in my vase to blame me?” James Grayson said.

The inspector turned white. “I don’t have one. How can I dare to? I can’t get the list. How can I get the blame?”

“Please come with us. If chief is not a spy, you will definitely get out of it. But if you don’t go with us now, there will be serious consequences.” The head of special discipline inspection said.

James Grayson stood up, took out his cell phone, dialed the phone and went out. He said concisely, “Take care of the child in my apartment. I will talk about it when I come back.”

Bella fell asleep after the video call with James. She slept until ten o’clock in the morning and then woken up by Kellan Pattinson’s phone call.

Because she didn’t sleep well, she had a headache. She sat up, pressed her temples, and answered.

“Are you at the police station now? I have just arrived.” Kellan Pattinson said in a good voice.

Bella thought of going to the police station today. “I’m sorry, I’ll come right now.”

Bella hung up the phone, went to the bathroom, splashed her face with cold water, woke herself up, brushed her teeth, washed her face, did a light makeup, prepared to go out, and her cell phone rang again.

She saw the strange caller ID, suspected that it was David Wilson’s, and hung up the phone directly.

Harry was saved. She wanted to stay away from David Wilson.

On the other side, David Wilson was very angry to see this. He sneered, and his treacherous eyes emitted fierce light that showed his deep hatred.

Bella is a person who abandons one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal, right?

Then he doesn’t have to be merciful.

David said this was his heart and sent a message to her, “Do you want to watch James Grayson died?”

Bella saw this message. She was worried and called James Grayson but no one answered.

She had a bad premonition and called back David Wilson.

David Wilson didn’t pick up either and hung up directly.

Bella’s heartbeat was very fast. She called David Wilson again and this time David Wilson turned off his number.

Bella went out of the hotel, removed David’s number from blacklist and called David Wilson’s previous mobile phone.

David Wilson answered, and said, “I will only talk to you if you don’t have anything related to James.”

“David Wilson, what do you mean by this? Why do you send that message before? What do you want to do to James Grayson?” Bella asked, holding back the fire that was about to break out.

He was really haunted and irritating.

“I warned you before to not double-cross. I’ve been waiting for you for more than three years and how you treated me!” David Wilson was even angrier than Bella.

“Love and feelings can’t be forced. I also waited for you for three years before. I didn’t take revenge. I didn’t harm your lady either.” Bella was not calm either.

“It’s because you don’t have the ability to retaliate or harm. You’re a coward.” David said.

“What the hell do you want? What did you do to James?” Bella asked.

“Did you think about the result when you told James Grayson that Harry is in my hand? When you and James Grayson plotted against me, you should have thought that things can be like this. I’m not someone you two can play with.

Now listen carefully, James Grayson has been taken away by a special discipline inspection unit. If he is lucky, he will soon be defamed and he will have to leave his status as Chief of the special military region. If he’s not lucky he will be identified as a spy and will be shoot on sight.” David Wilson said with a smile.

“You are alarmist. How could James Grayson be a spy?” Bella didn’t believe it.

He is the most outstanding person, the most dedicated officer, and the most responsible soldier she had ever seen.

How he can be suspected as a spy?

No matter what, she can’t believe it.

“He stole the important list from my house and carried out espionage activities. Isn’t he a spy? He had requisitioned a piece of land yesterday. Under that piece of land, there are military weapons. Do you know that?” David Wilson asked with a smile.

“Under that land, there are military weapons? How is it possible?” Bella was in shock.

“The land is in Halem City. If you are in Halem City now, you can go to the nearby area to see if there are a lot of armed forces stationed to clean up weapons. If you go to see it, you will know whether what I said is true or not.” David Wilson said firmly.

Bella didn’t doubt David Wilson’s words. There was no reason for him to tell lies that were easy to expose.

Suddenly… her mind was suddenly blank.

She staggered back several steps and leaned against the wall…….

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