Chapter 297 If You Don’t Sleep, I Will Accompany With You.

Bella’s eyes flashed a sharp light. She was very unhappy and glared at David Wilson, “David Wilson, I don’t understand what you mean?”

David Wilson smiled sarcastically, “I am just joking, don’t be serious. I came here to meet a friend nearby, I will go now.”

David Wilson sat in the car and drove away.

Bella understood. He just came here to remind her that he could come anywhere.

“I don’t like him. In the future, stay away from him.” James Grayson said to Bella.

“I don’t like him either,” Bella said definitely.

They went back.

James Grayson drove the car. Bella leaned on the seat and looked out of the window at the silent night.

“If you are sleepy, you can sleep for a while. I’ll call you when we reach in the military area.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Fine.” Bella closed her eyes. There were too many thoughts in her mind. She couldn’t sleep and opened her eyes again. “I was thinking something, in fact. Those five people in Athens village know each other. If we can find one person, we can also find the other three people. What do you think about using the treasure to set up a trap?”

“I also have this idea. Don’t worry. When I get the land we will plan it.” James said in a deep voice.

Bella thought in her heart that she and James Grayson are very compatible. They have the similar personality. They can listen to each other’s ideas and compromise for each other. They are true soul mates.

She really wanted to tell James Grayson about Harry.

“James Grayson, do you have any monitoring equipment in your car?” Bella asked tentatively.

“The vehicle will be inspected after entering the military area. Maybe someone has installed any monitoring equipment during the time when we left the vehicle. What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked deliberately.

“Nothing.” Bella didn’t speak anymore. She leaned against the seat and looked out of the window.

She wanted to try for herself.

She wanted to tell James Grayson about Harry.

If James Grayson rescued Harry, she would have both Harry and her husband. Their family will be very happy.

But… if she loses…

Bella’s heart thumped, Harry’s pitiful look flashed through her mind, and her heart was tightened.

Even if she loses, James Grayson will find a way, right?

The car entered the military area. James Grayson parked it in the garage. Bella saw that someone was really checking whether there was any monitoring inside the car.

As soon as they got into the house, the security officer ran over and reported, “Chief, I found a monitoring device under your car.”

James Grayson looked at Bella in shock.

Bella and James Grayson looked at each other. “Deal with it first. Is there anything different in my apartment?”

“No. Everything is completely normal.” The security officer reported.

James Grayson held Bella’s hand and walked to the room. “Tell me, what are you hiding?”

“I went to David Wilson’s this afternoon,” Bella said.

“And then?”

“He got Harry, our child, and now our child is controlled by him,” Bella confessed, and there were a strange bitterness and guilt in her heart.

“What did he demand you to do?” James Grayson twisted his eyebrows. There was a sharp light in his eyes. He looked like a murderous man.

“He asked me to choose one between you and Harry,” Bella explained.

James Grayson finally understood why she was so weird today. “You made the right decision.”

James Grayson walked towards the door.

Bella was extremely worried. She held James Grayson’s arm. “David Wilson said that if I tell you about it, he will take Harry away, and I can never find him again. James Grayson, I think David Wilson is powerful in your army. Don’t act rashly. If we can’t get Harry, I will be distressed all my life.”

James Grayson turned around and looked at her. His eyes were heavy. “How much time he has given to you?”

“Three months, three months later, he will arrange my feign death.”

James Grayson sneered, and he was full of disgust for David Wilson. “Mr. Wilson is really awesome. He can even plan a feign death. Don’t worry, I will handle everything. I will save our children.”

Bella was not at ease. She knew that she had taken a risk.

If she will win, everyone will be happy.

If she will lose, maybe she won’t be able to bear the consequences.

James Grayson saw Bella’s worry. He stepped forward and touched her forehead. “Just assume that you hadn’t told me anything. Do what you are supposed to do, otherwise, David Wilson will find something strange.”

Bella nodded.

She knew what James Grayson said was right, but she could not control to worry.

“Then I’ll pack up first,” Bella said, turned around, went to the room and packed up her luggage.

After a while, James Grayson also came in.

“Have you dealt with it?” Bella asked uneasily.

“There are some people under me. They come without a shadow and leave without a footprint. I have given orders.”

“If there are David Wilson’s people in those people, then what you will do?” Bella didn’t trust anyone except James Grayson.

“I have given orders to the leader. I trust him 100%. It’s a secret mission. It won’t be spread out. Don’t worry. If there’s news, I’ll tell you. Don’t worry. The child belongs to us. I’ll save him. I swear.” James Grayson promised.

Bella was a little relieved.

However, after lying in bed, she still couldn’t sleep.

James Grayson put his hand on her waist and pulled her into his arms. “Bella, have a good sleep. Only when you have a good sleep, can you fight with a 100% spirit. If you don’t sleep now, it won’t give us any benefit. It really won’t help us at all.”

James Grayson’s voice was deep, with the hoarseness of the night. She knew that he was right. She also persuaded herself like this, but she couldn’t sleep.

“I want to go to the bathroom.” Bella got up, took her bag, went to the bathroom and took out a medicine. She just took the medicine and saw James Grayson in the mirror standing behind her.

He was looking at her worriedly.

Bella smiled helplessly, “sleeping pills.”

“This medicine causes addiction after long-term use.”

“I know, I’ll try my best to control it later, but I can’t do it today. My mind is in a mass and I can’t sleep.” Bella said, walked out and lay down on the bed.

James Grayson lay down behind her and hugged her. “How long have you been taking sleeping pills?”

“More than three years.” Bella didn’t want to cheat him. She was a little dizzy and closed her eyes.

James Grayson tightly screwed up his eyebrows, his eyes were dark and kissed her forehead. “Don’t take medicine anymore. If you can’t sleep, I will accompany you. Gradually, it will be OK.”

It was her light breath that answered James Grayson. She also didn’t know if she was asleep or in a coma.

James Grayson’s heart ached, and his eyes were deep.

He opened her bag, took out one pill from her bag and put it in the sealed bag….

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