Chapter 414 Who allowed you to touch her?

I stood there and looked at Philip and said seriously, “no way!”

“Why?” Philip didn’t seem to expect me to turn him down. He was a little surprised. “I’m excellent. I often come first and get a first-class scholarship every year. I have won many awards. Now many companies have contacted me and hope I can go to their company after graduation!”

I looked at Philip, “why did you choose animation? I heard Chloe say your family is poor. You needed to buy an expensive laptop before you went to university. Your parents didn’t agree at the time. You spent the summer after the college entrance examination as a tutor and bought a laptop, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Philip nodded, “that’s because I like it. I like watching animation since I was young, so…”

I interrupted him, “so if you come to our studio, you have to give up your dream and start learning a new thing. You can’t ruin your career on impulse.”


I looked firmly at Philip, “you are smart and excellent. You will be a good man in the future. But you can never give up what you love for someone. You actually give up on yourself. No one will appreciate you.”

Philip looked at me and his eyes were full of uncertainty.

I didn’t know if he understood.

I said and looked at my watch. “I have to go, or I’ll be late.”

Then I walked quickly to the school gate.

Philip quickly caught up with me. “Becky, I want to see you off.”

“I’m not a child. I won’t get lost.”

I shook my head helplessly.

He followed me and smiled, “I know, but I’m worried about you.”

He just followed me when he finished.

He took me to the door of the hotel. I urged him to leave.

But I went to the lobby and looked back and found him standing there. I couldn’t help frowning.

His change was too obvious.

Maybe I should really think about changing a babysitter for Lester.

I found the banquet hall according to the guide sign at the door.

There were about seventeen or eighteen round tables in it. There were already a lot of people when I went in.

Mostly strangers.

I looked around and found my name in a round table at the back.

As soon as I sat down, the headmaster came to the stage. “Welcome to come here. Today, in addition to the outstanding graduates of York Academy of Fine Arts, there are many social people who have donated money for the school. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your coming!”

It was official.

We were excellent graduates. I looked around and made sure that I had no acquaintances, so I decided to leave in a moment.

When I was thinking, a man about my age approached me and said, “are you Becky? You are the most famous among us.”

He spoke with orchid fingers.

Although I didn’t show it on my face, I was disgusted in my heart.

He didn’t seem to feel it, “and you’ve been famous lately. The villa area you designed is popular.”


“Your partner is great. Without her, I don’t think you can make it.”

I didn’t answer. Orchid fingers said a lot.

I understood. He wanted to say I was incapable and just lucky.

I didn’t want to talk to him and nodded, “yes.”

Anyway, we didn’t know each other.

At this time, the dishes were served.

The headmaster came to the stage again and said, “this year when our school celebrated, President Jessop of the Giant group donated a professional library to our school.” My heart was pounding!

I had a bad feeling about the purpose of the banquet today!

Sure enough, the headmaster said, “today, President Jessop is here. Let’s welcome President Jessop and invite him to the stage!”

That headmaster was really experienced.

At this time, everyone applauded. I looked around and saw that Sean was sitting at the front table, and I was sitting at the back.

He was so far away from me and surrounded that I didn’t see him.

Sean came on stage and took the microphone. His magnetic voice came from the microphone, “York Academy of Fine Arts is the oldest art college in York. It’s my pleasure to contribute to your school…”

After that, Sean said something.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe Sean was modest without hearing it in person.

I thought Sean was looking in my direction.

At this time, I heard Orchid fingers saying, “Oh, President Jessop is so handsome. He seems to be looking at my direction.”

I was helpless and turned around immediately.

I didn’t look at the podium again.

I prayed in my heart that Sean didn’t see me.

I wanted to leave at the beginning of the meal.

Soon Sean’s speech was over. The audience applauded and I thought I had to leave.

But before I had a chance, I heard Orchid fingers say, “Oh, President Jessop seems to be walking towards us!”

I looked up at the other people on the table. They were all looking behind me.


I just felt cold behind.

In less than two seconds, Orchid fingers next to me stood up and said, “President Jessop, would you like to sit here? Do I have to ask the waiter to add a chair?”

Our table was full.

But it was OK to add one or two more chairs.

I had understood Sean’s purpose.

Then I heard his voice, “I want to sit here. You can go somewhere else.”

I was not sure who he was talking to, but I was sure it was not me.

At this time, Orchid fingers suddenly froze and pushed me, “President Jessop let you get out of the way. It hurts!”

He exclaimed before he had finished speaking.

I found the face of orchid fingers pale. His hand was held tightly by a hand behind me.

The next second, I heard Sean’s cold voice, “who allows you to touch her?”

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