Chapter 203 Love You Like You Love Me

The Dan’s assistant came in from the door, holding the dinner bought from the outside, and saw that the person lying on the hospital bed was Janice, and the assistant was also a bit surprised.

The assistant greeted her, “How are you.”

Janice was in a bad mood, so she replied casually, “I’m not fine.”

The assistant saw her pouting like a child, and glanced down at Dan, who had hardly smiled in recent time, now had a slight petting smile on the corner of his mouth.

The assistant put the dinner on the table, and said deliberately when he left, “President, you haven’t slept day or night, or I’ll ask a special nurse to take care of Janice?”

Dan shook her head, “No, you go back to rest.”

After the assistant left, Janice glanced at him secretly, did he really not sleep a total night? He looked much better than the she who had slept for more than ten hours a day.

Dan opened the dinner box and put it in front of her. He said, “I greeted to the dean here. You change to a separate ward tomorrow.”

Janice was really hungry. She picked up chopsticks and started to eat.

“I am well in living here, at least I won’t be afraid of sleeping alone at night.”

Dan stared at her deeply and kept looking at her. For a minute, he thought a lot in his mind and blurted out, “I will be with you.”

Janice’s heart misses a beat. She believed what he said now was true, but he was always capricious. She couldn’t expect much from him.

“No.” She pretended to care nothing but eat, without looking at him.

Janice looked at Dan, who had been watching her for a while.

“Have you ever eaten?” She asked him.

The corners of his mouth were slightly tilted, and he smiled, “No.”

Janice was speechless. She put a spoonful dish and handed it to his mouth, “Open your mouth.”

Dan twisted her brows slightly, looked at her, his lips closed slightly, and did not cooperate with her.

Janice was impatient, “Do you eat or not?”

The patients next to him couldn’t help but laughed at the awkward look of the young couple. Dan had to open his mouth and eat the food she gave him.

After the dinner, Janice went straight into the quilt to go to sleep. Dan packed everything and shook her bed high. Janice questioned, “What are you going to do?”

Dan directly commanded, “Come down.”

Was he insane? What was he going to do when she was not in bed at night?

“I want to sleep.”.

Dan pulled away her quilt, “You have just eaten so much, come down and walk around for indigestion.”

It turned out that she was going for a walk. She thought he was going to put her alone in a separate ward now. In a gloomy place in a hospital, she really didn’t want to live alone.

Janice was unwilling to get out of bed. He was half-knelt in front of her, helped her to put on shoes, and put her suit jacket on her. He just did all this silently.

His Janice did not refuse on the surface, but she had learned to close her heart, ans she just accepted her actions but not feeling his care.

Janice asked the other two patients, “Would you like to go out for a walk?”

The others declined, looking at the two of them now. It was good, and they were not willing to disturb the peaceful happiness between them.

After leaving the ward, Janice kept a certain distance from him and said distantly, “No one knows who you are now, so you don’t need to pretend to be a good husband.”

Dan followed behind her, with his eyes tightly gazing at her. He didn’t pretend to be a good husband, he just wanted to take care of her, and it was out of instinct.

He used to be very resistant to this instinct himself. But the moment he knew that her had gas poisoning, the fear in his heart made him confirm again that if she left him, he would really panic.

“Janice…” He couldn’t help but called her.

Janice turned and looked back. She was just at intersection. She didn’t notice that medical staff were pushing the patient towards her and was ready to bump into her. Dan quickly grabbed her in his arms. Janice was startled.

His chest was very strong and warm, and she did not deny that she was eager for such warmth, but she knew that this did not belong to him. The favorite in his heart was Shelly who would never return.

After a while, she pushed him away and asked calmly, “What did you just call me?”

Dan gazed at her tightly. The incandescent light in the hospital corridor made her look worse. The corners of his mouth were slightly tilted, and put his words back to his heart, “Nothing.”

Dan didn’t talk anymore, but just followed her.

He wanted to go into the elevator with her, but he stepped on the staircase first, and sat informally on the cold steps, “What do you want to talk to me? There is no one here.”

Dan reached out to help her up, “It’s cool on the ground, get up.”

Janice didn’t feel cold on the ground. She was just lazy and didn’t want to stand. She wanted to find a place to sit, “No.”

“Could you not be so wayward?” Dan was a little angry. How could such a marble slab not be cold.

His strong concern made Janice feel sore for a while, she just refused to get up, raised her head, and looked at him under the light. She could not understand him any more, or that she never understood he.

The stairway lights were voice-activated, and the lights soon went out. He stood still, staring down at her. When she was sure he couldn’t see her, Janice smiled bitterly.

She said, “After marrying me, have you ever thought about divorcing me?”

Dan felt his heart missed a beat, as if she had seen through his original self, because from the day he married her, he was thinking about how to torture her to take the initiative to propose a divorce with him.

His silence made Janice’s bitter smile even stronger. She continued, “From the moment I decided to marry you, I thought, I will work hard to fall in love with you, like you love me.” She continued, “Gradually I found out that I am wrong. It turns out that you don’t love me, so how can I love you like you love me?”

With a bitter smile, tears rolled down. It was very dark anyway, he won’t see the sad tears in her eyes. These days she had thought a lot alone, she thought she worked so hard to please him before, she was really silly.

In the eye of a man who didn’t love her at all, she was like a clown.

“That day, I thought I was going to die like that. I felt so sad at that time that I would die like that. Someone will say that because my husband didn’t love me at all. I committed suicide and died. I was thinking, You are not worth me to die for you,”

She couldn’t see his face clearly, not only because of the darkness of the space, but also the tears in her eyes, and she asked him, “Dan, if I really died, would you be sad?”

Dan said in a deep voice, “Don’t make such hypothesis in the future.”

She didn’t like the answer at all, she just wanted to know whether he would sad?

Janice smiled helplessly, bowed her head, and wiped the tears that fell from the corner of her eyes, “Well, it’s your turn. You asked me out because you have something to say to me right?”

Dan stared at her face motionlessly, even though he couldn’t see the expression on her face, he knew that she was crying.

He didn’t help her wipe her tears, he didn’t want to touch her stubbornness. She chose the dark place here, just didn’t want him to see her fragility.

He sat beside her, and he asked her, “Do you love me?” This question was now important to him.

Janice couldn’t help laughing, and said, “How could it be, how long have I been with you, and when I decided to make myself work hard to fall in love with you, I already knew you didn’t love me.”

He was not surprised by her answer, so he went on to ask, “You don’t love me, then how would you be with me until death set us apart?”

“Because I have married you, because I want to be loyal to my marriage, because I thought you loved me, but I didn’t expect that you marrying me is not to give me happiness, but to make me feel bad.”

Dan said, “Do you want to know now, why did I marry you?”

Janice shook her head, “It’s not necessary anymore. Nothing makes me feel worse than you don’t love me at all.”

“Then have you thought about that maybe I love you.”

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