Chapter 419 Are you stupid because of your fever?

“No, I just…”

“Stop talking. Close your eyes and sleep. I’ll take you back later.”

I knew what Philip would say, so I just interrupted him.

I had said what I had to say. This topic could be stopped without further discussion.

Philip shook his head. “It’s OK. Let me chat with you.”

“No, you’d better sleep. It’s too noisy.”

When I said it, I was stunned.

What was the matter? My tone seemed to be a little like Sean’s?

When I realized it, I felt a little sad.

Philip fell asleep. I watched a TV play on my cell phone for a while.

I asked the nurse to change his medicine.

Philip didn’t wake up during the whole process.

I sat down and looked at Philip, who was lying in bed and sleeping. He had long eyelashes, white skin and beautiful eyes.

He was handsome.

No wonder his roommate said he was popular.

He looked a little like Daniell.

When I was in college, many girls liked Daniell.

The standards of girls had not changed.

After a while I called the nurse.

This time, Philip woke up.

He opened his eyes and saw me and smiled, “thank you, Becky. It’s great that I know you.”

“You are welcome. Thank you for taking care of Lester. You helped me a lot.”

I mentioned Lester on purpose and wanted to make my relationship with him clear.

Philip didn’t seem to mind.

The nurse took the medicine bottle. I touched his forehead and his temperature was normal. I picked up the medicine, but he grabbed it immediately. “I’ll do it.”

I didn’t refuse.

We went to the door. He was in the passenger seat and I drove him back. Philip smiled all the way.

I looked in the right rearview mirror several times and saw him smiling. I was a little helpless and asked him, “what’s the matter with you? Are you stupid because of your fever?”

“No, I’m just happy.”

Philip replied.

I shook my head helplessly, “as expected, you are stupid. You’re sick. Why are you happy?”

Philip didn’t speak.

We went home.

I went upstairs to see Lester. Fortunately, he didn’t wake up, so I was relieved.

I watched Philip take the medicine and brought him a quilt before going to bed.

Over the next two days, Philip took his medicine on time and recovered before he returned to school.

Before he left, I touched his forehead and confirmed that his temperature was normal. I gave him a lot of regular medicine and told him to take it on time.

After he left, I felt like I was wordy.

My life was still the same.

Sean’s birthday was coming. Although I refused him that day, the closer to his birthday, the more upset I was.

Sometimes I regretted that I refused him.

But soon I woke up.

Fortunately, I had blacklisted Sean and we couldn’t contact each other, otherwise I was not sure if I couln’t help contacting him.

January 16th was Tuesday.

It was Sean’s birthday.

I was thinking about it.

At noon, I went to the nearby coffee shop to buy the limited coffee for Valentine’s day. I saw a pair of mugs by the counter. One was blue, and the other was red.

Their colors were very nice.

I bought them.

But I regretted it.

He may have forgotten, but I remembered it.

I went to the intersection near the studio. I was afraid Linda would ask me later. I felt guilty. I saw a trash can and put the two cups there and strode to the studio.

But I was reluctant.

I turned and lifted the bag quietly.

Sure enough, when I got to the studio, Chloe approached me and looked at my four bags and took them.

Chloe looked at them and said, “what is this?”

“Nothing.” I put the bag in the drawer aside.

Chloe didn’t speak on the surface, but she wanted to open the drawer and see what it was countless times in the afternoon. But I found out.

“Tell me what it is. Is it a gift you received?”

Chloe finally gave up.

I shook my head and glanced at her. “No, it’s just a cup. I will use it.”

“Isn’t it really a Valentine’s Day gift you prepared for someone else?” Chloe asked.

“Of course not!”

As soon as I finished, someone knocked at the door.

The clerk sitting at the door went to open the door.

A courier stood at the door. “Who is Becky, please?”


I got up and walked over.

He handed me a small package in his hand, “please accept your express delivery.”

“Express delivery?”

I was a little surprised. I looked down and saw it. It was a small blue cardboard box. It was delicate and had a transparent plastic film.

I suddenly realized that it might come from Sean.

I received it immediately.

Actually, I wanted to celebrate his birthday.

But if I only gave him a cup as a gift, would I be too stingy?

After the courier left, Chloe immediately approached, “is today a holiday? You bought a gift and someone gave you a gift. What is it? Open it and have a look.”

“You’re excited when Linda’s not here, aren’t you?”

I glanced at her.

Today, there was an activity in Summer’s kindergarten, so Linda went there.

Chloe was unhappy. “I’m curious.”

I put the box away and didn’t want to open it now.

Chloe found out I didn’t really want to open it so she went to work.

When she left, I took the box to the meeting room and opened it.

Sure enough, there was nothing in it but a card. There was a time and place on the card.

The signature below was Sean.

I looked at the card carefully. There was nothing written on the card except for it.

I was not happy. He seemed certain that I would go.

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