Chapter 204 What Is Your Sincerity?

Janice smiled again, with the irony of laughter, “I’ve given up wishful thinking. You should know that. I have been in love with Jim for seven years. I always thought that one day he would also love me. But time gives me the best answer, it was just a delusion, ”

“Do you still love him now?” When he asked this question, he felt his nerves were tight all over. He was afraid that her answer affirmative.

Janice smiled bitterly, “I can’t be a fool all the time. I have struggled with love that has not been fruitful for seven years. Letting it go is the best relief. In fact, after meeting you, I suddenly discovered that, I could give up loving.”

There was a long silence between the two, and the stairwell was quiet. Suddenly, Dan said, “If you want to end this marriage, I can end it at any time.”

His words, obviously were to let her go, but so cruel.

Janice turned her head. She said to herself that she would never trust a man again, or love.

The exit door was pushed open from the outside. Someone passed by. The voice-activated light turned on naturally. The sudden light made him see her face clearly. She cried.

At that moment, he felt sad. Why was she crying? Was it because he said she can divorce him?

Janice’s unsightly look, she did not expect anyone to pass by, and did not expect the lights to light up, so when she felt uncomfortable and wanted to cry, she let tears fall unbridled.

After the passerby passed, the lights didn’t go out so quickly. He clamped her chin aggressively, forced her to face him, and asked her strongly, “Why cry?”

As soon as he asked, she wanted to cry even more, but she could bear it in the face of him. She smiled bitterly, “It may be that the internal organs of the body have not recovered to their health, and they feel very uncomfortable, so I cry.”

She still pretend to be strong.

Soon the lights went out, and they couldn’t see each other’s face again. He said quietly, “I hope I can see through your heart. I want to know your actual feelings.”

Janice smiled bitterly and mourned, “What about you? What is your true heart?”

After the two left the stairwell, Janice said to him indifferently, “You should be very busy. I’ll go back to the ward myself. You can go.”

Dan looked at her, her red eyes clearly cried, “I’m busy, I know. I don’t need you to drive me away.”

“I’m afraid you’re embarrassed to leave.” Anyway, he would go whether she asked him go or nor, it would be better for her to let him go.

Dan decided to go against with her from now on, “I will not go tonight.”

Janice turned around proudly, “Whatever..” Anyway, she was lying on the bed comfortably. If he was willing to accompany her for one night, he would be the same as other accompanying family members. Sleeping on the floor, or just sat on the chair.

After returning to the ward, Janice went into the bed and started playing mobile phone. Dan didn’t allow her play games, so he put her mobile phone in his pants pocket. Janice didn’t want to grab him naively and lie down comfortably, and ready to sleep.

Dan frowned, “Don’t you take a bath?”

Janice said rightly, “I’m a patient, and those tedious things can be avoided.”

“If you continue to pay less attention to personal hygiene, it will be difficult for you to recover.”

Janice didn’t believe it, “Do you think I am a child.”

“Hurry down and wash your face and brush your teeth.” He really behaved like an adult training children.

Janice didn’t want to talk to him, “Everyone is asleep. Please close your mouth from now on. I will also fall asleep. If you have any dissatisfaction with me, please keep it in your heart.”

In the end, Dan had to go get water and help her wipe her face. She refused. He wiped her feet with the towel that wiped her face angry.

Janice kicked him, “Dan, that’s my towel to wipe my face!”

“Anyway, you don’t care. I’ll wash it later, and you can continue to wipe your face tomorrow.”

“You…” The bad guy.

When Dan came back from the outside, Janice was pretending to be asleep. Thinking of his identity, it was absolutely impossible to sleep on the ground, but she did not expect that he would sleep with her in the single bed.

“Hey, Dan, get out of my bed.!” Janice didn’t dare to move, otherwise she was afraid she would fall down first.

Dan’s long arms clung tightly around her slender waist, and pulled her closer to him, and reminded her casually, “Be quiet, everyone is asleep.”

She widened her eyes and glared at him. He moved around her waist, “Dan, don’t move.”

“I’m afraid you’ll fall.”

Janice directly refuted, “I will never fall if you get out of my bed.”

“I give you a warm quilt. I’m afraid you’ll be cold sleeping alone.”

“I’ve been sleeping alone for almost thirty years and I don’t feel cold.”

The two were quarreling in a quilt. The patients next to them couldn’t listen anymore. The aunt said with a smile, “Little Janice, I think you’ll move to a separate ward tomorrow.”

Janice stared angrily at Dan. He had a smile on his face and learned the aunt’s tone, “Little Janice, good night.”

Surprisingly, Janice actually fell asleep. Since she was sent to the hospital, she had not slept peacefully at night. In his arms, she fell asleep comfortably.

After hearing her shallow breathing, and feeling that her hands and feet had been warmed up, Dan, who had been motionless since he went to bed just now, moved him numb body.

Sleeping in this position all night was the biggest torture for him. He got out of bed cautiously. She half awoken and held his hand, unwilling to let him go, and asked him, “Where are you going? ”

Dan helped her cover the quilt with his another hand and told her, “No. Just sleep.”

In her sleep, she held his big hand in her hands and dreamed of his name, “Dan…”

He answered, “Yes?”

Dan thought that she would talk about something in her heart in the dreams, but he did not expect that this woman would like to tease him even when she was dreaming, and she said verbally, “I will not tell you, I will not tell you anything.”

Dan looked at her silently, and did not ask any more.

The next day, Janice obediently changed to a single ward, because she was really afraid of disturbing the patients in the same room. She wanted to be discharged, but the doctor refused.

After Dan returned from the doctor’s office, Janice asked him, “Why didn’t the doctor let me out of the hospital? I feel refreshed now.”

Dan glanced at her, “The doctor said that your brain will be observed for a few days.”

Janice was puzzled, “What.?”

“There is gas in your brain.”

The next few days, although he could not come during the day, he would definitely come to the hospital to accompany her at night, or stay with her all night.

However, there was a sofa in the single ward. Although the bed is much larger than the previous one, he didn’t sleep on the bed.

After being discharged from the hospital three days later, Dan personally took her home, and when she returned to the room where she lived before, it was completely different from what she thought.

Turning her head and asked Dan next to her, “Are you asking for part-time worker to clean for me?”

Dan told the truth, “I’m not used to let ting outsiders come into my house.”

“So…” Why did Janice feel a little blushed?

Dan nodded calmly as usual, “Yes, I did the washing, but I very much hope that when your sheet is stained, you can wash it quickly, or it will be really difficult to wash.”

Janice not only isn’t moved, and scolded him, “Dan, you are a pervert, who asked you to help me wash the sheet. Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

Dan laughed softly, “I don’t feel embarrassed, but I think it’s you who should feel embarrassed.”

“I… Why should I feel embarrassed? Isn’t it normal that a woman stained the sheet when she has period?”

Dan nodded meaningfully, “It’s normal, but if you don’t deal with it as soon as possible, it’s not normal.”

“You…” She was so annoyed that she wouldn’t say a word.

Dan just smiled. In fact, these days he wanted to understand one thing. He used to be so patient with him for seven years in secret, maybe he didn’t choose to meet her and marry her for revenge.

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