Chapter 112 Ice Mountain Crack

A fast, high-frequency wave surged forth as if the chord of Natural Force had been plucked.

The column behind the section 15 student almost collapsed, several cracks appearing in it, as the section 15 student produced infrasonic sounds. The expression on Mille’s face, who was riding the Ice Phoenix, became more serious.

The next second, a handkerchief printed with a lifelike parrot on it flew out from her chest towards her opponent but at the same time, after a sorrowful cry, numerous cracks began to appear on the 10-meter-long Ice Phoenix after it received the attack of the sound waves. The cracks spread from its beak to neck, to its wings and then throughout its whole body. The glow in its eyes dimmed quickly. Soon the bird began to fall down, pulled by gravity.

Space waves shot out of that handkerchief to counter the invisible sonic waves which were then weakened. But the weakened waves managed to go through the transparent shield and ice-wall that Mille had created temporarily. Despite her efforts, Mille’s body was still blasted into countless pieces of ice chips.

Mille regathered the chips and became reborn. But her face had turned rather pale and frightened.

The sonic waves travelled to farther places, and Sam and his fellow students were also implicated by the sweeping waves.

Kyrie twisted his body and re-appeared in the distance while at the same time saving Nina by carrying her with him. Roga couldn’t help but make a sound similar to a whimper. He felt nauseous after having avoided the waves, but stopped himself from vomiting.

Bionna had suffered the most. After escaping she sat down with a wail, tears falling down from her eyes. Everything in her stomach was vomited out with a loud noise.

Yates had stood farther away and thus didn’t feel the impact. He was gloating over this scene.



The student from section 15 shook his head indifferently, as the falling Ice Phoenix exploded loudly. To everyone’s surprise, the phoenix didn’t disappear into pervasive ice flakes but became a heavy rain, which astonished the student who had not been prepared and therefore was drenched.


The student’s eyes glowed and became sullen. It didn’t feel good to be soaked in water.

He said in sulky mood. “Is this the boring trick you have prepared for me, your trump card huh? Well, I was interested in you, but now you’ve enraged me. I’m very disappointed! Now…”

As he was speaking, the student pulled out a dagger slowly from his black robe. There were three oddly-shaped holes on its blade. He held the dagger upright towards the front while speaking to Mille. “I’ve lost interest in playing with you!”

“Play with me? Haha, haha…”

Suddenly, Mille laughed despite her still pale face. Then she stopped short and looked at the lunatic as if he was a dead person.

Mille crossed her hands slowly to her chest, then the sparkling diamond crystal on her forehead twinkled and exploded with a booming noise; ice flakes then filled the air. At the same time, a magical force which was mixed with both ice and water elements blasted out in a flash!

At the moment, Mille’s frosted silver-grey hair was blown up. Due to the effects of water elements, the turbulently moving ice elements experienced a certain shocking change and turned less freezing cold,.

Mille stared at the student, and yelled. “Ice Age Enclosement!”

The student gaped, and became panicked. He then said, “Enclosement sorcery. When did you…?”

Suddenly, the student shut his mouth. He became even more panicked, and was breathing heavily as he found that he had been restrained in a cold, ice circle. It was a six-starred matrix which consisted of numerous ice drops which had been created with magical force. And to his greater surprise, symbols kept moving across the bottom of the matrix.

He was standing right at the center of this sorcery matrix as an indescribable depression washed over him. He appeared to have lost his energy at the discovery!

“That element bird was an enclosement! No! This is not real…”

When he was finished with the screaming and growling, the student used his mouth to pick up the odd-looking dagger from the ground. Afterwards, he crossed his hands once again. Sonic waves exploded and transmitted in all directions.

Meanwhile, three “Ding” sounds rang out from his chest. The sprawling and solidifying ice flakes were then halted.

However, this 50-meter-long matrix seemed to have infinite power. The ice flakes broke apart, but very soon gathered together again.

The ice then moved like countless hungry serpents and starting from the exterior of the matrix, they circled around inwards crazily to the core, and were tightly constricting everything in the matrix. Although some ice serpents were destroyed by the sonic waves, more of them were replenished. They intended to swallow and freeze everything inside of the matrix.


The student appeared as if driven into a very narrow room with no way out. Finally, he was totally engulfed by the snakes after a last, miserable roar.

The serpents then formed a hill from the center of the matrix, the base of which was 30 meters in radius.

Meanwhile, a gloomy-looking diamond crystal shone at the peak of the hill. But at the same time ice energy was overflowing out of the matrix. Obviously this enclosement was not perfectly done and ice was stretching outards and formed fleets of ice columns outside of the matrix.

Soon, the area had turned into a world of ice and snow.

What the students on site had failed to notice was that the dim diamond crystal was exactly the crystal on Mille’s forehead.


Ice Age Mille could no longer hold herself up any longer and was about to fall down, but was supported by Mina.

Mille’s face had lost all color and her body was trembling.

“Sister, did you succeed? Is the monster enclosed?” Mina’s voice sounded nervous.

Mille nodded and spoke weakly. “In half an hour, this enclosement will become stable and an energy conservation mechanism will form. By then he would have no chance to escape unless I were to open it.”

The ice mountain had stretched over 200 meters on the ground, and its peak was over 30 meters in height. Sam, Kyrie, Roga , Bionna, Nina in the distance, and Yates who was even farther away than the team, were all deeply shocked at this sight. All of them were breathing heavily.

This was a battle between legendary students! The model students of all!

Roga’s eyes sparkled as he suddenly suggested, “Since Mille’s cast such a powerful sorcery, she should have little power left. We can take the advantage…”

Sam, Kyrie, and Bionna looked at each other, but shook their heads.

The three students’ had expended their power as well.

It had to be admitted that they were scared of Mille, and also that “monster” being frozen inside the ice mountain. What they wanted was to leave here as soon as possible, and to gather more badges elsewhere.

On the other side, Mina eyes were sparkling as she said to Mille. “Sister, they seem to have be scared off by you…”


A crisp sound was heard.

Mina had just finished speaking when her face turned horrified upon seeing a wide-handled sword coming out of the matrix. She then cried. “No!”

Mille stood beside Mina as her face turned paler.. She became so terrified that she had taken out her badge and was about to break it.

Sam, Kyrie, Roga, Bionna, Nina were stunned as well. Kyrie grimaced, and even his white mouse squeaked loudly.

Kyrie said in astonishment, “Oh my gosh! It’s the student hidden in the Concealment Slit. He’s showing himself. It will break the energy conservation mechanism of this enclosed matrix!”

Suddenly, everybody’s face turned pale upon hearing the words. Roga murmured. “We’re screwed. We need to make a run for it now…”

However, Nina became startled because the student was giving off a scent that she was familiar with…


A huge sword found its way up through the ice mountain and created a hole in the center. Afterwards, a student in metal armor flew out from the hole. His face was covered by the Ashen Mask. He became confused after seeing the high-rising ice mountain and the many students.

“What’s happening?”

Everyone glared at him with anger, hatred and despair, but he answered by asking another question. “What’s going on?”

His voice sounded confused, but very calm.

His voice remained calm even when he saw the helplessness on the faces of Mille and Mina, the student from section 12, as well as Nina’s astonishment.

It was as if he was being watched by a group of students who could cause him no harm.

However, at the same time, a crack appeared on the high-rising ice mountain.

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