Chapter 202 If I Lived Without You…

Janice smiled bitterly. Of course, she also wanted to find someone to accompany her at this time, but she didn’t know who she should find.

She didn’t want her family know that she and Dan had problems in marriage, and as for Dan, she had never expected him.

On the second day of hospitalization, Janice received a call from Dan, while she was playing mobile games.

“What, I’m busy.” Janice said to Dan

Dan was confused. After thinking about it a lot, he finally decided to call her, and she didn’t speak something kind, “What are you busy with?” The person in the company told him that she hadn’t gone to work for two days.

“Just busy. If you’re fine, I’ll hang up.”

“Why don’t you go to work?” Dan asked her directly.

“You can’t go to work. Why do I have to check in every day?” Janice didn’t tell him the truth.

Dan said, “I’m on a business outside.”

“I go to work just to see you. You are not in the company, what did I go for? I won’t say anymore. I’m really busy now.”

After speaking, no matter what Dan said there, she cut off the signal directly. To hell with business trips, he had women around to accompany him, and seeing her as a fool.

Dan looked at the messy home, especially the kitchen. The food was not there. There was junk food on the living room sofa, and a bag of food on the coffee table. He took it out to see and knew she had been back to her house.

It took him more than two hours to clean up the house, and thinking that was she really a woman? Why could she so messy with everything?

After a whole day’ work, he still didn’t see she returned.

He had to call her again, and this time he was unable to get through on the phone

Since moving out to live alone, he had been used to doing everything by himself, clean the space alone, washed vegetables and cooked alone. He was dressed and was ready to go to the supermarket to buy some food, hoping that she will return when he returned..

When he drove out, the security guard at the gate greeted him kindly and asked, “Has your wife been discharged?”

Dan didn’t understand the security words. After he asked clearly, he realized that Janice had gas poisoning a few days ago and was living in the hospital.

It was the security guard sent Janice to the hospital, so he knew where he was now.

Anxiously on his way to the hospital, he has been calling Janice all the time. He knew she deliberately did not answered his phone, but she still can know he was calling her.

Janice was so annoyed by him that she answered his call impatiently, “Dan, are you insane? You don’t want me to rest.”

Dan asked her, “Where are you?”

Janice’s throat was tight and she didn’t tell the truth, “With friends.”

Dan did not revel her lies and asked her, “When are you going home?”

“So, are you home?”

“Yes.” Dan answered.

“I’m abroad, probably about a week later. Don’t call me if you’re fine. I’m busy, that’s it. Bye.”

Dan didn’t dial back again. He was very guilty.

Thinking seriously about that night when she called him, she needed him so much that she felt his ruthless was to make her give up him. What she didn’t know was, when he heard that she had an accident, he was very hurt, and he was sorry for her.

He didn’t know that he had reached such a stage in caring about her. He didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if she really die?

Janice hang up the phone and sat idly on the bed. There were a total of three patients in the ward, and two of them were accompanied by relatives. Only her was like a lonely child.

It’s time to eat. The other two had husband bought fragrant meals. She was the only one sitting there hungry and foolishly eating lollipops. She spent her time playing online games frantically.

The aunt next to her said, “Little Janice, you you so thin, you have to have a regular diet everyday.”

Janice smiled, “I’m not hungry. I am just keeping fit.” When saying this, Janice herself felt guilty, and she was hungry, but she was not happy as they were, as they had their husband for feeding them.

Raising her eyes inadvertently, she saw from the corner of her eyes a man standing next to her bed. She raised her eyes. When she saw Dan who was standing in front of her, her eyes filled with tears.

In these few days, she was so stubborn not telling what happened to her friends and families, and when she saw his slightly angry and blame eyes, and when the tears were about to fall, she looked away, lowered her head, and continued to play the game.

Dan reached out to remove the earphones from her ears, and also took away the mobile phone she had been holding in her hand. Lowered his eyes, he stared at her instantly.

His strength made Janice very uncomfortable. She tried to adjust her mood and looked back at him coldly, “What are you doing?”

The two patients and family members next to each other did not say a word. On the first day of Janice’s stay, someone recognized who she was, but they pretended not knowing her.

Dan saw her face was pale. The sick clothes on her body were big and fat, which made her even thinner.

He knew she was wronged, and was angry with him. Instead of answering her anger questions, he asked her, “Did you eat dinner?”

Janice took out the lollipop in her mouth. His tenderness was fake, and she would never be fooled again.

“I’m not hungry.” She replied coldly.

Dan took the mobile phone out of a well-tailored hand-made custom suit pocket, and after typing a few words on it, put the mobile phone back in his pocket. He pulled the chair next to her, and asked, “How old are you, still get gas poisoning? Can’t you take care of yourself? Do you think you are still a child?”

Janice sneered, “You haven’t heard that most of the people who were hospitalized or died of gas poisoning were elderly solitary people. Haven’t those old people grown up yet?”

“Are you elderly man?” He asked her angrily.

“I’m not, but I’m live alone.” That’s the point.

Dan was trembling with anger at her, he sternly emphasized, “I’m just a few days away on business.”

Janice sarcastically ridiculed him, “Oh, it turned out that you were on a business trip. I thought you were missing, are you dumb? You won’t tell me when you are on a business trip, or do you want to treat me as nothing?”

“I…” Dan felt that he could not speak to her, and he could not clear the relationship between them in front of outsiders.

The aunt next to them could not help but interjected, “Little Janice, your husband is so handsome, and now he came to visit you. No matter what he did, you could punish him at home when you are discharged.”

Janice glanced at Dan. He was her husband. Why can’t her husband be with her every day.

When she was angry, she began to say angry words, “He is not my husband. God knows whose husband is he.”

Dan stared at her, how could she say these words.

The patient on the other side whispered, “In fact, the first day you lived in, we knew who your husband was.”

Janice was speechless. That one-person wedding made her feel shameless, and then she lived alone here for two days.

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