Chapter 292 the Most Unpleasant things in the World

David Wilson was angry. He left Bella’s hand when he noticed that Bella felt heartache for James Grayson.

“Bella, no one can have the complete world. If you want both James and your child then that’s impossible. If you want James, I won’t give you the child. I will also tell Harry that you chose to love and abandoned him.”

“He is a little kid. You want to give him mental stress?” Bella said anxiously.

She hated David Wilson’s meanness.

“Isn’t this your choice? Love or family, you can only choose one.” David Wilson said while staring at Bella. He was very determined.

Bella looked at David Wilson, and her mind worked quickly…

Why can’t she have both love and family? That child is clearly her and James Grayson’s. She just has to tell it to James Grayson. Now that she also knows the child’s appearance, she can definitely find Harry by using face recognition and with James’s ability.

Bella’s eyes gradually became clear.

She had to go now. She could not afford to provoke David Wilson. She had to retreat safely. “I have to think about it.”

David Wilson smiled. “Bella, I know you so well. Your eyes show me that you have made a decision. Now you are saying that you have to think, rather than directly telling me the decision. It means that your decision is to choose James Grayson. You are thinking that James Grayson is so powerful. If you tell James Grayson the appearance of the child, he will find the child.”

Bella tightened her eyebrows.

David Wilson was so terrible that he analyzed her ideas thoroughly.

She was a little annoyed. She was learning psychology, but she couldn’t hide her thoughts well. “Didn’t you let me choose one?”

“Since you chose James Grayson, I can only respect your choice. However, I will make a facelift for the child and perform a bone-marrow replacement operation for him. You know, when the bone marrow will be replaced, the DNA will also change accordingly. Therefore, you will never find him. For his whole life, he will pay for your choice.” David Wilson said coldly and turned around.

Bella anxiously held his arm. “You can’t do this. The child is still young. It’s cruel.”

David Wilson glared at her, but there was no temperature in her eyes. “You think I am cruel to children and what about you? Aren’t you cruel to me?”

“When you say that I am cruel to you, why can’t you think what you have done? Three years ago, what did you do to me? In order to get Emma Johnson, you killed me many times. Have you forgotten all those things?” Bella was angry.

“When did I kill you? I told the kidnapper to not hurt you at all. It was a plot that I made. I want Emma Johnson to trust me completely. Because I want revenge, but I never wanted you to die.” David Wilson was emotional.

“What about the betrayal, the pain that you give me? Three years. I gave you three years. In those three years, I watched you changing women every day. Do you know how I felt at that time? I was in a hellish marriage. Each and every day that I spent with you were suffering. I lived a life that was worse than death.” Bella hadn’t forgotten what she had endured!

“That’s because I vented my hatred of Richard Johnson on you. At that time I couldn’t see my feelings for you. In the three years when you went abroad, I’ve been clean, because I know that I fell in love with you. If you want me to castrate myself, I’ll. I don’t care about sex at all. You’re the only thing in this world I care about.” David Wilson wasn’t ready to compromise.

Bella was angry and pushed David Wilson hard.

His affection and love made her mood collapse. His pressure to choose one made her mind flustered!

She picked up the hand sanitizer on the sink and hit it on the ground.

After hitting it on the ground, she still couldn’t get rid of the anxiety. She dropped the napkin box on the ground. But she still felt that the impulse in her body was killing her, to let it out she hit the vase to ground.

She smashed and threw everything, the bath gel, shampoo, shaving water…

However, she still felt uncomfortable, and her fists hit the wall.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed panic.

He has seen such a crazy state in Bella’s mother.

He rushed forward and hugged Bella.

Bella struggled, but she couldn’t get out. She turned around and bit on David Wilson’s arm. David Wilson snorted, and Bella tasted the smell of blood, but she bit him hardly.

The door was pushed open.

Harry was standing at the door and looked at the two people inside in shock. He said in a sad voice, “Dad, mom, are you fighting because I came here? Dad is the best. I also like mom. But if you are fighting because of me, I’ll leave after dinner. Please don’t fight because of me.”

Bella was numb, and she stared blankly at the door.

The little guy looked at them pitifully.

Tears from Bella’s face fell on David Wilson’s hand.

She saw the blood on David Wilson’s arm that dyed his white shirt and saw the room full of mess. She was stunned and in trance.

She again lost her senses…

When she lost her senses, she can’t think at all. Her mind was blank and when she woke up, she didn’t know what she has done.

David Wilson saw that Bella has calmed down. He left Bella, went to Harry, rubbed Harry’s head, smiled and said, “Dad and mom aren’t quarreling because of Harry. It has nothing to do with Harry. We are very happy to find Harry. Harry is so lovely. You go and eat. I have to talk with Harry’s mom, and we will come out to eat with you later.”

“You will not fight again?” Harry asked.

“Mom and dad aren’t fighting. See, Dad is holding Harry’s mom. I promise I will never fight with your mom again. I will love your mom a lot just like I love you, okay?” David Wilson patiently coaxed the boy.

Harry looked at Bella, ran over and embraced her.

His small body touched Bella’s body.

Bella looked down at Harry.

How can she bear it?

Her child is not even six years old.

How can she let him continue to wander around?

Even this thought gave her pain. Tears continued to roll down.

“Don’t cry, mom. I’ll protect you when I grow up.” Harry was looking at Bella, but he still had some panic in his eyes, and he seemed afraid of being abandoned again.

The children’s eyes are simple, and their emotions cannot be hidden.

Bella noticed his emotions, squatted down, and looked at Harry. “Harry, go and eat first. I want to talk to your dad.”

“Okay. I am obedient. I will go to dinner. I won’t give mom and dad more trouble.” Harry smartly went out and closed the door for them.

Bella was in love with her sensible child. She glared at David Wilson and faced his eyes that were filled with love….

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