Chapter 200 the Ridiculous Jealousy

Dan Trump raised her eyes and stared straight at Janice, who was sitting opposite to eat with a big mouth, and flashed in his mind several times the kisses during the day. He could not helping smiling meaningfully.

“What were you smiling at?” Janice asked as she ate.

Dan Trump raised an eyebrow, “Nothing, I just thought of another use of the mouth.”

Janice looked at him silently, thinking that he must be a boring man.

After dinner, he still worked in the study. Janice thought, since they were husband and wife, then they have to live forever. She just wanted to warm up their relationship.

She sprayed the fragrance, and she chose a sexy silk pajama deliberately. When she stood in front of Dan Trump, she was also very shy.

She blushed, bit her lips lightly, and pretended to be generous, and said, “How about sleeping together?”

Dan Trump really was shocked by her. How could she say these words?

Dan Trump also gave a faceless response, “Sorry, I’m not interested in you.”

Janice almost angered by him. Since she has been so active, and he didn??t cooperate with her

Janice looked at him up and down. She took two steps back and shook her head, “Dan Trump, I don’t think you are not interested in me. You are not interested in all women.”

Dan Trump probably knew that she deliberately stimulated him, “In order to let me sleep with you, you also have to work hard. But what should I do? I’m really not interested in you.”

“Oh, I don’t think you are not, but you can’t.”

How can Dan Trump bear this, even if he knew she was provoking him, as a man, he had to prove himself.

Janice was cornered by Dan Trump’s. He smiled an evil smile, ??So do you want me to prove my ability.”

Janice knew that he had been fooled. At the same time, her heart bearing quickly, and she was really nervous.

When she was too shy to face him or dared not to look at him, she had to close her eyes and accept all this.

Her eyes were closed, her face flushed and anticipating what he would do to her next, and then… nothing happened.

He turned away and started to make a phone call, ??Go get two women to here.??

The other party may have doubted it for a moment. Dan Trump was more deterrent, “In thirty minutes.”

When Janice heard his call just now, she really exploded, “Dan Trump, you are way too much!”

Dan Trump looked back at Janice who was angry. He smiled proudly. Sure enough, looking at her angry, he would be more comfortable in his heart, “I just do as you wish, to prove that I am a normal man.”

As soon as Janice was angry, she said nothing, “Shit, who asked you to find other women to come home and prove to me that you were a man, I…” She couldn’t say any more.

Well, he can ask for women to come home, okay. She can prove that she can also do the same thing.

Janice pushed away Dan Trump, who was blocking her way, “Get up.”

She went back to the room to find the mobile phone, and intentionally called in front of him, “John, I miss you. Of course it is true. Well, I don’t want to go out. You could come to me. Yes, I will wait for you.”

Dan Trump took the mobile phone in her hand, “Janice, what the hell are you saying?”

“Just do what you just did.” She yelled at him even louder.

Dan Trump was desperate, “This is my home. It is my bottom line to have you stayed here, you still ask a man to come here?”

Janice smiled indifferently, “Are you insane? Don??t you know that the couple??s property is shared? You say this is your home, and I say it is my home. You can call a woman to my home, why can’t I find a man?”

“Janice, how can you so shameless?”

“It??s none of your business.”

Well, the two finally decided to ignore each other and waited for the persons they were looking for. It was John who came first.

The other person saw that there was a man at home, and he also knew that Janice was married, and the man at home was her husband.

“Why is your husband at home?” Janice was very satisfied, but Dan Trump wanted to punch him directly.

What can he be at home? Can??t he be at his own home?

Janice gave John a generous hug in front of Dan Trump, “Don’t care about him, let’s go upstairs.”

“Is not so good, right?” He didn’t want to disappear from this world yet.

Janice was even more proud now.

“Oh dear, let me tell you a big secret, my husband, he…”

“Janice, have you made enough trouble?” Dan Trump roared, staring at her in a rage.

If it weren’t for his sudden coldness towards her, as if she had committed an unforgivable heinous crime, would she do this?

Did he think she was not tired of this? She also wanted to live a simple life with him. He as not the one she knew at all now.

Just then, the doorbell rang again, which was curious for that John, but for Janice and Dan Trump, they knew who came this time.

Dan Trump went to open the door in person, and two long-legged beauties came in together. They all looked very charming and shy when they saw Dan Trump.

As soon as the two beauties came in, before Janice was about to get angry, John beside her was angry first, “Yoyo, what were you doing here?”

One of the beauties was frightened when she saw John, “John, why were you here?”

John asked furiously, “I’m asking you!”

The scary girl named Yoyo kept hiding behind the girl next to her. Janice understood it. The two were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Dan quickly stepped forward to resolve this embarrassment, “Yoyo, you were here. Why haven’t you told me before that you have a boyfriend?”

Yoyo was a little confused for a while, “I.. I…” When she reacted to the situation, she directly asked John aggressively, “What are you doing here?”

Janice walked up to Dan Trump cheerfully, holding Dan Trump’s arm unnaturally, “Darling, is this the one who helped you last time?” She refers to John.

Dan Trump didn’t want to get in trouble. He felt that time was very precious. Some things were really troublesome. He just nodded, “Yes.”

Dan Trump glanced at John. His gaze was obvious. He could leave here with his girlfriend.

After the end of the farce, someone who should not have come had come. Janice shook his arm away in disgust, “How unlucky I am.”

After whispering, Janice went back to the room with a gasp and closed the door with a “bang!”

Dan Trump the closed room door, with mixed feelings in his heart, he had no intention to work when he returned to the study room, and was even more restless in his heart. He really didn??t know why he should keep her beside him, if everything cannot go on as planned, when what??s the meaning of the marriage?

Janice is an open-minded woman. She can’t stop sleeping because of her anger. When she was about to fall asleep, she heard the sound of the car moving, and then left.

It’s so late at night, and he left her alone at home, saying no words. Maybe he didn’t want to see her.

Sometimes she wanted to persuade herself to accept the truth. What mistake did she make that he had to restrain her with marriage?

She wanted to ask him if it was from their first meeting, everything was his carefully planned plan?

But she didn’t dare to face it. She was afraid of the truth, she was afraid of the answer. She fell in love with him already.

He didn’t return all night. She must be late for work the next day, as she cannot take his car.

President’s wife was always late for work, which had become the target of the company’s gossip. At lunch, Janice went upstairs to the president’s office to ask him if he wanted to eat with her together.

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