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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 198 You were Mine

That night, Dan Trump went back very late. The lights in the living room were as bright as daylight. The food on the dining table had not been moved at all. Janice lying on the sofa did not fall asleep, knowing that he was back, she pretend not to hear, and continued to sleep.

He stood in front of the sofa and said coldly, “Go to the room to sleep.”

Janice whispered, “I like sleeping here. Leave me alone.”

Then he did exactly what she said. But he still gave her a warmer quilt to cover her.

When Janice woke up the next day, he had already left, and the dinner was not moved last night. Janice was so depressed that he didn??t prepared a breakfast for her.

Forget it, she didn’t want to care about him. She got up and dressed herself, and went out with her wallet full of energy. As long as she had money in her hand, she didn’t feel lonely in this world.

After going out, she found that she was wrong. Money is really not a panacea in this world. Even if she held a lot of cash, there was time that she can??t use.

Who knew that the place was so remote here and there were no stores here.

People who lived here, even the nanny went out to buy food by car. It was even hard to get a taxi. She regretted wearing high-heel today.

After finally walking down the mountain, she spent an entire hour stopping two taxis. The destination was his company.

The one-person wedding had already made her unknown in the eyes of everyone. When she arrived at the company, no one stopped her. Anyway, her name was still Dan Trump’s wife, their president??s wife.

The last level is the female secretary outside Dan Trump’s office. The female secretary in a black short skirt and professional suit stopped Janice, “Excuse me, what??s the matter?”

Janice had always been the master of bullying others. She really wanted to know, who was behind the female secretary, Dan Trump?

“I’m coming to see my husband. Is there anything else I need to report to you?” Janice ignored her.

The female secretary sneered, “The president is busy right now. If you have a problem, wait in the reception room.”

This person is annoying. Janice pushed her aside and said, “Get away.”

Then, Janice didn’t even knock on the door, and she opened the door of Dan Trump’s office. She hadn??t walk in, and heard the secretary screamed, “How could you push me. President is very busy now.??

Janice looked back at her, but did not see it. She looked down and found out that the secretary was sitting on the ground embarrassingly, unwilling to stand up.

Janice was very speechless. Why Dan Trump, such a clever man, would choose a bitch as a secretary, or did he like this kind of woman?

Janice didn’t have time to deal with these unimportant women. She closed the office door with a slam and walked to Dan Trump.

Dan Trump, who looked really busy sitting at the desk, frowned and looked at her. He did not show pity to the poor little secretary sitting at the door at this time, but he did not give her a good face, “What are you doing here?”

He continued to look down at the documents.

Janice walked over and took the document in his hand without saying a word, closed it, and threw to the pile of documents next to him, “What do you think?”

Did he have poor memory, or didn’t he keep it in his heart?

Dan Trump raised her eyes and looked at her again. Janice did not dodge his eyesight, and let him look at her.

After a while, Dan Trump said, “I’m busy. If you have nothing for me, then do what you are going to.”

This was the answer he had thought of for so long?

Janice was inexplicably angry, and walked next to him. Suddenly, she held his perfect handsome face with both hands, turned his face, and let him look up to her.

She said, “Dan Trump, I’m here for work, and the bitch at your door made me sick.”

Dan Trump was upset and anxious to get her hands off. Who did she think she was? She dared to do this to him.

His powerful big hand was clasped on her slender wrist. Just a moment, the small face that Janice was twisted out of pain, because her hand had not recovered, Dan Trump…It hurt.”

He let go of her, indifferently said to Janice, “Take your hands away.”

Janice saw his awkwardness. He didn’t like her doing this, and she would not take them away.

“No, you were my husband, all of you were mine, including you.”

This woman really had the ability to talk nonsense, he’s all hers.

When will he feel he cannot do anything to her? From the beginning, or what?

“Janice, weren’t you curious, why did I marry you?” He was going to make it clear so as to let she give up. Any intimate relationship made him feel guilty.

Janice’s eyes trembled and she saw that he was serious. She was really curious. Why did he marry her? Before, she still thought it was because of love, and gradually she realized that he didn??t love her. He was kind to her before, just to make her know how hurt it would be to be forsaken.

In one thought, Janice changed her mind. She smiled at him.

She said, “The answer is not important anymore, because I choose to stay with you until death.”

Dan Trump twisted his eyebrows. He didn’t know when the hand clasped on her shoulder suddenly tightened, “Janice, do you know…”

Janice suddenly leaned forward. To Dan Trump??s surprise, she pressed her lips on Dan Trump’s.

Both of them had their eyes open, and he looked at her in confusion. She looked at him with a bit of sorrow. This should not be a kiss, and Janice didn’t know what to do next.

She stepped back, not knowing why she did this.

“No matter what it is, if you have a deep hatred against me, and you want to hate me forever, I don??t care, because I am too greedy for what you did to me before, and I said to myself, what did I do to provoke you? When you are not angry anymore, you will be kind to me as before.”

“Don??t you afraid, I would hate you all my life.” He was also painful. The one who suffered most was the one who harbor hatred.

Janice pouted and smiled, “Since the day I decided to marry you, I said to myself, I will live with Dan Trump forever.”

Four eyes intersected deeply. Janice actively put her lips on his. She felt sad. It was indeed a sad thing to decide to live with a man who did not love herself.

Dan Trump’s mind reminded himself over and over again to push her away, but he was struggling in his heart. Or just let the struggle go, and kissed her.

The hands that were originally clasped on her shoulder slowly moved upwards. His big hands were like hers, holding her little face in his hands, closing his eyes. His reason was finally defeated.

He kissed her back, as if venting the pain that had accumulated in his heart for a long time. His kiss was warm but manic, tender but sentimental.

Her hands originally holding his face fell slowly because of weakness, letting herself be completely indulged in his so-called revenge kiss.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and the soft and sweet female voice destroyed the atmosphere that the two had created, “President…”

Obviously the secretary did not expect to see such a scene, panicked and quickly turned her back. Dan Trump pushed Janice away, and Janice stared resentfully at the woman standing at the door.

“What’s the matter?”

The secretary then slowly turned around, and her head was shameless and did not dared to look at Dan Trump, “The meeting is about to begin.”

“I see.” Dan Trump responded calmly as usual, and when the secretary closed the door to leave, he threw her a word, “Please knock on the door before entering in.”

The secretary nodded embarrassingly. She had intended to give Janice a threat, but she was too young and thought of everything in too simple ways.

Janice hugged her arms around her chest, staring at the closed door, and thoughtfully said, “I’m going to be your secretary.”

Dan Trump sneered coldly, “You mean, you want to be an old secretary?”

Janice glanced down at him angrily, and can??t say a word.

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