Chapter 298 Hand In Hand

It was ten o’clock in the morning when Bella woke up. James Grayson was not in the room. She got up, brushed her teeth, washed her face and walked out. James Grayson was not in the living room.

She wanted to say goodbye to him before leaving. She called James Grayson.

“When will you leave?” James Grayson asked her first.

“Maybe afternoon, it’s ten o’clock now. Let’s have lunch together. Will you come back for lunch? If you can come back, I’ll cook for you.” Bella said softly.

“Well, I’ll be there in an hour.” James Grayson hung up the phone and looked at the reports in his hand.

There were two kinds of drugs in Bella’s bag, sleeping pills and chlorpromazine.

Chlorpromazine is the main component of the sedative, mainly for the treatment of mania and other mental patients.

How can Bella carry such medicine with her?

He remembered that Bella had quarreled with him before, it seemed that she was ill. He thought that she was referring to the wound on her chest. Now it seemed that it may be mental illness.

What had he done before? That hurt her so much…

James Grayson came back and as he entered the apartment, he smelled the aroma of the food.

He went to the kitchen.

Bella was wearing an apron and seemed busy cooking. He came to her and hugged her back.

Bella looked back at him. “You are back. It is almost ready. Go to the table and sit down first. I’ll serve it. ”

“Bella.” James Grayson called her name in his deep voice, looked at her bright eyes and bright teeth, and some light waves flickered in his eyes. He said, “I will never turn my back on you.”

Bella’s heart was filled with warmth, “I know that you are a person who does what he says. Go out for dinner.”

“I’ll take it. It’s hot.” James Grayson said softly and took it from Bella.

Bella looked at James Grayson who was going out with the dishes. Her eyes were red, inexplicable and astringent. Although James Grayson had no memory of the past, these days she felt the man she loved has come back.

James Grayson put the dishes and went back to the kitchen. He saw her tears, took her hand and said, “What’s the matter? Is it scalded? ”

He turned on the tap, watered Bella’s hands.

He cared for Bella, which made her so touched. “It didn’t get scalded. I just thought of the past, in the past, you did exactly like this for me, exactly the same.”

James Grayson turned off the tap and dried her hand with a towel. “Maybe you have awakened my humanity. In the past three years, when you went to America, I was mean and insensitive.”

“Once we promised Gabriel Athens to help her, find out the murderer and bring him to justice. If we don’t find out, we won’t be together, so we have to find out the murderer.” Bella wiped her tears and said.

“Ok, we will find out the murderer.” James Grayson promised.

Bella hugged James Grayson, buried her face in his arms, felt his temperature and his heartbeat. It took her three years to finally be with him. She didn’t want to get separated again.

James Grayson put her hand on her waist, “Bella, did I hurt you deeply?”

“It was part of my business. Now you are back and I’ll be fine.” Bella said and rubbed gently in his arms.

“Fine.” James Grayson did not ask again, “The food is served. It’s tempting, I can’t wait to eat.”

“By the way, I’ve made the stir-fried pork with vegetables that you like. Let’s taste it.” They walked to the dining table, and Bella opened the pot.

“I take it.” James Grayson brought out the stir-fried pork with vegetables.

James Grayson ate stir-fried pork with vegetables. Bella was looking forward to him. She was eager to know if he liked.

James Grayson nodded, “it’s delicious. It’s better than what we ate that day. I am sure in the past, I really liked the food you cooked.”

Bella smiled. “If you like it, I often cook it for you.”

“And our child.” James Grayson said.

As he mentioned the child, Bella’s heart thumped, “Is there any news from your side?”

“The child should not be in David Wilson’s place, but my people will follow him around the clock. As long as David Wilson goes to see our child, they will immediately rescue him. All you have to do now is to be what you suppose to be.” James Grayson explained.

Bella nodded and ate with James Grayson.

Her cell phone rang, it was Scarlett Evan’s call. Bella answered and looked at James Grayson.

“Hello, Bella. This is Scarlett Evan. Have you found my child?” Scarlett Evan asked softly.

Bella thought for a moment, “I’m sorry, I am busy these days. I’m going on a business trip and I’ll come back after three months.”

“Three months?”

“Yes, it will take three months. I’m sorry.” Bella said.

“It doesn’t matter. Do it when you have time. I can understand. It is hard for you.” Scarlett Evan said and hung up.

From her voice, she seemed normal, but Bella felt pity for her. She looked at James Grayson and said, “It was Scarlett Evan’s call.”

“You don’t have to worry about her. I’ve found a place where she can cultivate herself. When we come back after three months, you can treat her again. She also needs to understand that there are priorities. After all, her treatment also requires time. It’s not a matter of a day or two.” James Grayson explained.

“I got some information from David Wilson.”

“It’s needless to say. No one can distinguish his truth and lies. He’s not a credible person. I don’t trust him.” James Grayson interrupted Bella’s words.

Bella lowered her head and ate quietly. However, she felt she should say it, “David Wilson said that Scarlett Evan has a child and the child is yours.”

“Impossible. I didn’t have sex with Scarlett Evan.” James Grayson said definitely.

“Six years ago, you had sex with me because you were drugged by the enemy, and after that, we both fainted. I didn’t know what happened after that. David Wilson said that they picked your semen and impregnated Scarlett Evan. They wanted her to give birth to your child so that they can threaten you. And as for the matter, to make sure whether the child is yours or not, a DNA test can verify.” Bella said, and carefully observed James Grayson’s expression.

James Grayson held Bella’s hand. “No matter who the child is, in my heart, there is only you. I will never turn my back on you.”

Bella got James Grayson’s words.

She held back James Grayson’s hand with her other hand. “James, I’m your wife, that’s your child. The way for the child to come to the world is a little bit strange but if you decide to put that child beside you, I will treat him as my own child. Believe me, I will treat your child wholeheartedly.”

“Bella.” James Grayson called her name softly.

He still remembered that Bella had said before that she cannot bear a grain of sand in her eyes.

Bella smiled, “because you are holding on to me, so I should also hold on to you. Anyway, nothing can separate us now. The road in the future may be full of thorns, but we will go hand in hand.”

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