Chapter 416 This Sean was a fake


Sean nodded.

There was a waiter standing far away. He kept looking at the two of us but he didn’t dare to get close.

Sean beckoned, “you, come here.”

The waiter ran over.

He took some money out of his wallet and shoved it into his hand and said, “no one is allowed to enter until we both come out!”

The waiter’s eyes brightened, “yes! Take your time!”

I knew the waiter must have misunderstood.

We entered the bathroom. Sean locked the door and started to zip his pants.

I turned around. He grabbed me with one hand. I judged from the sound that he had finished.

I heard him zip his pants and I turned.

He wanted to hold my hand, but I immediately refused, “no, your hands are dirty!”

Sean was stunned and immediately understood. He immediately washed his hands carefully and reached for me.

He was smiling.

I looked up and looked at him carefully. His nose and mouth didn’t change, but I thought Sean was strange today.

I looked at him and thought about it carefully and asked, “Sean, are you possessed?”

We just hadn’t seen each other for months. Why did he suddenly become like this?

Sean shook his head. “No.”


I didn’t believe it!

At this time, the waiter’s voice came from the door, “I’m sorry. The toilet in the men’s room is being repaired. Please go to another floor.”

“Oh my God!”

I could tell it was Orchid fingers.

I couldn’t help smiling.

I turned and looked at Sean. He was looking at me and smiling. His eyes were so tender.

I blushed and said, “let’s go.”


Sean nodded and followed me.

We went back. By this time the party was drawing to a close.

At the end, the headmaster told me to send Sean home.

I knew Sean was a distinguished guest. He couldn’t let him have an accident.

When we two came out of the hotel, it was dark outside. The roadside lights were on.

I saw a man standing near the flower bed. He was looking at his cell phone. The screen of his mobile phone illuminated his face.

“Philip?” I shouted.

Then Philip looked up. He saw me and saw Sean by my side. He was obviously stunned and said, “Becky, you’re out. I was afraid you would get drunk, so I waited for you here.”

The winter night was still very cold. Philip’s face was red with cold. He had been standing for a long time.

“I protect her. How could she get drunk?”

Sean said and held me in his arms.

“Well, I rest assured. I’ll go back to school first.”

With that, Philip turned and left.

His back was particularly thin and lonely at night.

My car was parked in the school.

Sean and I were also heading for school. Sean had been holding me. When we were near the school gate, he suddenly asked me, “you don’t like him, do you?”


“The little boy wants to compete with me for you.”

Sean’s voice was childish.

I squinted at him and was confused.

It was ten years since I first met him.

I had never seen Sean like this.

He was too childish!

I said, incredulously, “Sean, are you really not possessed?”

Sean hugged me tightly. “I’m addicted to you.”


Sean was drunk before, but was he like this?

I didn’t remember that!

Finally we got to the side of my car. He looked at my car and frowned, “you drive this car?”

He despised it.

“I like it.” I pouted. “I’ve loved this car since I was a kid.”

“I see…”

He said nothing else.

He got into the car. I started the car and asked him, “where do you live now?”

In fact, when I asked him, I was nervous. I was afraid Sean told me that he lived with Cindy.

But instead of answering immediately, he turned around and hugged me and said, “I’ll go wherever you go.”

“Nonsense.” I took a look at him.

“You can be cruel today and throw me on the road. I will not refuse.”

Sean was really weird today.

I said, “I’ll take you back to York No.1.”

“No, you have to come back with me.” Sean hugged me and said firmly.

There was a smell of alcohol all around him. I was sure he was really drunk.

I remembered Sean had a lot of liquor for me today.

Although the glass was not big, he couldn’t drink it all the time.

In order to coax him, I had to agree, “OK.”

The car arrived at York No.1.

Although my car didn’t belong to this community, the security guard knew Sean.

Sean kept pulling me and didn’t let me go.

I had to park my car.

Fortunately, it was not a weekend. Lester was not at home.

I accompanied Sean upstairs.

Briana opened the door. She saw me and was stunned. She immediately smiled and said, “master, madam, you are back.”

Sean was satisfied.

But I corrected her. “I’m not.”

“You are.” Sean suddenly became unhappy. He suddenly leaned over and held me up!


I was startled.

He carried me straight into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. “You are my wife!”

“Sean, you’re crazy.”

I didn’t think this Sean was real.

He must be a fake.

How could Sean be like this?

“Yes.” Sean pressed me and his face was close to me. He said ruefully, “I’m drunk.”

“And then?”

I didn’t understand what he meant.

“I want to have sex with you, but I can’t. Help me.”

He said shamelessly.

I was stunned again.

I gave him a push. “Take a bath and go to bed.”

“Be with me.”


In fact, I was in a good mood at this moment.

Sean was cute. Although I was confused, I found it very interesting.

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