Chapter 415 I’ll tie you to the door so you can’t leave

Orchid fingers was horrified and looked at me in disbelief. Though he was reluctant, he said, “I’m sorry, President Jessop. I didn’t mean to. I was wrong!”


“I’m sorry, Miss Becky. I was wrong. Please forgive me.”

Orchid fingers said.

At this time, everyone looked at us, but Sean didn’t seem to let go.

Soon I realized what he meant.

I could only say, “forget it.”

Finally Sean let go and said, “get out of here!”


Orchid fingers ran away in fright.

The seat next to me was empty soon.

I was not surprised that Sean now had this status and influence. A few days ago, though the AI projects invested by Sean had problems because of Ming’s interruption, they had all been solved later.

Sean had also set up a future technology company with a bright future. It was sure to go public in less than two years.

That was why the Giant group had become York’s boss.

As for Ming’s company, although it was also influential, the pharmaceutical industry was small after all.

When Orchid fingers left, Sean sat next to me.

I looked down at my cell phone and didn’t plan to talk to him.

On the surface, I looked very calm. In fact, my heart beat had already betrayed myself. It was beating fast.

Sean and I hadn’t seen each other for half a year. The first time we separated was when the ice and snow melted, and then the unpleasant meeting was in midsummer.

Now, winter was coming again.

I was so busy these days that I even thought I had forgotten him.

But when I saw him again, I realized that this love was always in my heart and never left.

No matter how strong and confident I was and how much I had achieved, it would not disappear.

And the longer we were apart, the more I loved him.

“Are you going to keep your eyes on your cell phone?”

Sean asked me.

His voice was still so magnetic.

I knew it was useless to run away, so I looked up and pretended to realize it and smiled, “President Jessop, long time no see.”

“Long time no see.” Sean looked at me and his eyes were cold.

I couldn’t see his mood at this moment at all.

I glanced at my watch and got up, “President Jessop, I’m sorry. It suddenly occurred to me that I had work unfinished. I have to go.”

With that, I picked up my bag and was about to leave.

But before I left my seat, I heard him stand up. “OK, I’ll drive you.”

“No, President Jessop, I have a car. I can already drive. I don’t need you to drive me.”

I turned and told him.

Sean looked at me and he wasn’t surprised I said that. He smiled. “Oh, I didn’t drive here. You can drive me. I have something to do.”


I didn’t expect Sean to say that.

Because Sean was an important person, he affected everyone in the meeting.

At this time, everyone looked at us.

When Sean was about to leave, the headmaster immediately came up and said, “are you going to leave? The party has just begun. Don’t hurry.”

“I heard she was here so I came. Now she’s going, so of course I’m going with her.”

Sean joked.

The headmaster listened and looked at me. “Becky, don’t go, will you?”

The headmaster was about the age of Murray.

I couldn’t refuse him.

I could only make an excuse, “I’m joking with him. We won’t go. I just want to go to the bathroom.”

“Then I’ll go to the bathroom, too.”

Sean said right away.

“Then I won’t go.”

“Oh, I suddenly don’t want to go.”

Sean said what I said.

The headmaster looked at both of us and seemed to understand. “Well, you two can sit together. You can sit anywhere you want.”

I couldn’t go.

I had to sit back and Sean sat down.

He followed me all the time.

The people around looked at us but he didn’t mind.

He had been staring at me.

I looked down and ate and didn’t look at him.

Sean didn’t seem to mind.

People kept coming over to toast Sean.

He accepted everyone’s toast, but if they wanted to toast me, Sean would immediately say, “she has to drive and can’t drink.”

Everyone listened to Sean.

The party was halfway through.

I drank a lot of water.

I really wanted to go to the bathroom this time.

I stood up, but Sean, who was drinking with someone else, came up at once. “Where are you going?”


I didn’t expect him to follow me.

Sean immediately said, “I’ll go, too.”

He still remembered it.

I was helpless. I pointed to my bag on the chair and said, “I won’t even take it. I will not run away.”

“Then I’ll follow you.”

Sean had a drink and the house might be a little hot. His cheeks were a little red. He took my hand like a child.

I was helpless.

Everyone around us looked at us. The eyes of women were envious.

I knew I couldn’t go to the bathroom without Sean.

I could only take him.

I got to the door and went in. Sean was waiting for me at the door. I thought he was just afraid I would leave.

To my surprise, I washed my hands and was ready to go back, but he took me straight to the men’s room.

“What are you doing?”

I was stunned.

“Come in with me.” Sean said plainly.

“No! That’s the men’s room. You can go in. I’ll wait for you outside.”

At the moment, I didn’t even know what Sean wanted to do.

Sean immediately refused. “No, what if you leave after I go in?”

“I won’t leave.”

“No way.”

“I won’t leave.” I said, “I swear I won’t leave!”

“Then…” He said and began to untie his tie.

“What are you doing?”

I was stunned.

“I’ll tie you to the door so you can’t leave.”

Sean pulled his black and white tie off with one of his hands and tried to tie me!

I was helpless, “I’ll go in with you.”

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