Chapter 295 I Will Never Give You Up.

Bella looked askance at James Grayson.

She thought that she and James Grayson had faced so many ups and downs but still, they can’t be together, maybe because she didn’t complete her commitment with Gabriel Athens.

After she leaves, James Grayson will be with Scarlett Evan. Will he forget her again?

After leaving him, where she will go with Harry?

She thought a lot and entered a meditative state.

“I’m thinking about things in Athens Village. I feel a bit confused.” Bella said with a smile.

James Grayson smiled and looked at her fondly. “It is out of my expectation that my mother would agree with us so soon.”

“Your mother really loves you. Three years ago, your father kidnapped me. Your mother had persuaded and stopped . If your mother hasn’t helped me, I might have died. She’s not a bad person. She just want you to be better.” Bella said honestly.

“After getting along with you they will find that you are good and soon they will understand that you are the most suitable person for me.”

Bella didn’t speak with her hands holding James Grayson’s arm.

After three months she has to leave him completely and before that, she wanted to love him so that there will be no regrets in the future.

“James, let’s do a multiple-choice question. In a room, you have been locked up for several years. One day, you can leave there. You can take one thing away. What will you take away? The options are teacups, your dog, your diary that you have written for so many years, or a recorder. What will you choose?” Bella asked casually.

“What does it mean? Whatever you wanna know, ask me directly. I will tell you, except for military secrets. I never hide anything from you.” James Grayson felt something wrong.

“I am just kidding.” Bella shrugged.

“You know me for almost six years. You must know what kind of person I am and what my thoughts are. Why you have to test me by these things. There is nothing that you can’t ask me directly. Tell me, what’s the matter? You don’t seem well.” James Grayson asked directly.

“James, I’m just assuming that if one day, you have to choose one between your child and me, whom will you choose?” Bella asked.

“You.” James Grayson said without thinking.

“If the child will be gone forever without you, what’s your choice?” Bella asked immediately.

“You.” James Grayson didn’t blink.

“Why?” Bella didn’t understand.

“If I have to choose one, I will definitely choose you. Because we can have many children in the future but you are the only one. Emotionally speaking, I just have feelings for you, so this is easy for me to make a decision. Bella, what about you?” James Grayson asked and looked at her cautiously.

Bella silent, her eyes were filled with complicated emotions. She was afraid that James Grayson can see something from here eyes, so she lowered her head. “I don’t know. The child was robbed because of my negligence. If I abandon him again, he will be too pitiful and it will be too cruel.”

“Your worries are superfluous. This child is mine, too. How can I abandon him? Sweetheart, I don’t know what’s on your mind? Why you are getting upset over nothing.” James Grayson rubbed her forehead.

She has made a choice, so no need to get tangled up.

She saw a cinema in front of her and said. “Let’s go to the cinema. You and I have never seen a movie together.”

“That’s a good idea.” James Grayson asked, “Which movie do you want to see?”

“No literature and art. Let’s see a science fiction movie.” Bella stared at the screen and said.

“All right.” James Grayson paid for the movie, bought a big barrel of popcorn, two cups of coke, and went to the cinema with her.

The film was about the accident of the spaceship, passing through the black hole and landing on a strange planet. There were aliens on it, invading the human body.

It was a science-fiction thriller.

She didn’t particularly see this kind of movie, but when she watched it with James Grayson, the feelings were different.

They were like a couple in love, sharing popcorn, watching a movie and enjoying their good time.

She looked at him. He was looking at the movie screen. The colorful light from the screen lit up his handsome side face.

James Grayson felt her eyes and looked back at her. “What’ wrong? coke?”

Bella smiled. “You are much more attractive for me than the movie.”

James Grayson smiled, put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her it into his arms. Bella smelled James Grayson’s aroma.

She has made up her mind. Within three months, she will try her best to find out the murderer of Athens Village and will fulfill her commitment that she has made with Gabriel Athens.

After her feigned death, she will never marry again, nor fall in love with any other men.

Three years later, David Wilson will let go of her. She will live with her son. After all, true love is not just possession. She has decided to let James Grayson go, it will make his life easier.

She had a clear conscience, and no one came blame her.

The movie ended, and Bella has already sorted out all her thoughts.

She and James Grayson were the last to go out of the cinema.

“I’m a little hungry. Why don’t we go to eat some snacks?” Bella asked.

“Okay, when are you going to leave tomorrow?” James Grayson asked.

“I will sleep until I wake up naturally. I won’t have to work tomorrow. I just have to travel.”

“I’ll leave for Halem the day after tomorrow. After checking in the hotel, remember to tell me the name of the hotel. I will book the rooms near yours.” James Grayson has thought about it.

“It sounds good. What do you want to eat at night? Seafood, barbecue or go to food stall?” Bella asked, smiling at the barbecue not far away.

“Then let’s have a barbecue.” James Grayson led her across the road.

There were many people there. They ordered and sat in the innermost part.

Bella also took two bottles of beer and two disposable cups.

James Grayson opened the bear and poured it for Bella.

Bella was infatuated with James Grayson. He didn’t speak much, but he was very charming. He was a perfect man who can give anyone a very calm and reassuring feeling.

James Grayson got her eye light and cleared her throat. “If you looked at me like this again, I will not be able to resist the desire and will take you to the hotel.”

Bella laughed.

He was few words in daily but actually he’s a humorous man

“There are five people involved in the massacre of Athens village. Besides governor Trammell, Peter Maxwell and Steven Maxwell, who else do you think?” Bella asked and shifted the subject.

“I just checked. I didn’t find anything in Peter Maxwell’s profile. He doesn’t even have much contact with Steven Maxwell. What I found special is… your father, Richard Johnson. They met recently and talked for a long time. It seems that they are old acquaintances.” James Grayson said in embarrassment.

“My father?” Bella smiled with irony. “If he is one of the people in Athens Village, it’s not surprising. He is a person who could abandon his wife, feed her with drugs, and lead her to mental illness.”

James Grayson noticed Bella’s hidden sadness, held Bella’s hand and promised, “Bella, no matter what will happen in the future, I will not abandon you.”

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