Chapter 421 I only love one person

When I saw it, I finally heard footsteps.

I looked up and saw Philip standing on the stage on the second floor. He held a teddy bear almost as tall as him in his hand, and then he began to go down the stairs.

As he walked, he said, “Becky, I like you. I know you think I’m young, but I can grow up for you.”

“I didn’t know what it was like to like someone before, but after meeting you and contacting you for a while, I knew it.”

“I want to see you all the time. I want to share with you when I meet something happy. I’m very happy as long as I can be by your side. I…”

When Philip said this, he had already come down, but when he saw me crying, he was stunned and said nervously, “Becky, why are you crying? I…”

I was very angry!

I stood up and walked over and raised my hand!

I slapped him in the face and said, “shut up!”

Then I turned around and left.

Philip quickly put down his teddy bear and chased me.

He ran fast and quickly grabbed my arm and apologized, “I’m sorry, Becky. I…”

“Let go of me! I have something to do!”

I was upset.

Philip refused, “I’m sorry. If you promise me you won’t be angry, I’ll let go!”

He held me tight.

I had no choice but to stand still. Fortunately, all my discomfort disappeared. I turned to Philip and said in a very peaceful tone, “Philip, I’m not angry.”

“You’re lying to me.” I didn’t cry, but Philip’s eyes were a little red, “I’m sorry. I know I did it wrong. I shouldn’t be so assertive. I thought girls will like it.”

“You are right. Girls will like it.”

“But you don’t like it…”

Philip whispered.

“I don’t like it, not because it’s not romantic, but because it’s you.” I looked up at Philip. “I’m sorry. I did find out before that you have other thoughts. I thought my suggestion was obvious, but you misunderstood it.”

“No.” Philip was stunned. “I know you can’t accept me, but someone said that as long as the boy takes the initiative, the girl will…”

“Maybe, but I’m not a girl. I’m a mature woman. I’m older than you. I’ve been through a lot of things.”

At this point, Philip let go.

I didn’t leave and continued to say to Philip, “you’re a very good boy. You are considerate. You like me because my family used to rely on you, and I don’t. You can be yourself easily in my house and you have no pressure or burden, and I will not ask you anything.”

“No, I like you. I…”

“But I don’t love you. I will never love you. I only like one person. I can’t like other people.” I smiled and said, “you are a good boy. You will meet a girl who suits you.”

With that, I turned around and headed for my car.

Philip stood there and looked at me. His glasses were red and he was reluctant.

I got on the car and started it. I opened the window and said to him, “thank you for taking care of Lester for most of this year, but you don’t have to come from today. Come and take your things when you have time.”

With that, I drove away.

In fact, I could understand Philip’s intention. I thought he had prepared for today for a long time.

If I were a young girl, I would not refuse a handsome boy’s confession.

It was a pity I was old.

I also knew that Philip depended on me.

He was only a boy of 21 years old, but many times he was considerate.

What kind of experience made a 21-year-old boy so considerate?

Anyway, I thought Philip’s future would be very good.

And that was when I realized how much I wanted to celebrate Sean’s birthday!

I sped up and drove back to the Vienna.

When I came here again, there were many cars parked at the door.

There were many guests.

Seeing this, I seemed to realize something.

But I drove in and carried the cup straight to the manager and asked, “does Sean have a box?”

Hearing my question, the manager looked at me and seemed to realize something. He smiled. “President Jessop has left the box.”


“He left half an hour ago.” The manager said.

I was a little angry.

I blamed myself. I should have come in and told Sean. He was very busy now. How could he have been waiting for me?

And maybe he…

Forget it.

It was no use regretting and grieving in my heart.

I carried the cup and sadly returned to the car.

As soon as I started the car, I saw the manager running out. He seemed to have something in his hand.

I quickly opened the window. The manager handed in a note and said, “this is from President Jessop. He said if you come, I have to give it to you.”

“Thank you.”

I turned on the light in the car and saw the note saying, “put my cell phone number out of the blacklist.”

When I saw it, I suddenly smiled.

I was not young, but Sean’s style seemed to have changed a lot.

I smiled, though he didn’t tell me what happened.

But I thought I may only love Sean in my life. I should give him a chance.

I didn’t hesitate and did what he said.

“Happy broken pupa, gorgeous new impulse…”

Sean called me right away.

I answered the phone. Soon I heard his voice, “I haven’t seen you for a long time. How dare you stand me up?”

I didn’t know if it was my illusion. I thought he sounded in a good mood.

“Sorry, something happened.” I told him the truth.

But of course I didn’t mention Philip.

After that, Sean was silent for a while and said, “you ruined my preparations for my birthday.”

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