Chapter 197 You Don’t Need To Please Me

The parking lock was completely strange to Janice. He looked ahead and didn’t even look at her, “No eleventh, the password is one two three four.”

Janice didn’t understand him at all.

Before she asked, he said, “Get out of the car.”

This person is becoming more and more unreasonable, “Even if you sell me, you have to find a buyer. Is it appropriate for you to throw me here?”

Dan Trump finally shot her a look, and said impatiently again, “Get out of the car.”

Janice was clutching her seat belt and refused to get out of the car. She was now penniless, and her mobile phone is still not in the house. She won??t out of the car now.

Dan Trump didn’t have time to waste with her, and he got out of the car and dragged her down. Janice patted the door and asked him where he was going.

Janice looked at the villa area, looked for it on the No 11 according to what he said, pressed 1234, and the door opened.

“Is anyone there? Hello? Excuse me…” Nobody was in the house.

She looked upstairs and downstairs, and Janice only knew that this was Dan Trump??s home. No wonder he doesn??t return to that home every day. It turned out that he was living here at ease, leaving her to suffer alone.

He didn??t live here very often. She thought she could find things like memories of him and that of Shelly, but she didn’t.

There was a ringing bell at the door, and Janice curiously opened the video doorbell. Standing outside was Rose, “Ma’am, I’ll bring you clothes.”

When Janice opened the door, how thoughtful Rose was. She still brought her mobile phone, her computer, and bought her ointment for the swelling and scarring.

“Thanks Rose.”

Rose smiled warmly, while helping her to take medicine, she said, “This is what the young master asked me to do. Today you were punished. The young master must be distressed.”

Janice complained, “I don??t think so.”

“He is hard outside, but he still cares about you. Since you married him, we think the kind Dan has come back. ”

“What do you mean? He wasn’t kind before?”

Rose laughed at Janice??s words, “You don??t know. Since Shelly’s death, he hadn’t said a few words at home and never smiled at his family. We want to see him smiled on magazines.”

Janice didn’t feel very good. Shelly was really important to him. He must love Shelly very much, so today he said that she didn’t even deserve to be Shelly’s substitute.

In the old house, Rose didn’t talk much, but today she told her a lot about Dan Trump. When Dan Trump was five years old, Rose went to work in Dan’s house and knew a lot about him.

Janice asked secretly, “Rose, you must know a lot of things about Shelly, right?”

Rose looked at Janice for a while. Although she nodded, she hesitated, “Shelly was a good girl. The two of them grew up together. At that time, in Dan??s eye, there is only Shelly.”

Janice was sour in heart, “Now in his heart, there is still only Shelly.”

“Janice, don’t think so. You and the young master were married. I watched the young master grow up. He looked at you differently.”

Janice smiled forcefully. It was different, because he always felt that she troubled him.

After Rose left, Janice fell asleep on the sofa alone. She made a few dishes in the afternoon and waited for him to come back for dinner.

Rose said, ??It was easier for girl to chase after boy than boys chased after girls.?? Although she didn??t want to chase after him, anyway, the two of them were also married now, and today he helped her with the hit. This time, she might gave way first..

Before preparing the cooking, she took a few photos of the kitchen, plus one of her beauty selfie, and sent him a message. After the message was successfully sent, she felt strange for her act.

She swore that this was the cheapest time in her 30-year-old history, “Dear, I am waiting for you to come back for dinner. I love you.”

When Dan Trump saw the message, his eyes tightened. He looked at the front and back of the phone, and when he was sure that it was his own phone, he guessed that his phone was either hit by virus or was hacked.

It was also possible that Janice was insane now.

Inadvertently he stared at her selfie on the phone for a while, and everyone else in the conference room was waiting for him to pass the new project. But he seemed to have ignored everyone present, only staring at the screen of the mobile phone. His expression was complex and unpredictable.

His assistant whispered in his ear, “President…”

Dan Trump raised his eyes with vigilance and turned off the phone screen. Then he realized that he had just lost her mind during the meeting.

“I’m sorry everyone, today’s meeting is over, and I will give you the answers after careful consideration of the new projects.”

Everyone left, and the assistants asked, “President, were you unwell?” Because he saw the injury on the back of the president in the morning and asked him to the hospital.

Dan Trump was as calm as usual, “I’m fine.”

“The new project just now…”

“What’s wrong?” He was indeed absent just now, and he didn’t listen to the content of the meeting at all.

“In your style, you should make a decision directly. Why should you consider it carefully?” The assistant boldly expressed his thoughts, as well as the thoughts of everyone sitting in the conference room.

Dan Trump was reminded by the assistant and recalled the content of the meeting just now. It became clear that he was indeed abnormal.

Who was to blame for that? Janice. The one who was suddenly intimately talked to him. He directly put her various contact methods on the blacklist, so that she would not let her run out and disturb him.

Janice had already prepared the meals, it was too late, and he still didn??t come back. She sent him another message, “The meals were ready, waiting for you to go home.”

It’s a normal one, but Janice just felt weird. She picked up the courage and sent it, and the response she received was she was in his blacklist.

She directly dialed his number. After hearing the voice, she was about to ask, and the reply over there made her furious. He should blacklist her on the phone!

Janice called the company, he was connected, “Janice, you’re annoying.” Dan Trump’s extremely impatient voice came through.

Janice didn’t get angry, “Dan Trump, can you be a gentleman? You don’t see that I had apologized to you? I was wrong to push Tina. I also received the punishment. What the hell do you want?”

Dan Trump pressed his swollen temple over there, “You don’t need to please me.”

He knew that she was pleasing him, and he ignored her feeling, “Then you come to please me.”

Someone had to make a move first.

After saying this, Janice was even more uncomfortable. He didn’t care about her at all.

The silence over there also made her discouraged. Only when she calmed down did she find out what she was supposed to be in front of him, “I am sorry to bother you.”

After that, she hung up the phone first. He didn’t want to talk to her, and he didn’t even want to listen to her.

Dan Trump put down his phone, pouting with a bitter smile. What was on her mind, and how did she feel, he knew too well.

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