Chapter 429 I was so conceited

When I came out, I saw Briana standing far away.

Seeing her, I immediately stepped forward and asked, “is Sean in a state of emotional instability recently?”

Briana nodded. “Yes, I dare not enter the ward. This morning he woke up and smashed things and hit people. No one dares to approach him.”

“Is anyone going to find a shrink for him?”

I asked with concern.

Sean may need psychological counseling.

Briana shook her head. “No, master is emotional. The doctor suggested that we should not call a shrink now. We’d better wait.”

I told Briana my phone number and told her to contact me if there was anything wrong with Sean.

Then I left.

I got home and dealt with my wound. I was thinking about Sean and Cindy’s conversation.

I was misunderstood before. After my press conference, the problems were solved.

Now I thought it was too easy.

Cindy knew I was going to break down. If she continued, maybe I would give up completely.

But at that time, everything stopped abruptly.

I felt strange. If Cindy was telling the truth, the media may know what Sean had done.

I took out my phone and wanted to call Linda and find Scott. When I called, I thought of another person.

I immediately hung up and found Barbara’s number and called her.

Someone answered the phone.

I heard a man’s voice, “hello.”

The voice was magnetic. I was sure the number was right and said, “Hello, is this Barbara’s number?”

The man replied, “yes, she went shopping and didn’t bring her cell phone. You can call again later.”

“Thank you.”

When I finished, I hung up.

About half an hour later, Barbara called me. She apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t have my cell phone with me. My husband answered the phone.”

“It’s OK.” I immediately said politely, “I shouldn’t call you so late.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Barbara didn’t seem to care, “what can I do for you?”

I said directly, “recently I heard that after my press conference, some of my other scandals were sold. Is it true?”

Barbara didn’t speak for seconds.

I thought she wasn’t listening and asked, “are you there?”


Barbara answered right away.

She seemed to be hesitating. After a while, she said, “who told you about it?”

Sure enough!

I grabbed the phone and said nervously, “can you tell me the truth?”

“My leader ordered us not to tell anyone.” Barbara was in a dilemma.

She couldn’t tell anyone?

It suddenly occurred to me that Ward had said that Sean had done something for me that he should not have done. That was why we broke up last time.

This time…

I grabbed my phone and said, “can you tell me? I’m the client and I should know. I promise I won’t tell anyone!”

I didn’t want to be kept in the dark anymore.

“Do you really want to know?”


I said decisively.

Barbara sighed, “tell me if you’ve been filmed gang raped by black people.”

I shivered when Barbara said it.

I realized what had happened!

I nodded and said, “yes.”

It had been many years since this incident. The person on the video was not me, but Molly. Now she was dead and I had the same face as her. It couldn’t be verified!

“At that time, someone gave a screenshot of the video to various media companies and asked them to post the news the next day. At that time, the media went crazy and wrote the news quickly.”

When Barbara said it, I felt cold on my back.

“And then?” I asked her.

Barbara seemed to want to comfort me. She said, “the screenshot of this video was not clear and there were mosaics in the key parts.” Then she went on, “but later in the night, someone replaced your scandal with a big news story.”

“The news of the female star’s disordered private life?”

I knew the news.

But I didn’t expect it to replace my scandal.

“Yes.” Barbara said, “at that time, you were an Internet celebrity. The media didn’t want to give up, so someone bought it at a high price. Because this star just won the prize, she was very popular, so the media was willing to give up.”

“Do you know the background of this actress?”

I was reluctant.

I thought there was a key point in this matter.

Barbara was obviously hesitant. “I don’t know, but I know a rich man liked her. Who reported this was to offend this man.”

I understood her.

I suddenly thought I was stupid!

I thought I solved the problem myself.

I was just a designer. How could I fight the rich? He had countless ways to kill me.

I was too conceited. Sean offended someone for me and did something he shouldn’t have done.

I sat there and suddenly remembered the mark on the Sean door.

I remembered seeing Sean interrogate someone in The Best Home.

He said the killer would leave a mark on the car.

I was flustered!

At this time, my cell phone rang.

It was a strange number. Who was calling me at this time?

I hesitated and answered the phone.

I heard a familiar voice, “Becky, come out and meet.”

I could tell it was Cindy.

I wanted to ask her something so I responded, “OK, when do we meet?”


Cindy answered.

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