Chapter 199 I Thought You Didn’t Love Her

“Be busy with your job. Don’t mess around in front of me.” Dan Trump got up with two documents and was ready to go to a meeting.

Janice grabbed his sleeve, “Can I attend the meeting?”

“No!” Don’t even think about it.

Janice grabbed him with one hand and refused to let go, “It was grandpa who asked me to come to work. Do you want to disobey him?”

While speaking, she also held her swollen wrist in front of him and let him see the cost of his disobedience.

Dan Trump’s eyes froze, “Janice, don’t you have self-esteem? Didn’t you see that I hated you?”

Janice retorted him, “Don’t you also say you love me?”

“That’s all…” a lie.

The latter two words, she knew them but she did not allow him to say them. Once some words were spoken out, it cannot be retracted, and would leave indelible scars in each other’s heart.

Janice stomped her toes and kissed his lips, letting those hurtful words swallow into his belly.

Lips divided, she looked up at him, “You cannot say the words I don??t love to heat.”

Dan Trump was speechless. What did she think in her head? He really couldn’t figure it out.

Dan Trump left the office, and Janice followed him. Followed by his assistant outside and the secretary.

The secretary rolled her eyes at Janice and whispered, “Shameless.”

This remark was obviously pointing at Janice, but Janice would not be frustrated by her, turning around and showing off to the young secretary.

“Well. Any objection? I kissed my man and what can you do to me? If you have the gut, speak that word out loud.”

The little secretary was scolded by Janice in public, with a pair of tearing eyes, feeling like she would cry in the next second.

“How can you be so ignorant?” The little secretary also blamed her.

Janice really wanted to tear her apart immediately, “You…”

Just before raising her hand to slap on the secretary’s face, she was grabbed by Dan Trump strongly, “Enough!”

He had a somber face and looked at her coldly, so that in front of the crowd, everyone felt that she was unreasonable.

“Didn??t you hear that she was scolding me just now?” Janice retorted him.

Dan Trump was expressionless, and the words he spoke were even more ruthless, “Was she wrong?”

What did he mean? He was standing in the same line with the secretary. Looking at how proud the secretary now, Janice felt that she was going to be furious.

She kicked angrily on Dan Trump’s feet, “Dan Trump, you bastard!”

Janice left in a desperate anger, Dan Trump’s eyes fixed on her leaving back, full of thoughts.

He wanted her to leave, but didn’t want her to leave…

The little secretary thought that Dan Trump really upheld her, and said sweetly, “President, thank you.”

Dan Trump glanced at her coldly and arrogantly, “In the future, you should pay attention to your identity. If you don’t want to do this job, then quit it.”

Hearing this, the secretary quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, president, I thought…”

“What?” Dan Trump interrupted.

“I thought you didn’t love her,” the secretary said in a low voice.

Dan Trump was majestic, “She is my wife. Don??t you know the answer?”

The little secretary lowered her head and couldn’t say a word.

Dan Trump turned and left, followed by the special assistant. Even if the little secretary was wronged, her work still had to be done.

That question was not only a warn to others, but also a question he asked himself. If it was just to take revenge, he had many options, but he had to marry her home.

At the end of the meeting, Dan Trump and the special assistant returned to the office. He said to the assistant, “Arrange a position for Janice on the financial department.”

The special assistant was hesitant, and also wanted to ask if he was sure to arrange the president’s wife in the finance department. After all, he also knew Dan??s original reason for this marriage.

Before the special assistant had time to speak Janice’s voice came, “I don’t want to go to the finance department. I want to be your secretary.”

The special assistant was speechless for a while. At this time, he should be out first.

Dan Trump gave her a cold look and did not speak.

Janice stepped beside him, “I want to be your secretary.”

Dan Trump tilted his head and looked at her indifferently, “Your profession is more suitable for finance. You were in the finance department in your previous company.”

Janice pouted, “I have already been tired of that job. I will be your secretary now.”

“You are not suitable for this.” Dan Trump refused her directly.

“Why? Just because she is younger than me? She wears less than me? I can do that too.”

While speaking, she really unbuttoned her clothes, and dragged higher up her dress, “Is that okay?”

Dan Trump was really speechless. What was she thinking?

He said to her coldly, “I said that the profession is not suitable.”

Janice felt very embarrassed. That was what he meant, but that didn??t work. She had ten years of work experience. What kind of jobs was she not suitable for?

“I promise I will do it well.”

Dan Trump still disagrees, “I don’t need to spend money to hire a secretary who contradicts me every day.”

“I don’t need the money.” Janice said to him without thinking.

“Oh, I mean, I will be very obedient.”

Dan Trump looked at her instantaneously, and it was undeniable that he did not expect that she would be this kind of Janice before. He thought that as long as the revenge began, she would hate him so much.

She was capricious, and willfully wanted to stay with him. She was timid and didn’t dared to know why he married her. Was she too stupid or smart?

“Finance Department or go home.” He said in a tone without discussion.

Janice looked at him, “Weren’t you afraid I’ll run away with your money?”

“I’m not short of money.”

In the end, Janice had to compromise to go to the finance department. Regarding the secretary, she would definitely find other ways to drive away.

The special assistant took Janice to the finance department. The colleagues there were also indifferent to her. In fact, it was because of her messy rumors before, and on the day of the wedding, the President didn??t show up, which made everyone felt that she was forcing him to marry her.

Janice was originally a person who ever cared about other people??s opinions. She did what the supervisor asked her to do seriously. The work at hand was basically a piece of cake for her. She was the Chief Financial Officer in her own company before.

She counted down her watch. As soon as it was time to get off work, she packed up her desk and left with her handbag, “See you tomorrow, guys.”

Employees in the entire office looked at her like a monster, but now she was only relying on the status of the wife of the president and didn??t have to report to the superior for a day’s work.

Janice happily ran to Dan Trump’s office, and still walked in without a knock, “Darling, let’s go home from work. Let’s go home together.”

The little secretary was also in the office, helping Dan Trump sort our the information on the desk, with a low V-neck shirt.

Dan Trump raised his eyes and looked at Janice. She was looking at the secretary next to him with disgust. He said, “You go off work first.”

The secretary was very unwilling to do so, because as long as she worked more hours, the president would be very warm to send her home, and today Janice came here, completely disrupting her previous plan.

Janice raised her head high and said aggressively to the secretary, “Get away.”

Even if the secretary as angry again, she can’t lose her temper in front of the president, but she swore in her heart that she will definitely take revenge on her.

After the secretary left, Janice looked at Dan Trump with a look of happiness, his face expressionless, “You go back by yourself, I still have something to do.”

Janice knew it and said, “What else is going to happen after work. Jobs can never be done, and money is never enough to make, but if you keep neglecting your wife, your wife may one day become others’.”

Oh, this as a threat.

However, this didn??t matter to Dan Trump. He sneered scornfully, “I am looking forward to that day.”

“You.. Since you want to change it so much, then I will be relying on you for a lifetime.”

With her being here, Dan Trump had no intention to work at all. Every word of her had the ability to upset him. Her calling of darling, a sentence that relying on him for a lifetime, were enough to disturb his mind.

He really went home with her that day. After arriving home, she asked him to wait. She personally cooked two simple dishes and one soup.

She was smiling at him for a whole meal, and she was always talking by herself, “Is it delicious? We will go off work together every day in the future. I will cook for you every day, OK?”

Dan Trump chewed slowly while eating. She kept talking to herself. He thought she was too noisy, and he hit the plate with chopsticks, “No talking while eating.”

Janice retorted, “What does a mouth do, just to talk and eat.”

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