Chapter 299 They Had A Beautiful And Warm Past.

He liked what she said, “The road in the future may be full of thorns, but we will go hand in hand.”

Marriage is just the beginning of a new life, not the end.

After eating, he took her to the railway station. James Grayson bought a first-class seat for her of the bullet train to Halem city.

When Bella was about to enter the platform, she found that she was reluctant to part with him and she looked back at him.

James Grayson smiled at her, he seemed calm. He was not in the military area, but his posture was straight. He looked at Bella, and she felt very safe.

Even if you don’t want to part with, still have to say goodbye and always have to leave when it is time to leave….

Bella went in, and her phone received a message. She opened it and read James Grayson’s message.

“I’ve booked room 2106 in the presidential suite of Halem hotel for you. I’ll live in 2108 next to your room. I’ve arranged everything. They will reorganize the monitoring system there. If you can’t sleep at night, message me. I will stay online for you. Don’t take any medicine.”

Bella stared at James Grayson’s message for long. Her nose was sour. It was only words, but she imagined the way he spoke, calm and tender.

He really did as he said.

“All right, I won’t take any medicine. Be careful when you go back. Contact me when you are free.” Bella replied to the text message.

When the train started, she looked out of the window.

Her heart was not as sad as in the past. There was a little warmth. She was feeling the true meaning of a good life.

She called abroad.

“Hi, it’s me, Bella. I want to ask you something. A friend of mine is hurt and he lost her memory because of an explosion three years ago. Can he be treated with hypnosis?” Bella asked modestly.

“There are several possibilities to lose memory. One is subjective consciousness, the other is brain damage, and the third is nerve compression.

If it is subjective consciousness, it is the patient’s own selective forgetting and forced hypnosis, which can be treated.

If it’s brain damage, the neurologist can treat it.

If it’s the condition of nerve compression, then it depends on what is compressing the nerve. It may be tumor, congestion or debris residue. I suggest him see the brain department first to determine what the problem is.”

“Well, I see. Thank you, bro. ” Bella said politely.

“Good luck. By the way, I have a seminar in your city next month, and you have to come as well.” He invited.

“Next month. Okay, but please try to stay for a little longer. Don’t leave after the seminar. I need your help.” Bella asked for help.

“Ha ha, you are better than me. Why do you need my help?”

“How can I be better than you? Don’t joke on me. Just call me in advance to remind about your arrival. I’ll arrange your seminar. See you soon.” Bella felt that the cell phone’s signal was not good, and she can explain clearly.


She hung up the phone and leaned back on the chair.

She used to think that James Grayson loved Scarlett Evan. Whether James Grayson can remmeber her or not, she didn’t care. Or if he thought of her, she would feel ashamed. Her self-esteem could not stand it.

But now, she was sure what James Grayson loved her. There were some beautiful memories between her and James Grayson. She wanted to remember them and hoped that the future will be better day by day.

Bella smiled and closed her eyes.

After more than three hours. At 17:30 p.m., Bella’s mobile phone rang again.

It was Kellan Pattinson’s call. She answered, “What’s the matter?”

“Have you arrived in Halem?” Kellan asked enthusiastically.

“Not yet. I’m on the train.”

“When will you arrive? I’ll pick you up at the station and book a hotel for you.” Kellan Pattinson said with a smile.

“No need to, I have already reserved a room. Thank you.” Bella refused politely.

“If you have booked it already, I won’t force you. But you are coming to Halem for the first time, I have to invite you to dinner. Otherwise, it will be too impolite. After all, you are coming to Halem because of me.”

Bella smiled. “That’s a good idea. You have introduced such a big business to me. I should invite you to dinner. I will reach Halem in an hour. Come and pick me up. You can make a reservation in the evening. It’s my treat.”

“See you later.” How could Kellan Pattinson let a girl pay the bills?

Bella hung up.

In fact, she had a good impression of Kellan Pattinson. He was a successful businessman, and his ex-girlfriend’s father was a geographer. She thought she can use him.

An hour later, Bella came out of the station with her luggage.

Kellan Pattinson saw her and waved warmly.

Bella smiled and walked to Kellan Pattinson.

He took Bella’s luggage, “first take you to dinner, then I will drop you back to the hotel. You came here for the first time, right?”

Bella smiled and didn’t answer.

She has been to this city three years ago. At that time, James Grayson was on a mission and went to Halem. It was Halem where James Grayson has lost his memory and she almost died. This place was a sad place for her.

Kellan Pattinson put his luggage in the trunk and opened the passenger seat.

Bella sat up and put her seat belt on.

Kellan Pattinson sat on the driver’s seat and introduced to Bella, “the dish called lion’s head in Halem city is the most delicious. The most famous restaurant here is Rare Cravings. Do you have particular likes and dislikes?”

“No.” Bella said lightly, looked at the front, paused for a while, and asked, “The father of your ex-girlfriend is the best person in the circle to study the ancient address now? Or is there anyone else?”

“It’s like a industry circle. People in the circle know each other. Specifically, my ex-girlfriend’s father knows better.”

“Why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend?” Bella asked casually.

“I have a bad temper. I’m grumpy. In the long run, she can’t stand it. So she broke up with me, and I agreed.” Kellan Pattinson said concisely.

Bella smiled. “Does your current girlfriend know about your ex-girlfriend?”

Kellan Pattinson was silent for a while. “Do you want to test me?”

“From your expression, you have some regrets. You should be in love with your ex-girlfriend. You still have contact with the ex-girlfriend’s father and it seemed very friendly. This only means that your ex-girlfriend or your ex-girlfriend’s family are in love with you, so I’m curious that your current girlfriend knows or not?”

Kellan Pattinson’s face was heavy for a while. “It is true. My current girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend’s best friend and my subordinate.” He explained and looked at Bella, “But when I came to the city to meet you, I broke up with my girlfriend. Now I am single.”

“It seems you are going to get back together with your ex?” Bella guessed.

Kellan Pattinson’s eyes flashed a strange wave, “Who knows.”

Kellan Pattinson’s cell phone rang, and he answered.

Bella saw that his facial expressions changed.

Kellan Pattinson hung up and looked at Bella. “I’m sorry, I can’t have dinner with you. Someone has murdered my ex-girlfriend.”

Bella, “…”

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