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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 114 Whup

Yates became almost frozen. It was as if he had hit an invisible wall upon seeing what Glenn had accomplished. Sam was too shocked to flap his wings to stay in the air and fell, crashing down hard on the ground. Kyrie and the mouse on his shoulder appeared mesmerized by the sky. Bionna was blown backwards into a stone pillar, and the sharp pain at that moment reminded her that everything going on was real. Nina had stayed on that stone pillar, screaming, but her voice was drowned out by the surrounding noise.

Mina was standing right in front of her elder sister to keep her from any danger. She stared blankly at the person in the sky —-“the enemy dictated by fate.”

At that moment, all of the students were staring at the student in metal armor, and they all had the same question in their minds.

“Is this real?”

These people even stopped fleeing out of instinct. Instead, they just rubbed their eyes hard and looked more carefully at the ice cave and the student from section 15 inside it. They then shifted their gaze to the metal armored man again to make sure that he was actually the winner.

In that moment, a dismissive laugh sounded from the sky. “Is this all that a monster from can manage?” Glenn asked in his mind.

The dark emotion of arrogance began to grow in Glenn’s heart. But as he was about to cast another sorcery and completely finish off the so-called monster from section 15, his body suffered a shock.

The transparent Ashen Mask on his face broke and then he threw up very badly.

The vomiting was followed by a jarring buzz in his ears, and he felt as if every cell in his body was being affected by high-frequency shock waves. His head became full of the clashing sounds of dagger and sword from before. Every cell of his body was vibrating in a certain frequency.

Glenn’s body continued trembling and his face became so pale that his newly gained arrogance disappeared completely.

In a quivering voice without a hint of pride, Glenn murmured. “Was it some sort of sound wave sorcery Mille had talked about? It reminds me of what Fake Faceless Nilmar did back on the ship!”

As Glenn trembled, blood started oozing out from the pores of his skin and he was soon soaked in blood.

Meanwhile, the ends of his limbs began to break up and became flexible as mollusks, and soon some even morphed into uncanny tentacle shapes. They had broken away from the control of Glenn’s brain and become a certain sort of independent creatures.

He could feel that he had been reduced into a horrible condition. His pupils even constricted a little, and his heavy, panicked breath revealed his inner fear. He would never, ever forget what the subjects had experienced on the tables of that laboratory as their Life Codes were fiddled with.

“Oh, no! That’s what is happening to me! My Life Code is cracking?”

Once Glenn’s Life Code crack started widening infinitely, then his whole body would certainly be torn piece by piece into innumerable self-independent creatures. Then Glenn would meet his fate—-a tragic death.

In his hurry, Glenn threw a look at the insanely morphing arms and tried his best to control one of the tentacles that were spawning off from it. Finally the tentacle managed to locate a leaf in his underwear and dragged it up to his mouth, which Glenn immediately grabbed with his teeth. Afterwards the tentacle fished out a vial and poured the liquids inside into his mouth.

This leaf was no other than the high grade Life Leaf Glenn had bought on the fourth floor of Black Tower, and that vial of potion was a precious medicine to increase body constitution temporarily.

His cell strength and activity increased fast subsequently after the quick consumption of energy. And his constitution grew to somewhere between 15 to 20 points which meant that Glenn could hang in there for about minutes. With the improvement of physical activity and vitality, the morphing tentacles in Glenn’s arms began to retract slowly and soon he had recovered, and the blood covering his skin was swallowed by the tentacles as they retracted.

Glenn let out a relieved breath as he calmed down. Pride flickered on his face.

“Somebody who was labeled monster by Mina, and who won against Mille, he must be no ordinary student. He would stand somewhere between less-gifted legendary student and the school’s protectors.”

At this moment, Glenn suddenly felt excited.

“That’s it. There are geniuses out there on the Sorcerer Continent, people who are way more powerful than me. In this case, I won’t feel lonely and won’t get bored at all along the way because there would be quite a great deal of students like him who would never cease aspiring to greater heights!”

A sound of movement echoed in the ice cave, and soon a man in the black robe flew up, and now his overbearing arrogance was nowhere to be found. Only the bells in his chest kept ringing.

The corners of his mouth were stained by blood and his body was showing the color of metals, except for his face which was ghastly pale. But like Glenn, his eyes were gleaming with excitement.

Two strangers who had never met before looked at each other and found that they felt a connection with each other, not least because they had caused mutual, serious damage.

“Great! It’s been so many years and, finally I see another self, a reflection of me. May I have your name, student from section 12?” Hill Woods masked the conceit in his expression.

It seemed that one would only grow too contented with themselves when there was no enemy coming their way.

Since Hill’s power was so formidable, it could be assumed that he was a high IQ student who distinguished himself from those aliens existent on the foreign worlds whose hubris was fragilely-grounded.

It could also be presumed that Hill might not have been his present self several decades ago.

When he found that no one from section 15 could ever come close to posing a threat to him, and as people even crouched before him with terror, he became increasingly self-centered and respected no one. The students back on the ship addressing Lafite by “Her Majesty” partially accounted for her now surreptitious behaviors.

It was only when Hill encountered a comparable rival, who had hurt him badly just now, that he started re-learning the meaning of “dread” and remembering the student who used to stay up throughout the nights in the pursuit of sorcery. And right at this moment, he was alive!

In that sense, Glenn was lucky. He had had a full life, always on a tight schedule and didn’t have the luxury of showing off and getting haughty.

Even then, Glenn did not realize a very strong point about himself. He had been, luckily, getting stronger by the day and that fulfilling feeling, although it went unnoticed, was the driving force which had kept him going.

“It’s Glenn.” Glenn answered, showing some respect for Hill who was, in Glenn’s mind, a senior student.

After the greeting, Glenn started preparing to cast a sorcery.

The greatest respect for an enemy was to fight them with your all!

“Come on, get him. You don’t have much time.” Glenn encouraged himself in his mind.

Soon the forces of space distortion and thunder were swimming around his Nine-Headed Snake Sword. The two forces were a superficial application of the ultrasonic positioning sorcery, and the only one at his disposal, to counter off Hill’s infrasonic wave sorcery.

Glenn sped up into a blurry figure and appeared right before Hill. The buzzing sounds of the strange dagger clashing with the sword were heard again.

With the assistance of the two forces and increased constitution, he resisted the sonic wave attack this time. However, Hill was drawn back into the ice once again.

Glenn did not hesitate and rushed to where Hill landed immediately. After a violent wave of magical force inside the huge ice, Glenn had shoved Hill through the other side of the ice wall.

More chunks of ice split and numerous ice chips fell.

At this moment, Hill conjured up a giant made of iron and steel in a desperate effort. But the giant found himself meet another giant heads-on. It was the Greed Flame Giant.

More ice chips were raining down after a muffled explosion was heard. The fighting between the two giants had almost tore the ice mountain down.

The metal monster was attacking using his master’s sonic waves. There were a smaller mouth in its chest and whenever the lips, which functioned as two gongs, met, it would produce the sound waves. To make the attack more fatal was its eight slender legs. Each, seven or eight meters long, was composed of a particular element and they kept moving around.

Greed Flame Giant had kept devouring souls under Glenn’s supervision, thus it had grown up to four meters high. It was still in its initial growth stage, where growth was much faster.

And because the giant’s skin was coated with a mixture of water and thunder elements, and the flame it could produce was formless, the flame giant seemed to have absolute advantage over its enemy.

But it would be a moment before the two element giants could contest for the final victory.

“Attractional Force!”

As the fighting between the giants went on, Glenn exclaimed, and Hill, who was now in a clear lower hand, was pulled towards Glenn. Glenn then took the opportunity to produce a water beam, a thunder force and then a space waves attack, to take his enemy’s life. At the same time, Glenn himself came at his adversary with his sword. The violent forces even caused turbulence in the air!

Fresh blood appeared on the corner of Hill’s mouth. As he discovered the figure who was coming towards him, along with the varied attack approaches, he clapped his hands together forcibly and “bang”, invisible sonic waves broke the water beam, thunder force and space waves.

Hill then raised his head and enchanted something from his mouth. High-frequency resonating sonic waves were then generated.


Glenn grimaced. He hurried away to escape the impact of the new sonic waves.

He then pulled out his End Sound Dagger and produced a flame around it.

“Repulsive Force!” Glenn called out.

An outburst of a jarring wave slit the sky. The dagger travelled so fast that it had almost hit hill in a second, producing squeaky noises. Although the dagger did not pierce into his metallized skin, but Hill was still pushed back for several dozen meters.

Hill had caught on fire at the same time, but after he studied the flame for a few seconds, he put it out with only a snap of his fingers.

Glenn made another move on him with his sword. Hill had no choice but go against him once again.

Hill fell down from the sky.

Glenn continued with his offensive and sent three Fire Bats consecutively to get Hill. Once again, he caught on fire, and it burned only the fiercer and swallowed him.

As Hill was burning in the fire, Glenn stretched his arms, with Red Flame on his left hand, and Torrent on the other. Under Glenn’s meticulous and delicate manipulation, there appeared a few element snakes which swum together!

All of the students had been thoroughly stunned. They could not comprehend what Glenn had done and what he would do!

Mina gaped at Hill, who had chased her into a corner and yet was suppressed by her archenemy. She started to feel that she was the ignorant one who could do nothing but tremble on the spot.

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