Chapter 302 Seeing the rainbow with eyes in tears

In the past, she had to bear all the matters on her own. No matter how big the problem was, it was hidden in her heart. She had no way than to repress it.

But now, she has a person to trust. A person to share her worries.

Bella called James Grayson.

He answered quickly, “You called a bit later than I expected.”

“Are you busy now?” Bella was also worried about interrupting his work.

“I remember that I have told you before. In my life, you are the most important thing. Even if there is anything, I will deal with your affairs first and think about other things.”

Bella slightly raised the corner of her mouth, her eyes flowing with moving waves.

In her impression, James Grayson was not a romantic person, but his words always made her feel sweet like melted chocolate.

Women are mostly soft hearted and she had a man like James Grayson in front of her.

“James, have your people tracked Harry?” Bella asked.

“Not yet. They didn’t report to me.”

“Just now, David Wilson called me. He was by Harry’s side. Harry and I had a video call. Your people didn’t track it?” Bella was surprised.

James Grayson was also surprised, “You are saying that David Wilson and Harry are together? Wait, I’ll call you back later.”

James Grayson hung up the phone and called his secret man.

David Wilson took the earplug down, looked at the space in front of him pessimistically, and he did not hide the evilness in his charming eyes.

She told James Grayson.

Bella finally chose James Grayson and gave up on him and Harry.

In this case, he doesn’t need to be merciful.

David Wilson thought, smiled and his smile was extremely cold.

Let’s start the battle!

“Where is David Wilson now?” James Grayson asked.

“At his house,” the man answered.

“Didn’t he go out today? Are you sure he’s at home now?” James Grayson was suspicious.

“I’m sure. What’s the matter?” The man did not understand.

“The child is in his house. You have to go in tonight and check it. Remember, don’t let him catch you.” James Grayson said.


After that James Grayson called Bella. “I doubt that the child is in David Wilson’s house. You should sleep well today and wait for news tomorrow.”

Bella replied, “Okay.”

However, she was worried about Harry and couldn’t sleep. She was lying in bed, tossing and turning. It was so bad that she couldn’t sleep. She changed into sportswear, running shoes, took a bottle of water and ran in the gym of the hotel, so that she could easily fall asleep after that.

The night was still going on.

James’s secret man entered David Wilson’s house, looked into David Wilson’s room, and saw David Wilson lying on the bed, sleeping very well.

He opened the door next to him. No one was there. He searched in the whole house, but he couldn’t find any sign of the child. He felt strange.

He heard some strange sounds in the quiet night.

He lay down on the ground, and the sound became more obvious, like the sound of the water tap.

The man thought of something, climbed down the ground, searched for more than an hour, and found the door to the basement.

He left David Wilson’s house, got into his car and called James Grayson.

“What is the news?” James Grayson hasn’t slept yet. He has been waiting for the phone call from his man.

He took a look at the time. It was three o’clock in the morning.

“Chief, I found it. There is a basement in David Wilson’s room. The child should be in it. Do you want to rescue the child now? Please give me the instructions.”

“Rescue, but don’t let David Wilson know it.” James Grayson ordered.

David Wilson was a cunning man. He should be careful in everything.

The man entered David Wilson’s house again, entered the basement and saw a child lying on the bed. He was worried that the child will suddenly wake up and in case of any noise, David Wilson will be alert.

He sprayed a little bit of ether on the towel, covered the nose of the child for ten seconds, and then picked the child up.

Harry was still sleeping.

The man took Harry out, put him in the car and called James Grayson. “Chief, I took the baby out. Now, where should I take the baby? Please give me instructions”

James Grayson hesitated. He was worried to let the child stay in his house at the blue sky garden. Everything seemed too smooth but David Wilson can bring someone to rob him. Anyway, he is Bella and his child, and Bella is his wife. It would be safe to put him in the military area.

James Grayson ordered, “Bring him to the military area.”

Two hours later,

James Grayson saw Harry. At first glance, he looked like Bella, almost the same as Bella, and a little like him.

“Chief, what to do next.” The man asked for instructions.

“Good work. Go back and have a good rest.” James Grayson looked at Harry and said.

“Yes.” The secret man left the apartment.

James Grayson covered Harry with the quilt and looked at the time. It was 5:30 in the morning. He thought Bella must be sleeping.

He thought and instead of calling Bella, he sent a message, “Harry has been rescued. He is safe in the military area.”

Bella can’t sleep at all. Even after running for an hour, she didn’t sleep. She just lay down in the bed and kept on turning over.

She saw James Grayson’s text message and couldn’t hide her joy.

She called James Grayson.

James Grayson saw Bella’s phone and immediately muted the voice then he answered. He asked in a low voice, “I woke you up?”

“No, Harry has not been injected with the virus or anything or has he?” Bella was worried.

“I think he has not been injected. He slept well. You say you didn’t be woken up, does it mean you stay up all night.” James Grayson’s heart ached.

“No, I just wake up early. Can I have a look at Harry? For one minute.” Bella asked. She couldn’t believe it was so easy to save Harry.

It seemed as if she was dreaming.

“Attend the video call.” James Grayson said.

Bella attended, James Grayson opened the door, entered the room, and the camera was aimed at the Harry.

Bella was so happy, her eyes were filled with tears.

Finally, she and James Grayson can be together. James had rescued Harry. When Harry was with David, she always felt insecure.

James Grayson saw Bella crying, slightly raised the corner of his mouth, got up, and walked to the door. “Now you have seen him, you should be at ease. It’s still early, go to sleep.”

“Um,” Bella answered.

“Have a good sleep.” James Grayson hung up the phone and put it away.

He was also wanted to sleep for two hours because there were more important things to do after waking up.

The guard rushed in, “Chief, there is something wrong. The special operations discipline inspection team is here. They are looking for you.”

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