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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 111 A Monster?

“It’s becoming interesting…” Mille grimaced, but her face soon went calm in the storm.

Her silver hair started becoming covered in frost as the diamond, crystal asterism on her forehead glowed. Flakes of frost fell from her as she started to emanate a white, ice-cold aura from her body.

She threw another calm look at the student and her mouth turned crooked; nobody could tell whether it was because of malice or disdain.

When the Ice Phoenix saw the change of expression on Mille’s face, it stopped chasing Kyrie and Nina, who had become exhausted, and flapped its huge wings back towards its rider. Its enormous body cast no shadow as there was no light at all, but produced gusts of wind mixed with ice.

As Mille jumped onto the phoenix’s head, the area fell into complete silence, which was then followed by a wilder, overwhelming wind.

The five students regrouped, and every one of them were gasping while staring at this “God” of Ice. There was intense fear in their eyes.

“She wasn’t going all-out before.” The students gulped.

Yates’ limbs had thawed and he could move now. But he didn’t move upon seeing the two legendary students face off.

The confrontation was as if it were between real sorcerers in terms of attack power! However, both of them couldn’t control Natural Force.

Mina suddenly flew to Mille and said, “are you going to play your trump card and cast that sorcery of yours?”

Mille replied seriously. “This man is strong. I’m afraid that I’ll have to use it. When I become weak after casting that sorcery, I’ll be yours to protect. Make sure that we don’t lose the chance to obtain the qualification.”

“Sure.” Mina answered while looking around at the students.

It was truly a pity that only quite a few students could witness a big fight between two legendary students. The students who had scampered off had lost their chance for a visual feast.

The team had moved to a safer place and waited for the battle to break out.

The section 15 student seemed very interested. He watched Mille who was riding the phoenix. The ringer in the hole of his chest kept ringing and the sound it produced couldn’t be drowned out despite how loudly the wind was blowing.

The student slowly took off into the air, his black robe rustling in the wind. “Perfect arrangement. Your sorcery restrains theirs and mine restrains yours. You won’t have a chance.”

“You’re so assured? Try me, you arrogant student from section 15. You must have met no real enemy in your lair.”

Mille was enraged. She incanted a complicated spell as she swung the fan in her hand with great force. Chips of ice appeared on her face and in her hair, and her eyes resembled twin-abysses of ice.

The phoenix opened its mouth as its head leaned back. The next second, as if having been instructed with some order, it disgorged a mouthful of ice spears and at the same time flapped its wings which accelerated the spears even faster toward the opponent.

“Double Growling Ice.” Mille shouted in a shrill voice.

Cold wind mixed with ice blanketed the area in a split second. Amidst the formidable force produced by the avalanche of ice, the student trembled.

“Haha, that’s it…It’s the feeling of my cells waking up. It makes me feel alive. So wonderful.”

It turned out he was trembling at the excited feeling of being challenged.

He then grinned from ear to ear like a snake opening its maw wide enough to fit in an egg. He leaned back before making a sudden move forward. Following, infrasonic waves vibrated throughout the air.

The infrasonic waves “droned” in the air although no humans could hear it.

The formless infrasonic waves crashed with the ice columns, which disintegrated into chips of ice after resonating with the waves. The ice chips were then reduced to their original form of elements and merged into the Natural Force.

A fierce wind blew against the student’s face but it couldn’t hurt him at all. Then suddenly, a pure white leopard appeared in the storm. The five-six-meter long leopard raised the sleets of ice ships that had fallen to the ground as it pounced forward. No one could doubt its ferocity. At the same time, a huge, crystalline bird swooped down like a falling meteor.

“Ice Leopard!” Mille shouted intimidatingly from the distance.

The section 15 student glanced at the ice bird but quickly shifted his gaze to the charging leopard with an unfazed, calm expression.

He put his hands together, and discharged an enormous amount of magical force which burst outwards.

The leopard was about to claw the student’s face when it became petrified, only to explode a few seconds later, filling the air with shards of ice.

The big bird which was flying at high speed to claim his life shivered for uncountable times after being hit by the infrasonic waves the student had just created. Criss-cross cracks appeared on its surface, and in the next second it had also shattered into pieces.

Subsequently, spears of ice were shooting toward the student. Each and every one of the spears appeared to contain enough power to kill an ordinary student. However, Mina had been producing them for some time and she seemed to have become crazy while doing that.

The student snorted as he snapped his thumb and middle fingers, and then the spears disintegrated and turned into cold air.

In the distance, Sam, Kyrie, Bionna and Nina couldn’t help but tremble while gasping for air.

“Is this really a fight between students?”

Yates also seemed to be in great fear. He was crouched down as he exclaimed, “yes, this is what I wanted. Keep going for her.” The degree of his excitement was no less than what the students had felt when they found that the few, stronger of their students had crushed the knights on the ship by using sorceries with magical tools.

Mina grit her teeth and tried her best to focus.

Sorceries that were based on the resonance of sound waves could restrain sorceries that depended on ice, water, earth, and life, which could alter elements into actual objects. Space and radium sorceries could counter these sorts of sorceries, but neither Mina nor Mille had cultivated such a sorcery and the level of Mina’s flame sorcery was too weak to neutralize the sound waves.

Mina grimaced and murmured to her sister. “Sister, it seems that we have to resort to that sorcery to defeat this monster from section 15.” Her voice was trembling as she spoke those words.

After listening to Mina, Mille rode the phoenix towards the student. It seemed like she was on her last straws but there was determination in her eyes. The phoenix sped up towards the monster as it made a long call.

“Haha, are you seeking your doom? I’m bored now.” The student murmured. As the colossal bird came at him, he rung the bell hanging in the hole of his chest.

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