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Chapter 201 Gas Poisoning

The little secretary was angered by Janice’s teeth. Today, she wanted to take revenge on this arrogant woman while the president is away.

The secretary laughed and said strangely, “The president is not here. Although you are his nominal wife, it is still not proper for a financial staff to go into president’s office.

The focus of what Janice heard was, “He is not there? Where has he been?”

A question from Janice made the little secretary proud in an instant, and it was even more ridiculous with a bright laugh, “You didn’t even know where he has been? He is on business trip.”

This… she really didn’t know.

“Where did he go on a business trip?” Janice asked the secretary whom she had hated all the time.

The secretary intentionally did not tell her, “Sorry, I can’t tell you.”


The secretary proudly turned around, leaving Janice alone and depressed. She blame that bastard. He couldn’t tell her when he was on a business trip. She was so angry that she kicked her leg on the door of the office, as a result, she hurt her little feet.

Janice went back to her own home directly after work. Anyway, she was not at home anymore. She had been abused by someone recently. She went home and asked her mother to make more delicious food.

Who knows that the happy family without her was eating, and seeing her come back, they not only welcome her but also abandoned her.

“Why are you back?” Her brother Chuck asked.

Molly then asked, “Why didn’t Dan come with you?”

Before Janice had time to answer, her mother asked her to answer, “She must have lost her temper, and she runs home when everything is all right.”

Dad meaningfully said, “Janice, it’s common for couples to make small noises. If you run to your family every time you get angry, it will hurt your feelings.”

Janice was speechless. What kind of relatives were they? If she knew it, she would not have come back.

“My husband is on a business trip. I just miss you and come back to visit you.”

Everyone understood that this was not the case. The whole family thought that they would have to send her back after a while.

The immature child’s voice spread sweetly among the family members, “Aunt, did you buy Cindy something delicious?”

Oh… well, she’s not in a good mood today, she really forgot it.

After eating a meal, all the family gave her lectures, like, it was difficult to get her married. Like, how good Dan was, and she should cherish him.

Janice couldn’t bear it and she glanced at her cell phone, and said to them excitedly, “I have to go home. My husband came back early to surprise me, and I wasn’t at home, bye.” Then she left. Now even they wanted to stay with her for one night, she would not stay. She would rather stay in her own home, at least she was at ease and had no pressure.

Molly ran out to catch up with her, and put a large bag of things in her car, “This is for you. There are a few bags of Chinese medicine. Drink one bag every night before going to bed.”

Janice was puzzled, “Why should I drink Chinese medicine?”

Molly smiled mysteriously, “Mom wants to have a grandson quickly.”

Janice was speechless, “I see. Bye.”

After returning home, staring at the big bag that her mother prepared for her to eat and drink, she was also struggling. Now when she went to Dan’s house, his family was secretly urging her to have a baby, and Tina directly said. She can’t have a baby.

And that bastard, who had been on a business trip all day, didn’t send her a message.

He did not contact her, and she did not contact him either. Who cares. She thought that in his life she did not owe him anything, but he was a big liar. He was very good to her before marriage. After the marriage, even the wedding was done by her alone. If she made a mistake, it was he who had done worse.

Anyway, she was at home alone. She used to be protected by her family Now nobody cared for her, so she just slept on the sofa.

When she woke up the next day, she was dizzy, and she walked with a heavy head. She raised her hand and touched her forehead. She must be a cold.

She didn’t take a shower before going to bed, and didn’t take off her clothes. She went to change clothes and went to the bathroom. Whether she had a fever or not, she felt a lot more energetic after taking a bath.

When she arrived at the company, she was sneezing in the office and she was listless. The supervisor saw that she was very ill and told her not to spread it to other staff members and let her go home to rest.

When she came home, she as a patient in the whole house. She felt sad for marrying a man who didn’t love her at all.

She didn’t know where he was now, and she just wanted to talk to someone to comfort her when she was helpless and uncomfortable.

She dialed Dan’s number. Fortunately, he answered the phone. His deep and thick voice came, “Is something wrong?”

Janice was speechless for a while holding her mobile phone. Whether it was his indifference at this moment or his lack of news for two consecutive days, it made her feel very uncomfortable.

She just felt that her throat was blocked by something, and no syllable could be pronounced.

Dan was having dinner with several important foreign partners. He was answering the phone from the private room and standing on the top floor of the skyscraper. He overlooked the night view of the whole city.

He was already a little drunk, trying to talk to her, but he couldn’t say a word.

“Dan…” She called him there with a strong nasal sound.

His heart tightened, did she cry? He replied, “Yes?”

Janice sighed softly, relieved the stuffiness in her heart, “Is it that if I’m fine, I can’t call you?”

Dan was about to speak, and another voice came from behind him, “Dan, why are you here? Everyone is waiting for you.”

Dan heard Janice’s sneer. He suddenly felt guilty. Even if the woman did not have the unseen relationship with him, he wanted to explain to Janice.


“Bad guy.” Janice hung up the phone angrily.

Dan didn’t call again, put the phone back in his clothes button, and smiled slightly at his friend who came to him, “Let’s go.”

The other person looked at his complicated smile, “Girlfriend?”

Dan pouted and smiled, “My wife.”

“Are you married?” The other party was surprised.

Dan smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

At the beginning, Dan was still thinking after a while the dinner was over, he would call Janice. She was in a bad mood just now, eeven though he could have ignored her because his original thoughts of marrying her was to hurt her.

However… he had changed to a man he hated the most. He always felt that she needed to be coddled and cared for.

He was drunk. For some reason, he hadn’t been so drunk like tonight for a long time. When the assistant returned him to the room, he was spit out.

In his mind were all the memories of happiness when he and Shelly were together. Until that accident, all the happiness ended abruptly at that moment.

The perpetrator was not someone else, but his current wife, Janice.

Janice was judged to be the one who did nothing wrong, because it was Shelly who ran the red light at the time, and he also found her written testament in Shelly’s bag.

What he hated was that Janice never knew about it, and she didn’t even know that she had ended Shelly’s life during her over-speeding that day.

If Janice didn’t show up on the night before dawn, everything would be different.

Janice, who was curled up in the bed, left uncomfortably because of a high fever. She wanted to drink drool. She got out of bed, and stumbled into the kitchen to pour water. As a result, there was no water, so she boiled the water with gas. Afraid to forget it later, she moved a stool and waited in the kitchen.

Too sleepy and uncomfortable, dizzy, she fell asleep on the glass table in the kitchen, and she didn’t know that the water was boiling, .

The boiling water extinguished the gas flame, and the room was gradually filled with gas. Janice fell asleep and she didn’t know what happened, only knew that it was getting difficult to breath.

By the time she was probably aware of everything, she was completely paralyzed, and she had no ability to save herself.

Janice was poisoned by gas. When the security guards were patrolling, they heard that the alarm was always sounding in her home. They smelled a lot of gas. They were afraid of an accident and opened the door of their home.

Janice was sent to the hospital for rescue. Fortunately, at that time, the kitchen of their house had windows open, and the security personnel discovered it early, otherwise, the consequences were unimaginable.

When Janice woke up the next day, the doctor asked her to contact her family. She said it was unnecessary and she could do it herself.

The doctor wanted to say she really needed the care of her family, but he also thought that the patient’s current psychological situation needed to be cared of as well, so he didn’t force her and asked the nurse to take care of her.

An elder aunt who lived in the same ward as Janice asked, “Little girl, you should find someone to accompany you.”

Janice smiled weakly, “They’re all busy. I’m fine.”

The aunt sighed and said nothing more.

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