Chapter 296 I Will Go Wherever You Go

Bella’s heart trembled…

It means, even if Scarlett Evan came to him with his child, he will choose her, right?

Unfortunately, she has to abandon him first.

Even if they will not be together, he will still be the man she loved the most and the man she will love forever.

“James Grayson, why do you like me? You have said that I’m not your taste before.” Bella asked with a smile.

“You’ve been pushing me away before. I said it on purpose. Actually, I think you are exactly like my imagination.” James Grayson said in a deep voice because he was not good at expressing love in words so his face was slightly red.

“I’m impolite, and my way of speaking is very rude.” Bella said again.

“Even if you are a little rude, it’s still good. It’s not good to talk sweetly with everyone. I like your originality. I naturally guard against those who speak too sweetly. You are not impolite, I think what you say is quite reasonable.” James Grayson explained.

Bella cackled, “I’m bad-tempered.”

“Only the customer service staff has a good temper. I have a bad temper too, so I cannot demand others to have a good temper.”

“My figure is not good.”

James Grayson took a sip of wine. “Yes, you are too thin.”

Bella, “…”

James Grayson was too honest!

However, she liked his honesty. What he said was true and believable, which made her feel warm.

“Then I will eat more, lest you dislike me in the future.” Bella joked.

“I have no requirements for a woman’s figure. If a woman eats more and gets fat, she can exercise and she will be thin. If a woman is ugly, she can have plastic surgery and she will be beautiful. No matter what, when she gets older, her skin will have wrinkles. So, what I value the most is to have a good understanding with each other. A partner with whom I can communicate well. I think you are perfect for me.” James Grayson looked at her cautiously and said.

These words, for her, were particularly special.

Suddenly, she felt sad.

If only James Grayson had found their children first, she didn’t have to bear all this. They would have their child and their family will be happy together. It wasn’t a big deal. She also could accept Scarlett Evan’s child. After all, it wasn’t James Grayson’s false.

Bella was so depressed that she couldn’t explain in words. She drank all the wine in the cup.

“Drink slowly. It’s not good for your health and you will get drunk.” James Grayson was worried.

“A thousand cups of wine is not too much when a soul mate meets. I feel so lucky that my soul mate is the one I love. You are a good man. Thank you for falling in love with me who is full of shortcomings.” Bella poured beer for herself and raised a toast.

James Grayson toasted and drank, “when you weren’t beside me, I was so restless that I desperately wanted to find the lost memory. But after meeting you, I am at ease. There is no desperation. After all, the important thing is your presence.”

Bella’s heart ached.

If three months later she will die a fake death.

How much James Grayson will suffer?

And how much he will hate her when he knows the truth?

Bella wanted to drink up the wine in the cup again, but James Grayson took away the glass from her hand. “We will have a long time to drink together in the future. Don’t drink like this, just take a sip.”

Bella smiled, it was a smile that a woman’s face has after being loved.

Bella’s mind flashed a story that she read a long time ago. There was a woman who had been married for a long time and suddenly she faced a hard time in her married life. She was bored and wanted to get rid of it.

She met a young and handsome man outside. Soon after that, at a party, she met her first lover who has become a successful boss of a company.

All three men said that they loved her.

She stood at the crossroads of life. She didn’t know whom to choose. She invited her first love, and the young man to eat hot pot at home.

She wanted to confess everything. She wanted to make a final choice, a divorce.

While having dinner, her hand was scalded by the hot pot oil, and it turned red. The young man stared at her red hand with a blank face. Her first lover asked, if she is OK? Her husband immediately went to the fridge to get the ice, put it on the towel, and held her hand to relieve her pain.

In an instant, she understood which man loved her the most.

After that, she returned to her family, played the traditional roles of a good wife, tried to be more patient and became more tolerant and considerate.

James Grayson was such a person. He was quiet, cold and inflexible, and he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings. However, his every move expressed his concern and love.

“James Grayson, I have been waiting for you for three years, and if I ask you to wait for me for three years, will it be very willful?” Bella asked with a smile.

James Grayson looked at her in bewilderment, “What do you mean by that? What are you going to do for three years?”

Bella leaned on the table, “just joking.”

“I don’t want to wait for. Wherever you go, I will follow. You are my wife. After three months, when we come back from Halem, we will have a wedding ceremony. Don’t think too much.” James Grayson was not happy. He drank all the wine in a sip.

Bella was worried… What if she died?

Will James Grayson follow her to death?

The waiter brought the barbecue they ordered.

James Grayson waited for it to cool down a little, then took the wings and handed it to her. “Be careful it is still hot.”

Bella took over and took a bite in a trance. “You too.”

Bella’s cell phone rang. It was David Wilson’s call. She felt upset and didn’t receive it.

James Grayson took her mobile phone and saw the name. He put David Wilson’s number into the blacklist.

“I don’t think it’s necessary for you to get in touch with him.” James Grayson said.

Bella’s heart flowed a warm feeling, and she said, “You are right.”

“Let’s eat something first. It’s not too early.”

Bella put her mobile phone in her bag and looked around. She thought maybe David Wilson had dispatched someone to stare at her all the time.

“What are you looking at?” James Grayson asked suspiciously.

“I’d like to have one more eggplant. It looks delicious.” Bella found an excuse.

“Okay, finish it first. I’ll get for you.” James Grayson got up and went to the order area.

Bella took out her mobile phone and sent a message to David Wilson, “James Grayson is here. We are out for dinner. I will contact you tomorrow.”

After sending it, she deleted the message.

Her heart was beating fast. She had a kind of guilty feeling, but she was worried that the actions of James Grayson would annoy David Wilson.

After dinner, they went out and saw David Wilson.

He was leaning against the car’s door. His face had a charming smile but his eyes were sharp. He looked at Bella meaningfully, and said, “Bella, you’ve been in such a hurry before, you left something at my place.”

Bella’s heart thumped.

She raised her eyebrows. She didn’t understand what he wanted to do and stared at him.

James Grayson astonishingly looked at Bella. He was displeased and asked in a deep voice, “When did you meet him?”

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