Chapter 424 He was dying.

Did he really mean it?

I couldn’t help being a little angry. Sean was too naive.

But I thought back to what he did recently. He was in his thirties but he was getting more and more childish.

Did he really stand me up?

I got up and went to the glass. At this time, it was almost dark outside, and the chill came through the glass.

A snowflake fell on the glass. I was stunned for a moment and realized it had snowed outside!

No, I was going back!

I didn’t want to stay here all night!

I immediately got up and wanted to go. I turned to look at the two waiters huddled in the corner and asked, “I’m leaving. Are you going down the mountain with me?”

“No, we’ll go to the room after you leave.”

As soon as the waiter heard that I was leaving, he was happy.

They seemed cold and waiting for me to leave.

I was sure Sean was getting back at me today!

I took out my cell phone angrily. I wanted to send a message to Sean, but I edited it and deleted it.

He wouldn’t talk to me for sure.

Maybe he was in a warm home now and drinking warm coffee and laughing at me!

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

I went out and started the car and went down the hill.

There was light snow near the restaurant and only a thin layer of snow, but there was heavy snow on the mountain.

I was glad I went down the mountain. If I were late, I might be stuck in the middle of the road.

If I were really trapped in the mountain, I might have frozen to death when I was found!

I couldn’t help but speed up and get down the hill faster while I was safe.

The snow was getting heavier and heavier.

As I was driving, I could clearly hear the wheels rubbing against the snow. The speed was getting slower and slower.

When I was worried, I suddenly saw a car in front of me!

Why did someone go up the mountain in the middle of the night without turning on the lights?

I drove ahead and found the car parked there and motionless.

Did it turn off?

At this time, my car was blocked by snow, so I thought the car opposite was stalled.

But when I got in front of it and turned on the high beam, I found that the opposite car seemed to have been seriously hit!

The front of the car was out of shape! The snow was very heavy, so the whole car had been covered in the snow. It seemed that the car had been parked here for a while.

Was there anyone in the car?

Did he have an accident?

I took a look at the heavy snow through the front window. I hesitated and stopped the car.

I got out of the car and took out my cell phone and turned on the light and walked over.

I approached and found the car badly hit. The front of the car was fully pressed and the air bag was outside and the door was severely deformed.

I lit the window and wanted to see what was inside.

When I raised my phone and pointed the light at the glass, I was stunned.


Despite the airbags, I recognized Sean!

Why was he here?

Why did he have such a serious accident on the mountain road?

What the hell happened!

Because the car door was hit and deformed, I opened it in a flash.

The door was half hung there.

I tried to pull Sean out.

When my hand touched his, I found his hand cold.


I shouted.

But his eyes were closed and he didn’t respond.

I was scared!

Was he dead?

I looked around. It was dark. My lights were on. Snowflakes were flying in the light.

His leg was stuck. It took me a lot of effort to pull him out!

Sean was in a coma so he was heavy. It was hard for me to move him.

Even so, I yanked him into my car.

When I put him in the back seat, I found his leg hurt. The bright red blood soaked his trousers.

I didn’t have time to check on his injury. I knew I had to get him to the hospital right now!

But when I closed the door and went back to the driver’s seat and tried to restart the car, I found that my car couldn’t move.

My wheels were stuck in the snow.

My car didn’t move.

I tried many times, but the wheels were just spinning in place.

And they seemed to be sinking.

What should I do?

I looked back at Sean.

I knew if I couldn’t start the car, I could stay here all night, but he seemed to have been seriously injured. He would die!

I took out my cell phone and found that there was no signal.

I finally knew why Sean’s cell phone didn’t work.

What should I do?

I got out of the car and wanted to go ahead, but the snow was too heavy and no one went up the mountain at all!

What should I do?

I couldn’t let Sean die here.

But I couldn’t move him. I had to rely on external forces.

I thought about it. I took out my suitcase first. It was full of clothes. Sean couldn’t lie down and I couldn’t hold him.

Then I saw the door.

Half of the door had fallen.

I took the door down with difficulty.

My hand was hurt by the broken door frame!

I was so tired that I had to sit on the ground and have a rest. When the light from the lights came over, I found that there seemed to be a mark on the back door of the car.

The mark was deliberate but inconspicuous.

I didn’t care. To keep the door frame from hurting Sean, I wrapped it up in my pajamas.

Then I moved the door to the back of my car. I yanked Sean out.

He was too tall. The doorframe could only hold his upper body. I put his legs outside. To prevent him from cold, I wrapped the clothes in my suitcase around his legs and head.

After that, I found a strong one to hang on the door handle.

Because the door was metal and the friction of snow was small, I could walk easily.

I dragged Sean down the hill.

I knew it was ten kilometers from the foot of the mountain. I didn’t know if I could walk more than ten kilometers in the snow.

But I knew I have to, or Sean could die.

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