Chapter 300 I hope not even God separate us.

“I’ll go with you. I’ve helped the FBI solve such kind of cases. I will be happy to help you. You can consider it as a payback for introducing good customers to me.” Bella said.

According to Bella, Kellan Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend’s father’s identity can be helpful. She also wanted to take this opportunity to understand the case.

“Thank you, you have just arrived, it would be troubling.” Kellan Pattinson thanked.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Half an hour later, Kellan Pattinson and Bella reached the private housing area located in the center of the city.

Bella looked around to observe the situation.

The private houses here looked very old from the exterior wall. Each building was about 20 meters away from the other. There were fences at the door of their houses, a parking space, and a lawn where different flowers and vegetables were planted. There were also street lights and surveillance cameras.

There were police at the house of Kellan Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend.

There was a safety line at the door. Kellan Pattinson wanted to go in, but he was stopped by the police.

“The police have collected the evidence. This is a case of murder. Please do not come near,” The policeman stopped him.

“I’m the boyfriend of the dead. I have the right to see her.” Kellan Pattinson said desperately.

“Kellan, Kellan.” The mother of Kellan Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend called him.

In spite of the fact that the police didn’t agree, Kellan Pattinson rushed in.

Bella followed Kellan Pattinson. The police hesitated for a moment and then let Bella go in.

“Kellan, Nikki died miserably. Who killed her?” Nikki Stewart’s mother cried.

“Where’s Nikki?” Kellan Pattinson asked.

“In the room.” Nikki Stewart’s father said and lowered her head.

Bella swept Nikki Stewart’s father’s face. He was smoking, and his hand holding the cigarette was shaking slightly.

“Why this all happened? Who wants to kill our daughter? We have no enemies. We never did anything wrong with others.” Nikki Stewart’s mother couldn’t figure it out.

Nikki Stewart’s father’s eyes was complicated. “I am going out to smoke.”

Bella looked at Kellan Pattinson.

Kellan Pattinson has entered the room.

Nikki Stewart was lying dead on the bed.

She was stabbed in the heart. She was holding her cell phone tightly in her hand. The room didn’t seem messy, and there was no trace of fighting.

Kellan Pattinson wanted to hold Nikki Stewart but he was stopped by the police. “Don’t move the dead. It will distort the evidence.”

Kellan Pattinson paused and looked at Bella. His eyes were red. “What do they mean?”

Bella nodded, “It is better to not go closer. The evidence at the crime scene is very crucial. The more effective clues they can collect, the better.”

“If you want us to find out the murderer as soon as possible, please go out.” The policeman said.

Kellan Pattinson came out of the room in a trance.

“Kellan, please find out Nikki’s murderer.” Nikki Stewart’s mother held Kellan Pattinson’s hand and said.

“I’ll find it.” Kellan Pattinson said to comfort her and looked at Bella with solicitous eyes.

Bella nodded and went out. She saw Nikki Stewart’s father on the phone. He was so angry that he even smashed his cell phone and hit his head on the tree.

She went to the side and called James Grayson.

“I was about to call you, and you called. You must have reached Halem. Have you eaten?” James Grayson asked with concern.

“No, there is an emergency. Kellan Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend died.” Bella said gloomily, glancing at Nikki Stewart’s father, who was still bumping his head into a tree, looking extremely miserable.

“I don’t think it is Peter Maxwell that do it. Firstly, the project is about to start. At this time, something like this can affect the process of the project. Secondly, the father of the dead, that geologist, they still need to use him later. They can’t dare to hurt his daughter.” James Grayson guessed.

“I think the same as you do, but I have noticed Nikki Stewart’s father that he seemed very guilty, remorseful and angry. I think he might go to the police station to report against Peter Maxwell.” Bella felt there’s something wrong with Nikki Stewart’s father so she walked towards him.

“You have to stop him. Presently, it is of no use to accuse Peter Maxwell. At most, he can prove his relation with the construction company, and it will not only let the main person stay in dark, but it will also hide the murderer deeper.” James Grayson said anxiously.

“I understand. James, please go to Halem City police station and inform them that I will take the complete hold of this case.” Bella said, hung up and went to Nikki’s father.

“Uncle, don’t do that.” Bella tried to stop Nikki’s father.

Nikki Stewart’s father was emotional and desperate. “I can be regarded as tyrannical. I earned money without conscience. But Nikki is innocent. My daughter can’t even kill a fish. Why is God so cruel to her? She was only twenty-five years old.”

“Calm down, uncle. Give me three days. I will find out the murderer.” Bella promised.

Nikki Stewart’s father looked at Bella in surprise. “Why do you want to help me find the murderer? Who are you? I don’t know you.”

“My name is Bella. You can find my information on the Internet. I had helped the FBI to solve several major cases. I also assisted many police departments to solve the cases. I promise you that I will find the murderer within three days.” Bella explained.

Nikki Stewart’s father looked at Bella suspiciously.

“I’m also a friend of Kellan Pattinson. On the way here, Kellan also told me that he still in love with Nikki. They are lovers. For my friend, I will find out the murderer.” Bella saw Nikki Stewart’s father didn’t trust her and explained more.

Nikki Stewart’s father looked at the door and saw Kellan Pattinson coming.

Kellan Pattinson perceived the difference, came to him and said, “Uncle, what’s wrong with your forehead?”

“Your girlfriend’s father bumped his head into a tree,” Bella explained.

“Uncle, Bella is a famous expert. She can help us find the murderer. Don’t lose hope.” Kellan Pattinson said with relief.

“Give me three days,” Bella said.

Nikki Stewart’s father nodded his head. “OK, I’ll control myself. I want to find the person who killed my daughter. I want him to be buried as soon as possible.”

“I take him in first.” Kellan Pattinson said to Bella, held Nikki Stewart’s shoulder and went back to the room.

Bella thought it wouldn’t be useful to stay here.

She can see all the evidence collected by the police tomorrow.

She was not familiar with Kellan Pattinson and his ex-girlfriend’s family. Staying here will only be embarrassing.

Besides, since Kellan Pattinson has known that the land has treasures, he will not let Nikki Stewart’s father do anything impulsively. But he didn’t know that Peter Maxwell was with Steven Maxwell. The construction company was also of Steven Maxwell, and his efforts will be in vain.

Bella didn’t enter the room. She got a taxi and sent a message to Kellan Pattinson, “I go back first and contact you tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m sorry. I wanted to invite you to dinner, but it turned out that you have stayed hungry till now.” Kellan Pattinson apologized politely.

“It’s not your mistake.”

Bella went to the hotel that James Grayson has booked, checked in, went to her room. She was very tired, so she lay down on the bed, thought of James Grayson and called him.

“Reached the hotel?” James Grayson asked.

“Well, just arrived. James, we have to find out the people behind the Athens village massacre. Because of the evidence that Gabriel Athens gave, I can prove your innocence and in the end, he was murdered. We promised him that we would help him find out the murderers of his villagers. I always think that if we can’t do it, God will separate our child and us.” Bella said worriedly.

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