Chapter 196 He Can’t See Her Being Hit

“Why marry me?” Too many things were linked together, and she didn’t believe it now it was because he liked her.

“What do you think?” He looked at her coldly.

Janice was straightforward, “I don’t know.” She wanted to hear his answer. No matter what the answer was.

Dan Trump chuckled coldly, his low voice mixed with hatred for her, “Then think about it, until you know it.”

Janice would not allow him to leave like this. Today she had to make clear everything. She stopped him at the door and not allowed him to go out. She was obstinate and wanted for an answer, “Tina said, I am Shelly’s substitute, is that true?”

Dan Trump laughed even more ridiculously this time, and his cool voice sent shiver down Janice??s spine, “You were overestimating yourself. You can never match her.”

Janice looked at him with great distress. Was this man in front of her really the Dan Trump who was so good to her?

Wasn??t she even worse than being Shelly??s substitute? So why did he marry her? Why treat her so good before? He was just like pushing her down from heaven to the hell.

Dan Trump pushed her to let her go. She was stubborn and refused to go. In any case, she should make it clear that since they were married, she and her husband should not have hatred.

But he didn’t want to talk to her at all, and pushed her away with annoyance. She was pushed to the ground by him. He didn’t even look at her and left.

Janice sat on the ground and kicked the door with her feet. What was this? She thought she could live a quietly and simple life, how could it be like this.

At breakfast, Grandpa said to Dan Trump, “You and Janice move out today, and let her go to the company to help you.”

Dan Trump said unwillingly, “She had her own job.”

Grandpa held back angrily, “Janice is now a member of our Dan family, and she runs back to her company every day to work. Do you think it is appropriate?”

Tina was like arrogant, and unwillingly complained, ??What??s wrong, grandpa, she almost killed your granddaughter last night.??

“Janice was wrong last night, and you too. It’s fine now, and I won’t mention it again in the future.”

This time, Dan Trump’s mother couldn’t bear it, “Dad, if Tina is really pushed by Janice downstairs last night, no matter if she was injured or not, you would have to serve her with family punishment. You are too biased to an outsider.”

Grandma rarely spoke at the dinner table. Today, in order to protect Janice, she said, “Janice is Dan’s wife now, not an outsider.”

When Dan Trump’s mother heard these words, she retorted, “Oh, you are meaning yourself.”

Grandma was speechless. Tina had to see Janice being punished.

“Grandpa, if you were so eccentric, when I am not obedient, don’t you…”

“I accept punishment.” Janice had a headache because she didn??t sleep last night, and she didn??t want to hear someone keeping saying beside her.

Anyway, after this meal, she didn’t need to live here. She will be punished if she had to be punished, and she will leave immediately after the punishment.

Before her words fell, she felt that the atmosphere in the whole family condensed instantly, and even Dan Trump was obviously stunned. She suddenly felt a little regretful.

In a condensed atmosphere, she said, “I was wrong last night. And I am willing to be punished.”

“Fine.” Grandpa promised loudly.

Janice regretted her saying at once. She thought she had a good attitude in confessing her mistakes, and she could avoid the punishment. But did grandpa agreed without hesitation.

The housekeeper went to get the tools. The family was sitting on the sofa in the living room. Only Janice was alone and helpless..

She asked for help and looked at Dan Trump, and he looked at her coldly, expressionless and silent.

She looked back at the direction of the door. If the punishment method was cruel, she would not hesitate to run away.

Tina was excited. When Janice saw a long box brought by the housekeeper, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. She thought it will not hurt that much.

The housekeeper took out a ruler from the long box, and Janice looked curiously at the old ruler that was delivered to grandpa’s hands, and forgot that she was the person to be punished, “Grandpa, you were a teacher before?”

Grandma couldn??t hold back laughing, and Grandpa gave her a serious look. Janice stood still obediently, and took out her hand.

She thought it won??t hurt if he hit the palm of her hand a few times. Before Grandpa started, she also mischievously blinked at Grandpa, ??Grandpa, I knew that I was wrong, don??t hit too hard.”

Grandpa sternly ordered, “Roll up your sleeves.”

Two servants came to her and supported her.

Now she understood that the two servants were not here to prevent her from running away, but to grab her hand to prevent her from dodging.

“Oh…” Janice almost fainted when he hit her. She looked back with tears and looked at her suddenly red and swollen arm. Suddenly she felt a great grievance.

“Grandpa, you were too cruel.” She wanted to take back her arm, but the servants refused to let go of her, “Let me go.”

The servant was just like the bronze man. Tina was so proud of herself, “Three times.”

What? Three times!

“Grandpa, this is domestic violence. If you hit me again, I will sue you.” Janice really felt too painful. Now she can’t run away, and no one will come to her. She can’t think of other ways to protect herself.

Tina laughed and said, “Domestic violence, Janice. Why are you so funny? You were a fool.”

Grandpa yelled at Tina coldly, “You’re the next one!”

Tina was so scared that she hid directly behind her mother, saying nothing.

Janice saw that grandpa was really angry, and even angrier than he hadn’t hit her before, just when grandpa raised his ruler high and was ready to take a second shot.

Janice, who closed her eyes, heard only a “snap”, but did not feel the pain. The swollen arm was held by a warm big hand. She opened her eyes and saw Dan Trump helped her withstand the hit.

He was hit on the back of his hand, and the knuckles were bleeding. Janice felt that grandpa was harder on this hit.

Dan Trump stood in front of Janice and said to his grandfather, “I married her. I am part of responsible for her fault.”

With that said, he had rolled up his sleeves and was ready to accept the last pain.

Dan Trump’s mother looked anxious, “Dad, they were kids after all…”

Jordan stopped her wife. He could see that grandpa just wanted to see if Dan Trump would ignore Janice.

The purpose of grandfather had been achieved, and he would not hit again.

Janice stubbornly came up. She just ignored him when she begged him. Now who wanted he to play the hero.

She pushed Dan Trump away with the other hand, “Stay away. I will bear the consequence myself.”


Janice stretched out her other hand, “Grandpa, this time you hit this hand.”

Grandpa seemed to be not angry. He glanced at Dan Trump and looked at her again, “Dan said just now that he will be punished for you. This time, it is he who should be punished.”

Janice was anxious. In fact, she would rather be hurt than see him hurt, “Grandpa, you can’t do this. You were supposed to hit me because I made mistakes. He still had a lot of work to do. If he got hurt, it would delay a lot of work. You hit me.??

Grandpa passed the ruler to the housekeeper and said with a smile, “You girl, I think you were worried about Dan.”

Janice didn’t admit, “No, he didn’t worry about me when I was just hit.”

It was not true. Hearing her crying heart out and seeing her tears swirling in her eyes, he stepped out to help her.

Dan Trump grabbed her wrist and walked outside. He had no time and no mood to stay here for others to test his true heart, because he didn’t know whether he cared or not.

He couldn’t bear seeing her feeling pain, couldn’t see her cry, but couldn’t see her living too happily.

Along the way, Janice was staring at the injury on the back of his hand. He said coldly, “It won??t be cured by your look.”

Janice was speechless. Couldn’t he see that she appreciated him?

“I was thinking, your skin is so thick. It would be great if you bleed.”

Dan Trump sneered, “What a coincidence, I also think so.”

She no longer looked at him, and the scenery outside the car rushed by. She suddenly felt that the place was strange, “Where?”

Dan Trump answered her coldly, “To sell you out.”

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