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Chapter 113 Engage

Glenn turned around slowly, and his eyes behind his Ashen Mask suddenly became confused when he noticed the crack on the mountain of ice.

“This feels like the enclosement sorcery?!” Glenn wondered. “It’s impossible for students to master such sorceries, because it involves energy conservation. But it’s possible if she had combined her talent with all-out cultivation and the guidance of an advanced sorcerer.”

Another two cracks spread across the giant ice mountain while Glenn pondered. It was as if the monster inside was breaking out, and little by little, this delicate hill of ice appeared to be unable to hold it in any longer.

“What a coincidence that a fight should occur above where I hid myself by using the Concealment Slit. It seems that I’ve unintentionally destroyed the enclosement when I came out. No wonder they’re looking at me with malice…”

While Glenn was lost in his thoughts, a roar of hatred broke out.

“Ashen Mask Glenn, you filthy bastard! How dare you…Do you realize what trouble you’ve brought on us? How many students will become ‘disqualified’ for what you just did? And do you have any idea how troublesome the monster you just released is? No, you don’t, and you never will because you’re an ignorant, weak student…”

Mina shouted at Glenn while continuing to support Mille with her hands, tears in her eyes. “My sister enclosed that monster from section 15 by exhausting all of her power, but you…”


The indifference on Ice Age’s face was gone, and she instead shook her head with a sigh, and then whispered, “Well, besides me, there still are students from our section that have a chance of beating him, Primitive Curse of Althio is one. We still have a chance to win!”

However, it seemed that victory could not arouse Mille’s interest at all at the moment.

“What a pity…I promised to watch how you’d outperform your contestants in the fight for qualification, but now it seems that you’re gonna miss the opportunity. Leave the mirror now or you might not get the chance to break the badge when the infrasonic sound guy shows up. God knows how many students will be killed by him.” Mille lamented. She then turned to Glenn.

“I was looking forward to seeing how powerful your Glenn Secret Tri-Sorcery is before we came to this place. But given the circumstances, I don’t think it’d be useful in any way now…”

She cast a disappointed look at Glenn, and then pulled out a transparent crystal vial from her waist. She wrung out the cap and a mosquito-like creature flew out and then buzzed away.

“Glenn, why are you here? Get out of this place immediately! Run for your life! A powerful student is inside the ice mountain who we can’t stand against. A monster!” Nina yelled anxiously after seeing Glenn’s lost expression.

Sam shook his head with a sigh. “Let’s go. Glenn’s strong and he can earn some time for us getting out of here. He’s become way stronger and I believe his power is on the same level as us now. We can’t take the risk of facing that student again.”

The white mouse on Kyrie’s shoulder squeaked twice to express its consent to the idea.

Kyrie also shook his head and murmured. “Didn’t expect it’d be him in the Concealment Slit. I had planned on flexing my power in front of him to save face because I lost to him in the last fight.”

Bionna smiled. “It so happens that his girl was kicked out of the Tryout and if he lost, he’d have the chance to accompany her soon.”

Upon seeing the Ashen Mask, Roga recalled the time he attacked Lafite, and he muttered. “Is it him?”

And in a place farther away, Yates stamped his feet in great anger and yelled in a hoarse voice. “Damn it! It’s only one step from…”

As he was speaking he seemed to have recognized Glenn. “Ah! It’s Glenn, the coward who hid behind Lafite all the time!”

Yates threw Glenn another resentful glance as he sighed, and in the next second he had put himself in the best position to flee.

In his opinion, the legendary battle between students was over, and there was no reason to stay.


At the same time, Glenn was emanating an aura that belonged exclusively to the strong. The students around could sense it but they were reluctant to admit that Glenn had so much power.

However, they would continue deceiving themselves by using their rational thinking that Glenn could not have made such progress in such a short span of time.

This was the division between honesty and hypocrisy, wisdom and ignorance, truth and absurdity. It was the nature of human beings—-escaping from reality by numbing themselves with seemingly rational analysis.

Standing on the open ice layer, Glenn looked around at everyone who was in silence, deciphering their expressions. A sense of loneliness overcame him.

As one grew stronger and was getting very close to their peak of achievement, they might find that their friends would not be there with them on the top. Thus by that time, they might be left in confusion and solitude.

The same was true with Glenn, he had no idea what to strive for when he was at the point where no friends of his could reach.

“To be sympathetic and do what Bright Sorcerers would do—-to assist people, whose sorcery is at ‘the very foot of a hill’, in climbing up so that you can take them as companions? No, this isn’t what you want. You should keep your feelings in check at this moment, and be strong!”

All of a sudden Glenn chuckled; he laughed at how weak he was moments before.

But the students on site took that chuckle as his ignorance and failure to understand the situation he was in. They thought of Glenn as a fool who could not see things clearly.

At the moment, it seemed that everyone was showing expressions of detest against Glenn.

Glenn looked at their expressions and shook his head gently. He was still not in the mood of explaining himself with words which would only turn out to be useless. That was part of the reason why he always wore his Ashen Mask.

Suddenly, Glenn extended his fist to strike the top of the ice mountain! As he punched, a shadow was cast on the mountain side. At the same time, A violent shock bursted out from inside as if in response to Glenn’s punch.

Amidst loud, frightful-sounding creaks, more cracks split open and widened on the surface of the mountain as if being mauled by the claws of a ferocious animal. The next moment a low growl could be heard , and that horrible monster was about to return to emerge into the world again!

“Ah, Glenn…”

Nina yelled as she was about to run away herself, and suddenly she turned round when hearing the growl. Kyrie, Sam and Roga standing by her side were almost taken aback.

“Oh, my. He’s gone mad! He’s absolutely out of his mind!”

Yates screamed noisily, but he could not escape for now because his feet was numb with cold.

Mille gripped the badge more tightly in her shock, while at the same time preventing her sister from rushing towards Glenn to kill him.

Mille shouted at Glenn. “Why did you do this to us? Our sole helper from section 12 can never arrive here in such a short time. We’ll fail. The whole section 12 will fail.” An inexplicable, sad look appeared on her face.

“Now that you want to be eliminated so desperately, I’ll help you with that, you fake Body of Flame! There is no such thing as a destined enemy and your existence in this world is an insult to the great, unique Body of Flame!” shrieked Mina.

Mina broke free of Mille and came at Glenn, but she suddenly returned to Mille when infrasonic waves bursted out from inside the ice mountain. She then produced the Blushed Flame to protect Mille who was still very weak.

Countless shards of ice flew around after several explosions caused by the fierce sonic waves.

A curled-up figure appeared on the mountainside. He rose up slowly and spoke with a wicked grin.

“Ha-ha! Alive! Every cell in my body is bounding with cheer.”

That horrifying monster of nightmares was reborn! An ominous evil from the unknown world come down!

He gradually flew up as he spoke, the floating frosts repelled by an intangible force with the power with which the Sun dispels mists.

In this moment, this mysterious student from section 15 gave off the image of absolute, overwhelming power. The students felt that fighting him would be like “the silly man chasing the Sun”.

“Everything is over.” murmured Mille, who was hiding behind Mina.

After calmly surveying the students outside of the ice mountain, the student in black robe looked over at Glenn who was standing underneath. To his surprise, Glenn was excited and was completely not taking him seriously.

“Are you the person who released me, a student from section 12? What wonderful help! Thank you! Ha-ha. In reward, I’ll tell you my name. I am Hill Woods from section 15, who is feared by all of the students from section 15 for a hundred years. Next, you’ll receive the highest award from me, a death warrant…”

All of a sudden, as the layers of ice broke, Glenn took off towards the student with his Nine-Headed-Snake Sword, but found himself repelled by a dagger and he was forced down.

Afterwards, amidst a sonic wave, Glenn produced his gravitational force.

The student screamed in great doubt of what he was experiencing but the sext second he had whooshed down back into the hillside by the pull of the irresistible repulsive force, producing a myriad of cracks and flakes of ice fluttered everywhere.

“You’re talking too much.”

In the sky, Glenn threw a cold look at the man.

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