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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 205 Nominal Wife

The next day, Janice was bored at home alone. Dan should have been a lot of work to do because of her hospitalization. Last night, she saw that he stayed late in the study. When did he leave in the morning, she didn’t know.

Janice went to work on time. The colleague didn’t know why she hadn’t come, and she didn’t ask for leave..

Someone said, “Different people have different treatments. If you want to do work, you can do it. If you don’t want to do it, you can stay for a few days without even telling your boss.”

The other person answered, “You can’t be envious of this. She is the nominal wife of the president”

Nominal wife?

Janice originally wanted to explain to them why she didn’t come to work for several days. When she heard this, she didn’t want to explain it.

It turned out that in the eyes of outsiders, her marriage with Dan was like this.

She didn’t want to justify herself and sat down in her seat, turned on the computer, and packed the table. At this moment, a person came from the door, his perfect temperament, plus his aura, let the office suddenly silent.

Everyone’s eyes seemed to be attracted by his dazzling light. Janice was just packing her messy desk and didn’t notice the sudden changes in the office.

A piece of paper was intended to be thrown into the trash basket, but it missed, and Janice had to bend to pick it up. Another good-looking hand picked it up a second earlier than her and helped her to throw it into the trash basket. .

Janice looked up at him, and just looking at the watch, she knew that he had come, “Well, the president came here. May I help you??”

Dan pouted and smiled. Before he came in, he heard what all the others said. Now it should be a good chance for her identity. But it seemed that she was too lazy to act.

He stroked her hair and asked, “Who made you unhappy early in the morning?”

The president’s spoiling of his nominal wife made those who talked about the rumors just now startled. If Janice pointed them out on the spot, it would be hard for them to guarantee the job.

Janice was not that mean. She sipped her mouth and pushed the reasons for her unhappiness to the president next to her, “You didn’t tell me before you leave in the morning, but let me drive myself.”

Her complaint was like coquettishness, and he said, “I don’t want to wake you up when I saw that you sleep so sound. I just want you to rest at home for a few days after you are discharged from the hospital.”

The people present were surprised by their words. The president cared about much of his nominal wife.

Janice looked strangely at the man standing next to her. He was not right today. He ran to her work area to perform a play. Anyway, it was good for her, so she reluctantly cooperated with him.

The corners of her mouth were slightly tilted, smiling like a flower, “I can only see you at the company.”

Dan immediately became serious, “Take the financial statements from the previous week and see me in my office.”

Before leaving, he also gave Janice a meaningful smile.

Well… the people present in the office were all clear. The real purpose of the president for sending his wife to the office was not the financial statements for previous week, right?

The ones who just satirized Janice had smiled at her. Janice didn’t care about what others said, but she must know spread the rumors.

After a while, Janice just caught the rumor maker. She also thought long ago that no one was so boring except the little secretary.

Janice took the financial report from the supervisor last week to the president’s office. More importantly, she had to sealed the little secretary’s mouth first. If she dared to talk nonsense in the future, she would never let her go. That she didn’t care so much didn’t mean that bitch could do what she wanted to do.

When the little secretary saw her coming up, she started to feel weird, “The president is very busy. Come back an hour later.”

Janice meaningfully staring at her, “I’m here for you.”

The little secretary panicked, “I am sorry, the president may find me at any time. I can’t leave the post without permission.”

When Janice’s violent temper came up, she was overwhelming at all, and she just dragged the little secretary out of her seat and dragged her to the stairwell.

“I warn you, don’t spread rumors in the future. If you dare to gossip my relationship with Dan in the company, I will let you disappear from here.”

The little secretary saw no one was here, and became even more arrogant, “If you have the ability, just ask Dan to fire me. The marriage between you and him is not rumored by me. From the beginning, he Marrying you was a plan for revenge.”

Regarding this matter, Janice didn’t deny, and she always knew. But it was only Dan who knew whether it was a plan or not.

The little secretary sarcastically said, “You must not know it until now. Before you met President Dan, he had investigated everything about you secretly. It took him seven years to understand you, the purpose is to let you fall in love with him and then hurt you badly, ”

Janice looked at the girl in front of her in disbelief. She was a college student who had just graduated. In her twenties, how did she know all this and why she hated her so much.

“How did you know all this?”

The secretary didn’t tell Janice the answer directly, but said, “You can ask Dan, he has kept me by his side because he can’t forget Shelly, and you, what the hell you are!”

What the hell was she?

The secretary went crazy to snatch the ring on her ring finger, and let out angrily, “Janice, did you know that this ring does not belong to you, and if he really wanted to marry you, he will not give you the ring that he intended to give, he clearly wanted to remind himself at all times that you are the enemy of killing Shelly.”

Janice pushed the secretary away. She looked at the secretary who was pushed down by her. Who was she? Was she Shelly?

But Shelly was dead, and Janice was not as good as a dead person. In the world of Dan, from beginning to end, Janice was just his enemy.

The inappropriate ring on her hand turned out to be Shelly’s. The wedding day was also the anniversary of his love day with Shelly.

When Janice pushed open the door of the president’s office and appeared in front of Dan. There was only a desk less than two meters between them, but she could not see him clearly.

For seven years, he really spent seven years tracking her and knowing her? The purpose was to seize her weakness, so as to give her fatal pain.

She stood in front of him, full of questions, but couldn’t say a word, she knew everything.

He treated her well, which was just a bait, he had never liked her.

“Did you have breakfast?” Dan raised his eyes and looked at her, asking her casually.

Janice thought that it was just an ordinary question. But at this moment it sounds so harsh. He had been acting like this for seven years, wasn’t he tired?

“Dan…” She stood in front of his desk and called him.

Dan raised his eyes and looked at her, speaking softly, “What’s wrong?”

“I love you…” So you succeeded. Your revenge had succeeded.

Dan stared at her. In her eyes was the determination, but there was also sadness in it.

He moved his mouth and wanted to talk to her, but found that he was powerless and didn’t know what to say.

Janice smiled at him. Was he so surprised? She said in a joke, “You’re busy, I’m betting with my colleagues, they say I dare not say this to you.”

Dan’s eyebrows were silent. He could not tell which sentence she said was true and which one was false.

Janice had just turned around and hadn’t had time to leave, and the assistant rushed in, “President, Phoebe passed out on the stairway…”

When the assistant saw Janice was also there, he held back his words.

Dan immediately got up, “How can she faint?”

Assistant stammered and told Dan with some worries, “Someone saw that it was Janice who pushed her.”

Janice confessed her fate. She really knocked that little secretary down, but there was nothing at all. How could she faint?

Janice was now unable to argue, and she didn’t want to explain. What she wanted to know now was that the little secretary had a relationship with Shelly.

That day, Dan personally sent Phoebe to the hospital and never returned to the company. When she left work in the afternoon, Janice did not return to their home.

When Dan arrived home, he didn’t find her, so he called her. Janice didn’t want to go back, but he said he had something to tell her. Janice thought he was going to tell her everything, and she went back home in less than 30 minutes.

Janice smiled and spoke to him casually, “I thought you weren’t coming back. The weather forecast said that there would be rain tonight, and I was afraid of being alone, so I went home.”

He looked at her, with numerous unspoken words in his eyes.

Janice had to say, “Didn’t you say you have something to tell me?”

Dan said, “I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Can you help me cook something?”

Janice glanced at him, and his deep eyes made her startled. She immediately turned her eyes away and went to the kitchen, “I’ll help you cook noodles.”

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