Chapter 301 A distinction between warmth and cold

“I’ve already gone through the formalities here. Normally, it takes three days to get approval. I have found out a person to deal with it. It should be approved in the afternoon. After the approval, I’ll call you. If everything goes as I planned, I will be able to come to you tomorrow.” James Grayson told Bella.

Bella smiled. She was very excited to think that he would be able to come tomorrow.

They were just separated today, but she felt as if she has been away for a long time.

“Did you eat?” Bella asked with concern.

“Yes, I have eaten. I just called the head of Halem City’s police station. Tomorrow, they will pick you up at the door. This case is your responsibility, solve it.”

“Well, I’ll see the details tomorrow. I had a look today. There’s a monitoring system outside their room. If it is in working condition, there may be some helpful information for further work and it will be easy to find out the murderer.”

“Um.” James Grayson answered. “In a minute, open the door.”

“Ah?” Bella’s heart beat became crazy.

She thought, James came here?

She got out of bed, walked to the door, looked out of the peephole.

“You’re here today?” Bella asked directly.

“No, I guess you didn’t have a meal. Pork meatballs, bamboo wrapped meat and roasted pigeon are the famous foods of Halem City. I ordered this for you. Do not skip meals, later.” James Grayson said softly.

“When did you ordered?” Bella was surprised.

“After your call, I ordered. I thought you would come back to the hotel first. In addition, pork meatballs and bamboo wrapped meat are famous dishes and every time available. Roasted pigeons are also half-cooked, so they can deliver quickly.” James Grayson said this, and the doorbell rang.

James Grayson laughed.

Bella actually heard his laughter on the phone.

“Your meal has arrived. Eat first and sleep well. If you feel any difficulty in sleeping after eating. Call me anytime.” James Grayson’s voice was full of love for his wife.

Bella’s heart was warm.

How could she bear to disturb him in the sleep when he cared so much about her?

“Okay,” Bella answered, hung up the phone and opened the door.

A man in uniform stood at the door and said politely. “Hello miss, your meal.”

“Thank you.” Bella took delivery, put it on the table and opened it.

James Grayson had ordered pork meatballs, bamboo wrapped meat, roasted pigeon, stir-fried sweet chili tofu and a bottle of milk.

This man is so caring and considerate…

This was the first thought in Bella’s mind.

She smiled and ate a lot with a full sense of happiness. After that, she took a bath, got into bed, didn’t call James Grayson, turned on the TV and watched.

The phone rang.

It was a strange caller ID. She picked it up and answered suspiciously.

“What do you mean by blacklisting my phone number? Have you changed your mind?” David Wilson asked straightforwardly.

“James did it,” Bella explained.

“Aren’t you separated from James Grayson now? Do you listen to him so much that you didn’t remove my number from the blacklist?” David Wilson asked in a peculiar way.

“Don’t you have the ability to know everything? I just arrived in Halem City today, my friend’s ex-girlfriend died, so I’ve long forgotten about your number in the blacklist.” Bella said in an annoyed tone.

“Bella, don’t be over smart. Have you asked for these three months only to cure Peter Maxwell’s son?” David Wilson was suspicious.

“He promised to give me a lot of money. I have to live with my son in the future, and I will definitely need more money.” Bella did not deny it.

“It would be better to not think something else, or I won’t be able to protect you from facing the consequences. Harry misses you. Do you want to have a video call with him?” David Wilson’s voice softened.

“Yes.” Bella immediately sat up.

“Take it.” David Wilson said.

Bella immediately received the video call and saw the little guy in the mobile phone.

“Mom, I miss you so much. Why didn’t you come to see me today?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry Harry. Mom is on a business trip. I will come back in three months. Then we can be together every day.” Bella has been staring at Harry, but she didn’t think she had seen enough.

“Mom, look at the picture I drew today.” Harry put today’s painting in front of the camera.

Bella saw the golden sun, green trees, red apples, green lawns, flowers of various colors, and colorful butterflies.

On a road, a man and a woman walking hand in hand with a child.

The woman seemed to be Bella, the child was Harry, and the man seemed to be David.

Bella took a deep breath.

Children’s thoughts are very simple, and their emotions are also expressed through painting. When the picture is colorful, it shows that they are feeling very good. If the painting is dark, and there is no color, it proves that they are feeling sad.

David Wilson was very good to him. But she believed that James Grayson would be better for Harry. After all, Harry was her and James Grayson’s child.

“Well done.” Bella praised.

“Mom, Dad helped me in painting and also taught me martial arts. In the future, I will protect myself and also protects you.” Harry said sweetly.

“Little boy, where are you now?” Bella asked.

“I am…” Before Harry could say, the video was hung up.

Bella was upset. She shouldn’t be in a hurry.

David Wilson called again.

Bella answered and saw David Wilson, not Harry. She cannot hide the sense of deep loss. “Where did you take Harry?”

David Wilson sneered, picked up a syringe and put it in front of the camera. “Bella, do you know what this is?”

“What is this?” Bella was nervous.

“In simple words, it’s a kind of virus. If someone be injected with this virus, he will live a life every day painful than death. Finally, the seven apertures of the person head bleed and led death. So, don’t think too much. Harry won’t be able to bear it.” David Wilson warned.

“David Wilson, are you crazy? Harry likes you so much. How you can be cruel to him.” Bella was angry.

“I like you so much. Aren’t you cruel to me? If you won’t cheat me, I, you and Harry will live happily together.” David Wilson smiled.

The smile was meaningful, as if he had determined something and seen through, but he didn’t say it… he was just waiting for her to jump in.

Bella’s heart thumped.

Harry was in his hands. Even if she will struggle it won’t be of use. What if she can have David Wilson’s weakness? It will be of some help.

“I understand. I will hang up now. I’m sleepy.” Bella didn’t wait for David Wilson to speak. She hung up the phone and put it on the bedside table.

She was in a very good mood, but David Wilson’s phone call spoiled it.

She estimated that she could not sleep tonight.

She took out the medicine from her bag but thought of James Grayson’s concern, and threw the medicine bottle back into her bag….

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