Chapter 418 Stop contacting from now on

“I’m not free!”

I picked up my bag and went out.

I was really fed up with it!

I drove to the studio. Linda said, “your face is very red. What’s the matter?”

“I’m angry!”

I pouted and said angrily.

Linda immediately said seriously, “who made you angry? I’ll beat him for you.”


I looked up and said it seriously.

Linda frowned. “Why are you still in touch with him? Didn’t you break up?”

Yes, we had broken up.

But I was cheated and teased by him again and again.

I wryly smiled, “yes, we will stop contacting from now on.”

If I was teased by him again, I would be a fool!

“OK.” Linda picked up a folder and said, “I’m going to a meeting. Take a rest. You can come in later.”

“I’ll go now.”

I picked up my laptop and followed her.

Today was Friday. I went to pick up Lester and went home.

I could smell the food as soon as I opened the door.


I saw Philip cooking.

He smiled and said, “Becky, you’re back.”

“I’m sorry. You have to cook on Friday.”

We were used to it. Philip was in charge of cooking when he was at home.

To thank him, I sent him a desktop computer with the highest configuration at present. Even if he only worked two and a half days a week, I gave him six thousand dollars a month.

I wanted to make our employment relationship clear to him.

“No, I like to cook for you.”

Philip’s ears were a little red when he spoke.

“I think Philip cooks better than Mom,” Lester said.

“If you like, I can cook for you all the time.”


Lester nodded.

But I understood what Philip meant. I said immediately, “don’t talk nonsense. Philip is about to graduate. He has to go to work and he will have other things to do on weekends. He…”

“Becky, are you going to drive me away?”

Philip asked me before I could finish.

I was exposed by him and I didn’t know how to continue.

I smiled. “No, you’ll be busy. And I heard that animators often work overtime.”

“I can make time…”

“Philip.” I interrupted him, “you will have your own life in the future. You will meet the girl you like. You can date or go out with friends on weekends. You don’t need to help me all the time. Lester can take care of himself.”

I had to make it clear to Philip.

Otherwise, I was afraid that he would go further and further on a road that shouldn’t belong to him.

Philip lowered his eyes and said nothing. He turned to the gas stove and said, “the meal is almost ready.”

I looked at him and thought his face was abnormally red.

After dinner, Philip played with Lester until half past nine. I took Lester upstairs to sleep.

I coaxed Lester for half an hour and told two stories before he fell asleep.

I crept out of Lester’s room when he fell asleep.

I really needed to talk to Philip. I didn’t want him to come here after the winter vacation.

When I came out, the corridor on the second floor was quiet. I went downstairs.

The light in the kitchen was off. I took a look at the living room and didn’t see Philip.

I went back to the second floor and knocked on the door of his room. No one answered. I hesitated and opened the door. The light in the room was off and Philip was not in it.

I went to the bathroom and the light was off.

Did he leave?

I thought so.

So I went to work in my study for a while.

But I thought it was strange. Philip was polite. If he wanted to leave, he would tell me. He never left without saying goodbye to me.

I got up and went downstairs. I wanted to see if his shoes were at the door.

But I saw a man’s legs in the dark kitchen.


I went over and turned on the light!

I found Philip lying on the ground. I touched his hand and it was hot!

He had a fever.

I got nervous right away. I called 911.

During this time, I took Philip’s temperature. He must have had a fever for a long time.

I remembered that he didn’t look well when he was cooking. He must have had a fever then.

He was stupid!

He was heavy and I couldn’t move him. I could only wait for the ambulance.

Soon the ambulance arrived.

He was carried to the ambulance. I drove behind it.

The ambulance took him to the nearest hospital. Philip didn’t wake up until 1 a.m!

He saw me and apologized, “I’m sorry, Becky. I’m putting you in trouble.”

“Yes!” I couldn’t help being angry. “You have a fever. Why didn’t you tell me? If I really thought you had left and I didn’t go downstairs, you would be there all night. When I find you in the morning, maybe your body is stiff!”

“I’m sorry.”

Philip was apologetic.

“Why don’t you say you have a fever?”

I asked him.

He touched his head. “It wasn’t serious in the afternoon and I took the medicine. I didn’t expect it to get serious at night, so…”

In fact, I knew he had a fever because he stood there for a long time last night and it was cold.

It had something to do with me.

I opened a bottle of mineral water and handed it to him. I couldn’t help asking, “how long did you wait for me last night?”

“It’s not long.”

Philip said at once.

“Tell me the truth!”

I asked him seriously and raised my voice.

After all, the dinner party lasted about three or four hours. I was afraid he waited so long.

Philip was stunned. He looked around and felt guilty. “I waited for you for half an hour…” He looked up at me and immediately said, “one… two hours at most.”

I guessed so.

I couldn’t help raising my hand and touching his hair, “you’re stupid. Why did you wait for me outside? You can fall in love with other girls. Don’t cling to me!”

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