Chapter 293 Made a choice

“When you started to have such symptoms?” David Wilson asked worriedly.

He has seen her illness and it was similar to her mother’s condition. She didn’t hide, “After my suicide’s attempt.”

“You’re a psychiatrist. You’ve cured a lot of patients. Why your own situation is so serious?” David Wilson did not understand.

Bella said before that she was mentally ill. He didn’t believe it and took it for granted. Just now, he has seen it and he was really scared.

“Doctors can’t cure themselves. I tried to hypnotize myself many times, but I failed.

So, I always carry two kinds of drugs in my bag. One is sleeping pills, the other is chlorpromazine.

This medication is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders. Chlorpromazine helps me think more clearly. It also helps to decrease hallucinations. It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances in the brain.

But, it’s addictive, and body took six hours to discharge. So, I can’t take it twice in six hours in succession, it can lead to high intraocular pressure.

I can’t sleep for a long time. I can’t sleep very well. If I use insomnia medicine for a long time, I will have dependence.

I think I will not live long to be old, even if I live long I will also have Alzheimer’s disease. I will not be able to recognize anyone. I will be immersed in my own thoughts, even if you talk to me, I can’t hear it. It is a disease more disgusting than anything.” Bella explained.

David Wilson’s heart ached badly.

Bella has been studying since she was a child. She went to the university and also to work to earn money, still, she always secured the first position in her class and always got the annual scholarships.

Such a clever girl can have Alzheimer’s disease when she will be old?!

He also knew about Kate Andrew’s condition.

“It can be cured, right?” David Wilson twisted his eyebrows.

“I don’t know. Maybe future technology is more developed. The future is too far away for me. I never think about it.” Bella took a deep breath and looked at him, “David Wilson, would you like to give me the child?”

David Wilson was angry and held Bella’s shoulder. “Are you still stubborn? Who made you commit suicide? Who let you get this disease? It’s not me. It’s James Grayson. If you stay with James Grayson, the disease will get worse. James Grayson loves Scarlett Evan. She has a child, too. It’s James Grayson’s child.”

Bella’s calm eyes fluctuated. “What do you mean? How is it possible? Scarlett Evan told me that she had the child when she was imprisoned.”

“What do you think that six years ago, why did those people inject James Grayson those drugs? Because they wanted him to make a relationship.

It was James Grayson who ran away and didn’t make a relationship with Scarlett Evan. However, he made that relationship with you. After that, he fainted. Those people collected James Grayson’s semen and made Scarlett Evan pregnant. They want her to have James Grayson’s child so that they can threaten him in the future.” David Wilson said firmly.

Bella’s brain was about to explode. She stumbled. David Wilson wasn’t holding her hand tightly. She almost fell down but supported the pool.

She suspected what Scarlett Evan said was fake. Scarlett Evan must know that is James Grayson’s child.

But James Grayson didn’t know. It clearly meant Scarlett Evan wanted to take the child out by her help and then Scarlett Evan will use that child to make James Grayson feel guilty.

Her head ached when she thought about it.

Everyone knew about James Grayson’s responsible nature. If he comes to know that Scarlett Evan has his child and she was forced because of him, his decision can be changed.

She can’t stand his change. She’ll really go crazy and will never come out of it again.

Suddenly, she didn’t want to struggle.

She wanted a quiet life… a home, a place to feel happy, a place where she can go after a busy day.

“I choose my children,” Bella said softly, with eyes down and sighed.

David Wilson was excited and hugged Bella. “I’ll take good care of you. I won’t let you get hurt again. It doesn’t matter if you can’t have a baby. We’ll have a day.”

“Is Scarlett Evan a spy?” Bella asked again.

“No, I have checked her past. She has accomplished many tasks excellently. If she is a spy, she doesn’t work for the country and finishes the task smoothly. Why are you asking it?” David Wilson did not understand.

Bella said, “Because of prejudice, I don’t think she’s a good person. I think Rachel Ainsley is a good person. What’s more, Scarlett Evan lied to me. James Grayson didn’t have a relationship with her. She must know that.”

“She has been forced, she fainted, and then they injected it with the sperms of James Grayson.” David Wilson explained.

“How do you know so well, as if you had seen it with your own eyes?” Bella asked another question.

“I caught a fish that missed the net, and he said that, including that the child was James Grayson.”

“But, Scarlett Evan was also forced, so how you can be sure that it is James’s child?” Bella was suspicious.

“That’s because the other men used a condom. Of course, they made it sure that the child must be James. Scarlett Evan fainted and didn’t know what happened later.”

“Then why don’t they let Scarlett Evan know that the child is James? Scarlett Evan also wants to give birth to James Grayson’s children. Aren’t they afraid that Scarlett Evan will try to kill their child?” Bella still didn’t believe Scarlett Evan was the right person.

“No, Scarlett Evan was forced at the beginning. She was afraid of being forced again. So pregnancy was an easy way for her. She didn’t kill her child and took good care of her child to prevent herself from being raped again.

However, if Scarlett Evan knows that the child is James’s, then she will also get to know that the purpose of those people was to target James. She loves James. In order to save James, she would have aborted that child.”

“Since those people have got James Grayson’s son, why don’t they let some other women have given birth to that child? Why did they choose Scarlett Evan for this?” Bella looked into David Wilson’s eyes.

“That’s because they think if the child will be of Scarlett Evan’s. James Grayson will have more sympathy for the child. If it was anyone else’s child, according to James Grayson’s character, he will not be merciful.” David Wilson said.

Bella’s eyes flickered, and her eyebrows twisted slightly.

There were no logical flaws in David Wilson’s words. Maybe she was really biased against Scarlett Evan, so she misunderstood her and suspected her.

Since Scarlett Evan was not bad, she didn’t need to worry about James Grayson.

“David Wilson, can you give me some time? I’m married to James Grayson. I want to divorce first, and then I’ll go with you. I’ll only go with you for three years. After three years, you can’t force me to stay. Do you agree?” Bella negotiated.

“Three years later, I will not force you to stay. I agree. However, I’m afraid it’s not easy for you and James Grayson to divorce. The most convenient and quick way is to arrange your feign death.” David Wilson had already figured out a solution.

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