Chapter 427 Do you know what unconsciousness in the lower body means

“Auntie, he offered to date me.” I defended myself.

He proposed a date but he had an accident. Why was I to blame?

How inexplicable!

Monica didn’t listen to me and waved and said, “get out of here. If you don’t leave, I’ll call a bodyguard!”

She took out her phone and made a phone call and said, “you take some people upstairs and drive Becky away!”

I took a look and made sure Monica was actually on the phone. She didn’t lie to me.

In order not to annoy her, I quickly raised my hand and said with a smile, “Auntie, don’t get angry. I’m leaving now.”

With that, I turned around and took the elevator downstairs!

I got a call from the insurance company downstairs. They had saved my car from the mountain and sent it to the repair shop. I could get it back in about a week.

That was to say, I couldn’t drive this week.

I stood downstairs and didn’t know what to do. I was worried about Sean and wanted to see him, but Monica was there and I couldn’t see him!

I thought about it. Since Sean’s ward was single and had no extra beds, Monica and others wouldn’t be there all night. They would leave after supper.

But how could I be sure?

I didn’t know anyone from Medical University.

I looked up and saw the research center next to the Medical University.


I was not sure if she would help me, but I had to try my luck.

I went to the research center and told the receptionist my purpose. Soon I was allowed to go upstairs.

When I got into Karen’s lab, she looked behind me first and asked, “you alone?”

“Sean had a car accident and is now at Medical University.” I said to Karen.

“What? When did it happen?” Karen was a little surprised. She paused and continued, “is it serious?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “He was sent to the Sunshine Hospital yesterday. The doctor said he might not be able to stand up.”

Karen opened her mouth wide. “How could this happen? I have to see him!”

She went to the door at once and wanted to take her coat.

I said behind her, “now Jessop Family was there and they don’t let me in. Can you make an excuse to ask them when they might leave?”

Karen looked at me and was a little surprised. “Why? Aren’t you Sean’s wife?”

I was embarrassed by her question.

I didn’t know what to say.

Karen nodded. “I see. You have a bad relationship with Sean’s mother, so she don’t let you see him, right?”

She could understand that.

I nodded quickly, “yes, so can you help me?”

“OK, you can wait for me downstairs. I’ll let you know after my visit.”

Karen put on her long coat. It could directly cover her white coat.

But maybe in order to prove her identity, Karen specially hung the identity card at the door on her neck before going out.

I followed Karen back to the inpatient department.

I waited downstairs and she went upstairs alone.

After about ten minutes, Karen came back and said to me, “they’re probably going to leave more than 6 p.m. You can go then.”

“Thank you.”

I thanked her immediately.

Karen waved and asked me, “has your son had any adverse reactions recently?”

“Lester?” I thought about it and shook my head. “No, he’s all right.”

Karen nodded, “that’s good. When you have time, you can bring him for me to check.”


I agreed and Karen left.

Jessop Family’s people would leave at night. I had nowhere to go so I went to the studio.

Our studio was going to build a new office recently. We bought a piece of land before. Recently, Linda and I had almost no orders and specially designed this new office building.

There were four floors in the office building.

We wanted to design the four floors into four completely different styles and expressed it from the outside.

Each layer seemed to exist independently, but they seemed to merge.

We referred to a monastery in R Country. The three floors of the temple were in the style of three architectural periods.

When I took a taxi to the company, everyone was busy.

Linda saw me and was shocked. “Didn’t you ask for leave yesterday? Why are you here?”

“It’s a long story.”

I sat opposite Linda’s desk and told her what happened last night and this morning.

Linda listened and didn’t respond. After a few seconds, she said, “you saved her son, but she said you were not fit to be together. What would she do to you if you didn’t save him?”

I wryly smiled, “I don’t know, but it seems that we do have frequent accidents, otherwise I would not want to avoid him before.”

“What are you going to do next?”


I didn’t know what Linda meant.

She was curious when she spoke.

Linda paused and said, “do you know what it means not to be able to stand up?”

I nodded.

She seemed to think I didn’t understand, and she continued, “if he can’t stand up, his lower body is unconscious and he may not be able to have sex with you. Do you understand?”

Actually, I thought about what Linda said, but I didn’t care, “yes, I just want to be with him. I don’t care about anything else.”

I said calmly.

That was what I thought.

Even if he couldn’t stand up all his life, I would take care of him all my life.

“You don’t hesitate? It seems to be true love.” Linda admired me.

I sat back in my seat and worked for a while. I looked up and found it was half past six!

Monica may have left. I immediately turned off the computer and picked up my bag and took a taxi to the hospital!

I got to the floor where Sean was and walked uneasily to the ward. I was afraid Monica was still there.

I followed the bed number to Sean’s ward.

The door of his ward was open, and I felt uneasy. I looked through the glass.

A woman was standing in the ward. She had her back to me, but I recognized her as Cindy by her hairstyle.

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