Chapter 428 Get out of here! I don’t need your sympathy!

I stood at the door and hesitated to go in. I heard Cindy say, “are you crazy? Are you going to die for her? Is she worth it?”

Cindy’s voice was loud and she seemed to be shouting. Her voice came from the crack in the door and reverberated throughout the corridor.

I was scared. I was afraid that she would turn around and close the door. I quickly shrank back.

But she didn’t seem to want to.

Then I heard Sean. It was small, but the corridor was quiet and I could hear it clearly.

He just said, “yes.”

His voice was very pure and without any hesitation.

My heart seemed to be pricked.

Cindy was angry. “You did a lot, but she doesn’t know. She thinks her press conference has solved all the crises. Now she has her own business and lives well. You did a lot of things secretly and almost died. Why?”

I stood at the door and listened to their conversation and was shocked.

What did she mean?

Didn’t my press conference resolve the previous crisis? Did Sean help me?

“It’s my business.” Sean’s voice came from the ward, “she’s involved. I told you I took the initiative and it had nothing to do with her, but you didn’t believe it. If you must hurt her, I can’t ignore it.”

His voice was weak and hoarse.

It was clear that he hadn’t fully recovered.

I saw Cindy clench her fist and say, “you’re in bed now and can’t stand up. You will become disabled. Will she still want you? If she knows, she will run far away!”

“That’s our business.”

Sean’s voice was a little cold.

I knew he must be in great pain now.

Cindy sneered, “Okay, you can keep protecting her. Next time I’ll kill her! You’re lying here as a cripple. I wonder if you can protect her!”

Her words made my heart tighten.

But soon I heard Sean say, “if she dies, I will not only let you die, but also your whole family, including Lewis Group. Even if I go to hell, I don’t care. If you think I can’t do it now, you can try.”

Sean’s voice was hoarse and I couldn’t see his expression, but I could feel his firmness!

He would do as long as he said it.

Cindy turned her back to me and seemed to freeze.

She stood for a long time and said nothing.

When I thought she would say something, she suddenly turned around and walked out.

She had opened the door before I could hide.

Cindy froze and gave a grim expression and left.

Then Sean in the ward saw me.

I was confused, but I knew I shouldn’t ask him now. I could only calm down and pretended I didn’t know anything and go in.

Sean was lying in bed and looking at me. I hadn’t seen him for a while. I didn’t know if it was my illusion. He seemed to have lost some weight.

His cheeks were slightly sunken and he looked very thin.

“Why are you here?” Sean’s face didn’t change when he saw me.

He was even colder than when he saw Cindy.

He seemed to be looking at a stranger.

His eyes hurt me.

But I was deliberately driven away by Sean many times. I knew his goal was basically to get rid of me.

It was the same this time.

But this time I wouldn’t go.

I pretended not to understand him. I went in and sat down and smiled, “I’m coming to see you.”

“Get out of here.”

Sean looked at the ceiling and his eyes were cold. He wanted to get rid of me.

“Why should I leave? I saved you. I hurt my hands yesterday for you.”

I deliberately reached out and showed him the gauze.

I was bandaged yesterday and now there was blood on the gauze.

Sean looked at my hand, but his eyes didn’t change. He smiled sarcastically and said, “tell me how much you want.”

If he didn’t say that, I may not realize it.

Now I was more sure Sean wanted to get rid of me.

I sat there and picked up an orange. I pinched it and said to Sean, “I know what you’re thinking. You want to drive me away in this way. It’s a pity you’ve done it many times before. I will not be cheated again. I will not leave this time.” I held up the orange and asked, “would you like to have an orange?”

“Don’t deceive yourself.”

Sean’s voice was a little cold, but I didn’t care. I put the orange down and picked up an apple.

I picked up a fruit knife and asked, “would you like an apple? I’ll peel it for you.”



“Get out of here! I don’t need your sympathy!”

I was just about to say something when Sean burst into a rage and raised his hand and pushed the apple out of my hand.

But his hand first touched my hand with the fruit knife. I was afraid of hurting him, so I changed its direction subconsciously.

His hand touched mine. The fruit knife fell and scratched my thumb!

It hurt!

I dropped the apple on the ground.

In order not to let him see, I picked up the apple with my unharmed hand. When he looked at me, I immediately hid my injured hand behind my back.

I was afraid the blood would fall down, so I wiped it with the clothes on my back.

My wound rubbed against the cloth.

It hurt.

I couldn’t show it. I just put the apple aside and bent over to pick up the knife and said, “who sympathizes with you?”

“Get out of here! I want to be alone for a while.” Sean didn’t seem to find out that I was injured.

He was lying in bed and his eyes were helpless.

I understood him.

He was proud. How could he accept the fact that he could no longer stand up?

If I were him, the comfort of others might stimulate me.

I stood there. Although I was reluctant and had a lot to say, I just said, “I’ll come back another day.”

With that, I turned and left.

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