Chapter 294 Thought of Separation Makes Me Sad

“I still have something to deal with. Give me three months.” Bella was determined.

She had given up a lot of things halfway, for David Wilson’s love, for James Grayson’s love, for her work. It will be impossible for her to stay in this place after her fake death. So, she decided to do something to avoid any regrets later.

“Well, I am giving you three months. In these three months, I’ll send Harry away. Bella, don’t do anything that will make you regret later like telling James Grayson about this. Otherwise, there’s really no turning back.” David Wilson reminded her.

Bella nodded. “I have to go back now. Tomorrow, I’ll have to go to Halem.”

“I’ll drop you back to the military area.” David Wilson opened the bathroom door.

“No need, I can go back myself.” Bella looked at Harry.

He was sitting in his chair, looking at them like a child who was afraid of being abandoned.

Bella walked forward and kissed on his forehead. “Mom has something to deal with. Harry needs to wait for mom for a few months. After that, we will never be separated.”

Harry jumped down from his chair and hugged Bella. “I have a mother, and I’ll never be bullied again. Even if I live under the bridge, but with my mother, I feel very happy.”

Bella rubbed Harry’s head. “I won’t let you live under the bridge. I will send you to school. You will study so that you can become a successful person and I will let you marry a beautiful girl.”

“That’s great. I will do as mom wants so long as you don’t leave me alone. ” Harry said in a voice that was full of obedience.

Bella kissed Harry’s forehead again and walked towards the door.

David Wilson called a taxi.

Bella sat in the car and left.

She leaned on the seat and thought about David Wilson’s words. Three months later, she will be with Harry, and she will be able to live a simple life. Maybe, that will be the happiest life.

Her cell phone rang.

It was James Grayson’s call. She answered.

“When will you reach?” James Grayson asked in a soft voice.

“In one hour or two, what’s wrong?” Bella looked out to judge her location.

“Mom invited us for a meal. If you don’t want to go, I can refuse.”

“I will go.” Bella agreed.

Before this decision, she always thought about what she should say and do when she was with James Grayson. But now, she was going to leave, she didn’t want to make troubles for him.

“Then don’t come back to the military region. I’ll see you at Jiangnan famous restaurant in Moon international in two hours.”

“Ok.” Bella hung up the phone. Anyway, her luggage was not much. It won’t be too late to go back and tidy up.

She went to Moon international first and bought some clothes, some cosmetics, and lipstick for Sierra Walker.

After shopping, she went to Jiangnan famous restaurant.

Sierra Walker was already there.

Bella’s politely nodded and greeted her.

“Come with me.” Sierra Walker kept a high profile, entered the box and handed the menu to Bella, “Order whatever you like to eat.”

“I am not picky about food. Please order as you like.” Bella handed the menu to Sierra Walker.

Sierra Walker found Bella a little strange. Without the sharpness that she had in the morning, she seemed much softer.

She frowned slightly, outlined the menu, and after three minutes handed it to the waiter.

The waiter went out.

Sierra Walker looked at Bella seriously. “I have thought about what you said.”

” I’m sorry for I was too rude to you.” Bella took out the lipstick from her bag and put it in front of Sierra Walker. “This lipstick color is more suitable for your personality and skin color. I just went to buy cosmetics and saw it. I thought it would suit you, so I bought it.”

“I treat you not so good before.” Sierra Walker said coldly.

“When in anger, I used to think that you are not good to me. However, when I look at the problem from your anger, I found that you have done a lot for your family, your husband, and your son.” Bella said softly.

Sierra Walker narrowed her eyes and asked, “Do you want to please me?”

Bella smiled. “You invited James and me to dinner, and you came here alone. It shows that you want to give your blessings to James and me. At this time, even if I please you or not it can’t change your opinion for me.”

“People with psychological expertise really can see through people’s minds and control them.” Sierra Walker despised.

“In fact, the psychological expert can’t control a person’s mind. Everyone has their thoughts. They just can understand others’ thoughts more easily.” Bella explained.

“If I have the right to decide, I won’t choose you as my son’s wife, but James likes you. As you said, I don’t want to wait until he has everything, but regrets that he didn’t have the person he loved.”

While saying the last sentence, Sierra Walker felt a little sad.

Bella lowered her eyes.

It was ironic!

Sierra Walker has agreed for her and James Grayson’s marriage, however, she can’t stay with James Grayson forever…

“No one knows what will happen in the future. No need to think too much, and just do what you want to do. Maybe the more you do, the more mistakes you will make. Forget it.” Bella said meaningfully.

“You are a little strange today. Now I agree with you two to be couple. But it seems that you are not satisfied with that?” Sierra Walker was a little angry.

“Let it be as it is.” Bella was lazy to explain anything.

The door was pushed open. James Grayson came in and saw Bella and Sierra Walker.

“Mom.” He greeted his mother, sat beside Bella, took Bella’s hand and looked at her.

Bella smiled. “We’ve been here for ten minutes. We have already ordered the food.”

“That’s good.” James Grayson answered.

“When are you going to prepare for a child?” Sierra Walker jumped straight to the topic.

“Soon, what’s wrong?” James Grayson asked.

“I’m not very old yet, if there’s a baby now, I can help you take care of him. And there must be a wedding ceremony to be prepared.” Sierra Walker said calmly.

James Grayson understood Sierra Walker’s purpose of inviting them to dinner. He smiled, “Thank you, mom.”

“I hope you two can be together forever.” Sierra Walker said a sentence and looked at Bella.

Bella lowered her eyes without any words.

James Grayson held her hand more tightly.

Bella looked up at him.

He smiled.

James Grayson seldom smiled. His smile was so charming she couldn’t move her eyes. It poisoned her heart directly. Once she thought of separation, her heart ached….

After some time, she will leave him. He will be with Scarlett Evan.

From the beginning to the end, it has always been Scarlett Evan. She was just a passing traveler.

After dinner, James Grayson put the clothes she had bought in the car and took her shopping in Moon international, they looked just like common lovers.

“You don’t seem to be in a good mood? What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked.

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