Chapter 417 Do you like me today

I followed Sean to the bathroom and bathed with him.

This kind of scene and feeling was familiar. I blinked and looked at him. “You’re not Lester, are you?”

“No, I’m not.”

Sean stood there and pointed the shower at me when I was not paying attention!


I was surprised.

When I reacted, I was all wet.

I looked at Sean and was a little upset. “What are you doing?”

Actually, I was going back later.

But it was winter and my clothes were wet. I could only dry them in a few hours. I couldn’t leave now.

“We have to take a bath together.” Sean reached out and put me under the shower.

The warm water flowed down my head. All my clothes were wet.

I frowned and was very unhappy.

I wanted to run, but Sean held me from behind. His thin lips pressed against my ears and he blocked the water with his back. He said to me, “you know what? In fact, I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, so I am very happy.”


The sound of the water was loud, but he spoke close to my ear. I still heard it very clearly.

“Your headmaster invited me to this party a long time ago. I didn’t want to come, but he said he would invite some excellent graduates. I asked who they were. He mentioned you, so I agreed.”


“I’m not like me today. I chose several suits before I went out. Isn’t it strange? You haven’t seen me for months. I have to be perfect in front of you and show you more of me.”

Sean hugged me and said.

In fact, he didn’t have to worry so much.

Sean may not know that he was perfect. Even if he only wore pajamas, his body and face and every part of him would attract any woman.

Of course, including me.

But I was a little confused and asked him, “why? You are different today.”

Sean was childish but cute today.

He hugged me tightly and asked me, “do you like me today?”


“I used to talk to Eric. He said that I always pretend in front of you and never express my true ideas. You will be farther and farther away from me. So I’m going to tell you what I think today.”

The water was still loud, but my heart beat faster.

At this point, Sean tentatively lifted my clothes. “Let’s take a bath together.”


“Don’t refuse me.”

He was still domineering. Today he seemed to be really expressing his true ideas.

I was wearing his bathrobe when we came out. He was only wrapped in a bath towel. He sat by the bed and held me and said softly, “I miss you so much.”

When he said that, a kiss fell on my forehead.

Then he went on.

“I miss you every day.” He kissed my eyebrows.

“I miss you when I get up in the morning. I miss you at the meeting. I miss you at the party. I miss you so much when I’m sleeping that I can’t sleep.”

He kissed me a few times.

I stood in front of him and my heart pounded.

I put my arm around his neck and kissed him. Then I pouted and said, “it’s a pity I don’t miss you. I work hard every day and make myself busy and don’t miss you.”

He was not angry. “You just don’t have time to miss me.”

“Is it different?”

“Yes.” Sean turned over and put me on the bed. He pulled the hair off my face and asked, “do you like me today?”

I nodded slightly.

Sean started kissing me.

It snowed outside the window. White snow fell on the glass. Soon the heat in the house melted the snow and left traces on the windows.

When I woke up the next day, the bed was empty. I was the only one left.

I felt the cold bed and felt a bit trance. Everything last night was like a dream.

I dressed up and opened the bedroom door. I saw Sean in a housecoat reading a newspaper on the sofa. He smiled at me and said, “good morning.”

“Good morning.”

I looked at Sean and felt warm.

Briana and Doris stood by and said to me, “good morning, madam.”

“Good morning.”

I responded to them.

After breakfast, Sean got dressed.

There were many clothes I could wear in the wardrobe of the master bedroom this season.

I thought we were going out together, but he said, “you go first. I’ll go later.”

I was stunned by his words. “What?”

Didn’t he want people to know we were in love?

I was a little confused. I looked at him. “What’s our relationship now?”

“You are my girlfriend.”

Sean said faintly and he was totally different from last night.

Was last night an unrealistic dream?



“We are not lovers. Am I just your sexual partner?”

“No, I…”

“Stop! Tell me if we can get married. Please don’t tease me again and again. I’m not as good at acting as you are. I can’t let it go!”

I really took it seriously last night.

But why was he like this today?

I was a little confused.

Sean stood there and said coldly, “I really miss you, but I can’t make our relationship public for the time being.”

“Why?” I didn’t understand. Now the Giant group had no problems and I had no scandal. What was he worrying about?

I seemed to understand, “your parents? Your parents don’t want us to get married, do they?”


“Then tell me what happened and why did you and Cindy meet at the beginning of the year? What are you hiding from me?”

I knew everything must have started from that meeting.

When I had a press conference, Sean went to meet Cindy.

After that, Sean’s attitude towards me changed.

But this year Sean didn’t seem to be in touch with Cindy and there was no news about them.

Sean didn’t answer. He just looked at me and suddenly said, “my birthday is next month. Shall we have dinner together?”

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